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The glarming increase in the volume of solid waste management are matters of concern to man in general and environmentalist in particular over the years. The issues of proper management of solid waste is been emphasized.

Various scholars of different academic background have shown that the rate of waste disposal has increased due  to increase in population.

In the last thirty years in Nigeria various ways have been suggested on how best to manage solid waste. Mabongvije (1968-1988) state that Nigeria as characterized by industrialization and urbanization which result in the rapid or increase rate of solid waste disposal. Waste management is an inevitable consequence of human  socio-economic and development activities. It is a mixed blessing to mankind. The rapid growth in our urban centers like Onitsha has contributed in the rampant dumping of refuse all over the town. Solid waste products arise from our ways of life (Smart N Uchegbu (1998) solid waste is generated at every step. The solid waste unlike other terms of waste (Liquid and gaseous) is the most different waste because it occupies a lot of space in land. It is also difficult to compress. It involves expensive cost to remove any identified refuse dump. It has cause many environmental problems draught, flooding etc. these occurred as a  result of heavy refuse dump. Moreover, poor solid waste disposal affects the quality of life and value of the environment. Nevertheless the aim of the project is to collect transport, treat and finally dispose the waste in a hygienically and acceptance manner.



The issues and problems of waste disposal in Nigeria  cities especially in the study area Federal Polytechnic Oko. Inefficient and ineffective waste management creates a lot of problems and hazards to the general, population and the environment. Actually to Piclaford (1978) the storage, collection treatment and disposal can lead to short term risk in the long term there may be dangers arising particularly from the chemical pollution water. Inefficiency waste management can lead to disease transmission, atmosphere pollution and water pollution odour, accident and general distraction of the environment.

In this study, dirt and filths are not the characteristics of the cities. Heaps of waste crannies of available space in the town.

This goes a long way in causing the blockage of the drainage channels in the area, since wastes are being dumped in the gutters unchecked. Most of the important roads and streets in the town are blocked by mountainous heaps of wastes in the town. This makes the movement of vehicle  and pedestrian traffics. Sources of pervading odor, which inconvince passerby and nearby residential or commercial concerns. Most of the residents in  refuse dumping areas have relocated to new areas. Uncollected refuse and unsanitary heaps constitutes eyesore to the public.


The aim of this research is to study and examine the factor responsible for waste generation in federal polytechnic oko and make recommendation for appropriate disposal.




To achieve the above aim the objective are as follows;

  • To examine the old and new modern waste techniques adopted by the local authority and private individuals.
  • To identify the socio-economic attributes of people in relation to waste generation.
  • To identify the various ways waste are being generated in the study area.
  • To examine the numerous agencies both government and private involved or responsible for waste collection transportation and eventually disposal.






The research hypothesis will be stated accordingly as follows:


There is no significant different between problems and prospects of solid waste and management in federal polytechnic oko.


There is significant different between problems and prospects of solid waste and management in federal polytechnic oko center.


  • What arte types of sources and composition of solid waste generated in federal polytechnic oko and its ways of disposal.
  • How active and dedicated are the agencies responsible for environmental sanitation in federal polytechnic oko.
  • What are the effort being made by the people towards sanitizing the environment for a good and healthy living.


Waste management in all its results is a planned system of effectively controlling the production, storage, collection, transportation processing and disposal or utilization of waste in a sanitary, esthetically, acceptable and economic manner. It includes all administrative, financial, legal and planning functions as well as the physical aspect of waste handling (Gulpin 1976).

The menace of solid waste has posed great environmental problems in almost all the cities and rural centers of this nation. The major street are dittered with solid waste dirt whenever there is heavy rainfall. There is also indiscriminate dumping of waste in drainage and water bodies in every corner of federal polytechnic oko and even the country in general.

The collection and disposal of refuse is a very important part of the works of all are engaged in sanitation. It is the first problem which must be tacked in a district of town and the success of any  further health measure introduces will depend to a large extent upon the efficiency with which it is solved. The course of such indiscriminate disposal is mainly due to lack of enough disposal dumps. Even those that are provided are not enough to take up the refuse being dumped within federal polytechnic oko town. Note the length of time sources indicates here is of the material are left untreated and exposed to the element. But if buried decomposition will take longer period so all these waste are found on and they will stay there to become potentially harmful pollution. They will cause a lot of problems if there is no defined method of disposing them.



In  considering the environment it was observed that the town does not have sufficient dump site and as a result there is indiscriminate dumping of refuses. The disposal of refuse in the gutters thereby causing flooding and damage to the roads.

Furthermore, the anyway and anywhere method adopted by the inhabitants of federal polytechnic oko have a great impact on their lives. Infact the methods have really contributed to degradation and decay in the environmental large, also the health hazardsarising are two many to mention of course nobody should be amazed to hear that blocked damaged can cause flooding and traffic jam and that block street and road cause vehicle accidents.


The study is on the solid waste management in federal polytechnic oko. It is specially restricted condition of the place is growing in a bad environmental condition, this study focuses causes and also to get to the unfortunate situation under control. For the success of the project, some investigation was carried out as aspect of the study. One of it is environmental problem which are associated with waste.

Another one is the constitutes of the waste in federal polytechnic oko ie waste type’s comparison, sources of generation waste collection and disposal. Environmental degradation, coupled with the management strategies for such solid waste in federal polytechnic oko. The next aspect is the government effort towards controlling the menace of solid waste in federal polytechnic oko.

The study makes available suggestion in the best way to check or evaluate the problems of solid waste disposal. It provides for  procedure monitoring and enforcement for the very problem.



Definition of solid waste: waste is being regarded as useless unwanted or damaged material which could found in solid, liquid or gaseous forms.

The term refuse or solid waste means any garbage refuse sludge from waste  treatment plant. Water supply treatment plant and other discharge material including solid, liquid, semi-solid or contained gaseous materials resulting from varying operations and from various community activities 91975) U.S.E.P.A

Moreover, Savas (1977) says thet conceptually  solid waste or refuse is any solid material which is discarded solid materials resulting from domestic and community activities and from industrial, commercial and agricultural operations.

In order to ascertain the fact that waste cannot be regarded and being useless and unwanted falad (2000) offered waste as material which are discarded here, there is no emphasis on desirability, value or usefulness of the matter in question but in as much as discarding is an international act which implies that the discarded considered the material to be of relatively little value to him John (2001).

Furthermore, Odula (1986) said that on future of the urban scence in recent years in the gradual  takeover of virtually every available open space as refuse dumps.


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