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Table of contents

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List of table

Chapter one

1.0      Introduction

1.1      background of the study

1.2      Statement of the problem

1.3      Objective of the study

1.4      Research questions

1.5      Significant of the study

1.6      Scope of the study

1.7      Limitation of the study

1.8      Definition of terms

1.9      Profile or history of Area of the study


Chapter two

2.1      Review of related literature

2.2      Job enrichment scheme

2.3      Employee performance

2.4      Job autonomy

2.5      Training and performance

2.6      Organizational justice

Chapter three

Research methodology

3.1      Research design

3.2      Area of the study

3.3      Sources of data, primary, secondary

3.4      Population of the study

3.5      Sample size of the study

3.6      Instrument for data collection

3.7      Distribution and retrieval of instrument

3.8      Validation of the instrument

3.9      Reliability of instrument

3.10   Method of data analysis


Chapter four

Data presentation and analysis

4.1      Introduction

4.2      Research question

4.3      Table I

4.4      Table II

4.5      Table III

4.6      Table iv

4.7      Discussion of findings


Chapter five

5.1      Summary of the findings, conclusion and recommendation

5.2      Suggested area for further studies

5.3      References





Job enrichment is the step used to make the employees feeling that the organization is actually owing them and that job enrichment boost their performance on the job. This has a direct impact on their satisfaction level in the organization while performing their duties. Job enrichment ultimately increase the level of performance of the secretaries on the job. Based upon the data or questionnaire collected from ten department of 40 secretaries in I.M.T, Enugu it is recognize that secretaries performance can be enhanced by getting them enriched and enlarging their job as well in the organization/institution. This research work divided into five chapters. Chapter one which is the introduction consists of the background of the study, statement of the  problem, significant of the study, purpose of the study, scope of the study. Limitation, definition of terms and history of area of the study. While chapter two consist of the literature, chapter three encompasses the research methodology. Chapter four talk of data presentation and analysis and finally chapter five which consists of summary of the findings, conclusion and recommendation.



Chapter one


1.1      Background of the study

Involving the workers to the managerial functions of the higher ranks is called job enrichment. Job enrichment leads to the success of the personal secretary performance according to the CVroom, 1964, Swarth, 1971 due to increase in the work pressure in the work place, it is now very common to transform the work activities of the personnel managers on the work place and make them able to work at every level.

Job enrichment has increased the work performance of the personnel secretary and decreased the over all cost of the companies. There have been a lot of debates among the Hellgrem and Sverke (2001) identifies that due to increase in competition among every kind of organizations, the employees tendency to work in one organization for a long time is decreasing and due to that reasons the management has to face some extra responsibilities as well as the organizations has to suffer extra cost. Due to increase in the work pressure in the work place, it is now very common to transform the work activities of the personnel manager and decreased the overall cost of the companies. (Burchell, Mankov, Day, Hudson, Ladipo, Reed, Noan, Wichert & Wikinson, 1999, Brown and Leigh 1996). The attitude of the personnel manager towards their work is referred to as psychological work climate (Hater James, Gent, Bruni, 1978).This enrichment affects both individual and personal manager’s performance and it increases the organizational commitment in the short term period as well as in the long term period (Hellgren & Sverke, 2001; Brown & Leigh 1996). The routine task without change may also cause to make the job so effective and result in making the employees to have a feeling of boredom at work place also this enrichment decreases the motivational level of the employees (Dessler,  2005).

Mcshune et al (2000) agree that the aim of job enrichment is to give employee more autonomy and responsibilities over their works, job enrichment involves empowering employee to decide, plan, coordinate and control how they want to manage tasks. It is through such challenging task that personal managers experience the freedom to use their initiatives to schedule and execute the tasks and this will result to higher levels of performance among personnel managers (Mcshune et al 2000). Although job enrichment can result to boredom and employee dissatisfaction.

However, the extent to which job enrichment affect personal secretaries in institute of management and technology Enugu is not established. This study therefore aimed at examining the effect of job enrichment on personal managers in I.M.T Enugu.


1.2      Statement of the problem

The major issue concerning job enrichment is that is encompasses all round activities of a worker and also increase the scope of job through extending the range of its job duties but the fact is that some organizations fail to effectively apply it in their managerial policies.

Job enrichment seeks to motivate an employee by increasing his efforts and exposure towards achieving the organsiational objectives as set for the job but lack of effective management and planning in organization makes all these fruitless rendering the output unsuccessful.

The increment in work burden is a serious challenge towards this issue because the rate of work for the employee will be increased including responsibilities and functions.

