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This research is on the study of the use of instructional materials in some selected secondary schools in Ilaje Local Government Area of Ondo State. The entire project will be divided into five chapters. The first chapter will deal with the introduction and statement of the problem relating to the subject matter. The second chapter will deal with the literature review of all relevant tests published. The third chapter will deal with the research methodology in this research, questionnaire method. The fourth chapter will deal with the presentation of data and data analysis. The data findings will also be discussed while the fifth and final chapter possible recommendations and to improve the use of instructional in some selected secondary schools in IlajeLocal Government Area in particular.



Teaching and learning activities are interesting when instructional materials are used effectively and efficiently in a classroom-teaching situation. It is necessary for the teacher in the learning of Physics in Nigeria to use visual aid material as instructional tools in order to make their teaching more interesting that is to arouse the learning interest, sustain their attention for effective learning. But the problem in many secondary schools in Ondo State as else where in Nigeria is that of the instructional material like audio/visuals are not available and even where they are, the teachers do not use them effectively.

The reason for this attitude may be because teachers engage themselves in so many other relevant or irrelevant activities. The desire and haste of some teacher to cover the syllabus or scheme of work instead of making their teaching more meaningful and imparting. Often time some teaching goals depend on material for planning and utilization of instructional material for some teacher the production of instructional material is only for passing their examination the training college and not for actual use in the classroom.

There is also problem of non-availability of audio/visual for which teachers alone may not be blamed. The heads often do not motivate the teacher in terms of providing instructional materials.

Furthermore, most school lack of funds and as a result, they find it difficult to purchase the required audio/visual aid.

Generally, failure to use audio/visual material in the teaching of Physics result in lack of interest among student in learning activities which affect performance in school and pupils not being able to assimilate lesson at their own rate and pace.


The secondary aim of this study is finding out all about the use of visual aid in teaching of Physics in some selected secondary schools in IlajeLocal Government Area, Ondo State.

It is observed that most teachers of Physics in the secondary school do not use audio/visual aid to promote learning of this crucial subject.


For the purpose of this study, the following questions were posed.

  1. Are audio/visual aid provided for use in the teaching of Physics in school?
  2. Is it through the government provision that the aids are made available, or is it the school authority concerned that make the provision?


This study was conducted in selected secondary school in Ilaje Local Government Area Ondo State


Some of the limitation which researcher had to content with in the course of carrying out the study are as follows.

Lack of adequate finance to the project of a satisfactory level of interest.

Inadequate time to cover more number of schools as the available time had the constraint of mainstream course work lecture attendance.

Inadequate source of material for review for owing to non-availability of time to extend the scope of research for such more enriching materials.

In the school under investigation, there was on readily expected cooperation, forth coming from the respective school staff.


The purpose of this project work is to identify the following.

  1. Making teaching and learning more interesting and giving student opportunity to participate.
  2. Examining the effect of audio/visual aid material in student’s performance.
  3. Identify some of the problem, which inhibit the use of audio/visual materials.
  4. Offering suggestion on how effectively and efficiently to with the use of audio/visual material.


The significance of this study is to examine the importance of audio/visual aid in the teaching of reading Physics   in secondary schools.

This study will aid in spelling pronunciation and fluency of student in reading

It will suggest meaningful way of handing the aid to bring about positive change in the student-reading pattern. It will also help to suggest relevant aid to be used for each of the class concerned it will as well suggest areas and how to make the aid available to the school that are lacking.


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