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The major purpose of this study was to determine the strategies for improving the efficiency of personal secretaries in Anambra State. The population of the study consist of secretaries from 3 public enterprise in Anambra State. Three research question were formulated which guided the study A item structured questionnaire was developed and validated percentage were used to answer the research questions. The major findings of the study were (1) Receiving agenda items from committee members, circulating secretaries (2) It was discovered that personal secretaries were mostly improved by good salary, and allowance, participation and decision making, paying attention to them and freedom to use their own initiative. (3) it was also found that to further improve the efficiency of personal secretaries there should be increment in their salary and provision of comfortable working environment. It was concluded that personal secretaries faced problem that hinder their effectiveness and were not adequately improved, since personal secretaries were the only secretaries that operate in the selected business organization in Anambra state. It implies what other secretaries were either not formed or failed after formation. It was recommended that (1) the management should raise the personal secretaries morale by providing them with adequate in decision making (2) the management should give their secretaries due respect in the course of discharging their duties (3) the management should show great concern in the employee’s personal problem in the organization and stop being reluctant about it.









1.1   Background of the Study

The development of secretarial profession in Nigeria, started during the day of colonial administration in Nigeria. This however, does not mean their was no form of secretarial series before the coming of the European people. The word secretarial which means confidential employee” this made some people to define a secretary as a keeper of secret. The Webster dictionary of English (2005)  however, defined a secretary as one trustier, adviser, confident or one employed to handle correspondence and manage routine and detailed word for a superior. This depicts that a secretary is a skilled personal who possess both executive and personal attributes in managing the affairs of any organization effectively and efficiently in order to achieve organizational objective.

Onasanya (1990) define a secretary as someone who possess adequate knowledge of administration or organization and the ability to achieve result through dint of hardwork and management of resources or people on behalf of his/her boss. This implies that a secretary is one employed to write or transact business for another or for a society, company or organization. The secretary is seen as the alter-ego to the executive.

Odiagbe (2001) defined a secretary as a high-caliber support staff who can be related upon to relive the boss of some stress-inducing work load, to relieve the boss of some stress-inducing work load, solve problems, represent him when necessary, organize the office, manage his tours. She is also a resource person or a reservoir of fact and information germane to the organization.

In 1994 the National Secretaries Association defined a secretary as an executive who possess a mastery of office skills, who demonstrate the ability to assume responsibility without direct supervision, who exercises intiative and judgement and who makes decision within the scope of assigned authority.

Hornby (1984) defined secretary as one who deals with correspondence and keep records, makes arrangement and appointment for a particular member of staff, business affair of a society, club or other organization. His function lies on handling mails and keeping of records.

Secretary is any staff who is concerned with the preparation, preservation and transmission of all types of communication as well as the conventional duties of confidentional nature at various level (Okolo, 2012) office automation and computer relationised the types of work that the secretary does and change are contuning at a rapid pace. The changing voters of the secretary are the effect of rapid and continual technological development especially in office equipment.

Secretaries have been given considerable responsibility as information managers due to the advance in technology particularity in the area of word processing. Many secretary tasks require experience, judgment, facts, and specialized knowledge. The secretary is the life wire of any organization who receives correspondence, process them for management decision.

1.2   Statement of the Problem

Certain strategies can be used for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of personal secretaries. Generally, evidence of efficiency is seen in the attitude of a secretary towards their job. It has been observed by Every (2002) that no matter the knowledge a secretary obtained that there must be a strategies for improving that effectiveness and efficiency of personal secretaries. It is therefore essential that the personal secretaries should be trained in machine operation and manipulation for efficiency and effectiveness.

The modern technology brough a great challenge to secretaries by relieving them of fatigue and problems. Some people make secretaries, with profession like favourable physical condition, poor secretaries, inadequate equipment in structural facilities and in-service training and encouragement, the secretaries tend to start another business. This study is therefore designed to identify the strategy for improving the efficiency of personal secretaries.

1.3   Purpose of the Study

The major purpose of this study was to determine the strategies for improving the efficiency of personal secretaries in Anambra State.  Specially, the study was to;

  1. Identify the duties of personal secretaries
  2. Identify the strategies for improving the efficiency of personal secretaries.
  3. Find out further strategies for improving personal research.

1.4   Research Questions

This study sought answer to the following research questions.

  1. What are the duties of personal secretaries?
  2. What are the strategies for improving the efficiency of personal secretaries?
  3. What are the further strategies for improving the efficiency of personal secretaries?

1.5   Significance of Study

The finding of this study will significantly contribute to the strategies that would enhance the personal secretaries to improve well in their organization. Before now, the strategies to improve the efficiency of personal secretaries had been centered mainly on their salaries. Majority of the secretaries this had limited really. It is hoped that by the time they passed through the study, they will perceive other strategies from other angle.

The managers will have to improve their strategy as a result of the finding of this taught through the field trip, the managers from their experience will start thinking seriously about using the other method.

The finding of this study will help the organization planners in times of the various activities from the learning experience and the method of evaluation.

1.6   Scope of the Study

This study was delimited to the strategies for improving the efficiency of personal secretaries. It focused on the duties at the strategies for improving the efficiency of personal secretaries. No attempt was made to work into the activities of other co-operative societies.

1.7   Definition of Term

The terms used in the study, which have unique meaning that could be subjected to different interpretation by different readers at this research project are defined as follows;

Strategy: This is the process of planning something or carrying out a plan in a skillful way (Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary 6th edition).

Secretary: Secretary is any staff who is concerned with preparation preservation and transmission to all types of communication as well as confidential nature of varying level (Okolo 2012).

Improve: Become better than before or to make something/somebody better than before (Advanced Learner’s Dictionary)



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