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The focus of this research is on the contribution personnel management can make towards the achievement of organization goals. Personnel management is a branch of management that is concerned with recruitment, deployment, control and welfare of the staff of the organization. It has to do with the promotion or dismissal of staff.

The point therefore, is that values does this branch of management plays to help the organization to achieve its set goals or objectives. Some people argue that with or without personnel management, the business organizations can still achieve their objectives. According to Okorie Chukwu who wrote in the business time of February 9; 2006, stated that such practices as personnel management studies seen to be merely academic exercise as good interpersonal relationship in organization is imbued by nature and could be acquired by training

He went further to cite and example by saying that such successful business, as Onwuka Interbizy the makers of pocket nails, sprang up and have been sustained by their illiterate owner who neither went to school nor read any personnel management anywhere. The implication of the above argument is that personnel management is unnecessary in business organizations since they can still succeed without it, in other words, personnel management has nothing to contribute to the efficient running of business organizations in order to achieve their organization goals.

On the other hand Ibekwe (2002) says that since management itself mean working with and through people, it is necessary to understand the word efficient way to work with and through the entire staff, this shows that personnel management has something to contribute to the good management of organizations for the achievement of their broad goals. It is therefore, the position of this research to resolve the above conflict. The research should ascertain whether or not the personnel management has any role to play in the achievement of the organization goals. It will determine in what ways, if any, it has to make those contributions.

If personnel management has no contributions to make the research will ascertain why, despite its in effectiveness, it is widely employed in many modern business organizations.


It is true that many business organization have some how succeeded without their owners acquiring the formal knowledge of the subject personnel management. But it is equally true that many of these organizations could have recorded more success if scientific personnel management was applied in them. The efficiency of such organization would have trained or at least doubled in the presence of personnel management.

Problems remains that we need to ascertain the exact roles personnel management plays to help these originations achieve their objectives. There is the need to determine the serious way it can contribute towards organizations efficiency. The problem statements therefore are

Does personnel management contribute anything to the achievement of organizational goals?

What are the ways it can make these contributions?

Does good personnel management improve productivity?

Can efficient personnel management change worker attitude to work?


This study is significant in a lot of ways. It is significant to the Nigerian businessmen because it will afford them the opportunity of understanding the contributions personnel management can make to help their business to achieve their goals. It is also relevant to the student researcher in that it will give them the forum to contribute solutions to the problems on the issue that form the bases of the research.

Further more, it is significant to the entire academic world in the sense that is will add to the volume of researches already in existence. It will increase the volume of academic researches which form bases for further research in the future. Future researcher will use it as source of reference.


There are two types of hypothesis. These are the Null (No) and the Alternative (N1) hypothesis. According to Adamu and John (2000) the null hypothesis described the negative assumptions of the results of a research project while the alternative hypothesis describes the affirmative assumption of the results.

The two types of hypothesis are used in this research study as shown below:

Ho:Effective personnel management does not improves productivity

H1:Effective personnel management improve productivity

Ho:Effective personnel management does not positively change worker attitude to work

H1:Effective personnel management positively changes workers attitude to work

Ho:Personnel management does not generally improve the efficiency of organization

Hi:Personnel management generally improves the efficiency of organizations


The research is limited to the Nigerian national petroleum corporation (NNPC) Port-Harcourt as the case study. The research will be conducted in the corporation. A survey of the opinions of the staff or the corporation will be obtained and used to make generation will be obtained and used to make generalizations about the contribution of personnel management of organizational goals. The confirmed of the research to NNPC is ingormed by the fact that it will possible to carry out the research in all the business organizations in the country. Therefore, the affaires of a given company or corporation needed to be studied and used as a reference to obtained what implies to other firms in the country.


There were a lot of impediments encountered in the course of carrying out the research, and the principal other or which are itemized below:

Lack of time: The period of writing the project coincided with semester examinations. The researcher therefore had to carry out two activities at the same time. He was therefore choked with time. Preparing for the semester examinations writing the project are not small jobs.

Lack of funds:There were not enough funds to share the project initially, stationery could not be bought and there was no money to travel to port-harcout where the corporation serving as the case study is situated. When the project finally commenced, it later get installed midway, when there was no money to further it. Thus, the research was finally collected is the handwork of god.

Lack of materials: non-availability of materials for the research was another limitation encounter along the way. Materials on the role of personnel that explain the contributions of the personnel that explain the contributions of the personnel management to an organization and those few materials are lacking in libraries. The researcher therefore needed to make trips to and from NNPC, port-Harcourt to obtain information and gathered other materials that could help to carry out the research. With the little fund available, this become one of the most tedious aspect of the research.

Distribution and retrieval problems: problems were encountered during the distribution of the questionnaire forms and their retrieval. The researcher went to the corporation times without numbers to distribute the forms and to collected them. Many of the times, the respondents were not found in the office in other to retrieve the forms from them, this entailed so many trips before this process could be completed.


HYPOTHESIS:This is an intelligent guess of result of research project.

POPULATION:This refers to the selected numbers of population used in a study to represent the entire population.

SAMPLING:This terms described an examinations of the samples in order to make reference about the population has a calculate probability of being selected with the sample.


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