Nevertheless, negligence for management to appreciate this as part of their management strategies in motivating their workers is another serious problem because it makes them not to perform effectively.


1.3      purpose of the study

This research work basically wants to examine the effect of job enrichment on performance of personal secretary. The specific objectives are to:

  1. Identify the effect of job enrichment on performance of personnel secretary in institute of management and technology
  2. Identify the benefits of job enrichment on personal manager in institute of management and technology, Enugu.
  3. To examine the effect of effective training on the performance of personal secretary  in IMT, Enugu.
  4. To examine the degree to which job autonomy affect the performance of the personal secretary in IMT, Enugu.


1.4      Research questions

Below are the  questions formulated by the researcher to help in guiding the research work.

  1. To what extent does job enrichment affect performance of personal secretary in Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu.
  2. What are the benefit of job enrichment on the performance of personal secretary in IMT Enugu.
  3. To what extent does effective training affect performance of job personal secretary in IMT Enugu.
  4. To what degree does autonomy affect the performance of personal secretary in IMT Enugu.


1.5      Significance of the study

1.5.1  Benefits to the company: Companies turn to job enrichment as a way of boosting the organizational morale. The more valuable each employee feels, the more motivated they are to produce top results. Also, companies can operate more efficiently when employees bear significant responsibility for their work and results. In some cases, using enrichment can minimize layers of management. Plus, with job enrichment, employees learn more vertical skills but equip them for a higher position.

1.5.2  Benefits to the employee: Employees are more mentally stimulated when they take an authoritative, decision-making roles. This keeps them mentally focused on their tasks and the objective of the company / institution. Also, ambitious employees are more likely to stick with an employer if they are trusted to perform higher level duties. Better career opportunities may also come as you train for new skills and learn how to work through important  workplace, problems and solutions.


1.6      Scope of the study

The scope of the study is the effect of job enrichment on performance of personal secretaries in IMT, Enugu.


1.7      Limitations of the study

In this research we have questionnaires for our data collection and only the impact of job enrichment on the employee satisfaction, keeping employee performance as intervening variable was judged only. And also financial limitation experienced in the course of getting the materials for the research.


1.8      Definition of the study.

*          Personal manager: This is an employee charged with the responsibilities of interviewing applicant and recruiting the certified once in an organization.

*          Enrichment: This is defined as the act of increasing or adding something to something, quality wise or size to increase its quality or quantity.

*          Scope: The breadth, depth or reach of a subject domain.

*          Limitations: This is an imperfection or shortcoming which limits something use or value / a restriction that limits something.

*          Intervening: Intervention mediation.

*          Variables: Able to change, likely to change.

*          Research: Diligent inquiry or examination to seek or revise facts, principles, theories, applications etc.

*          Morale: The capacity of people to maintain belief in an institution or a goal, or even in oneself and others


1.8      IMT brief history

The institute of management and technology (IMT), Enugu came into existence  under the then East central state of Nigeria. Edict No 10 of 1973 promulgated by the adminsirtator of east central state – Late Ajie Ukapbia Askia. Prior to the establishment of the great IMT, there existed up till 1967 the college of technology which offered courses in Engineering and Laboratory technology leading to the award of Ordinary Diploma, it have the institute of administration which provided short – in – serve training of various grades, the co-operative college which offered a certificate course in cooperation inspectors from the ministry.

Institute of management and technology (IMT), Enugu is said to be the best polytechnic in University in the East of Nigeria. They are well equipped with qualified teachers who devote their time to plant all they have over their students and stand by their side to make sure that the potentials in the future leaders explode.

These institution were autonomous and were located differently. The college of technology was part of the ministry and could be reposted to other departments or untis according to the needs of the civil service. In 1970 there arose the need to establish a higher institution of learning for upgrading and training of our men and women in technological, managerial and engineering fields. This need was pursued vigorously and in October 1971 the Ukpabia Asika administration decided to merge the former College of Technology with the institute of administration.

To give effect to this decision both the instutite and the college came under the unified control of the cabinet office on 1st April, 1972.

In October of the same year the adminsirtator of the east central state appointed a provisional council. This council was charged with determining and recommending to the government an appropriate structure of an autonomous, technical as well as professional and managerial man-power in the subject area indicated by the state and national vision and submitted a report early in April 1973. Thus on 31st May 1973 the edict No 10 of 1973 titled “The Institute of management and Technology edict 1973” was promulgated. The edict took effect from 1st July 1973 and thus gave birth to what is now known as the Institute  of management and technology (IMT), Enugu Dr. Ukwu I. Ukwu became the first chairman of council while Professor M.O Chijioke became the first Rector and the first registrar in the person of Mr. B.O Akwukwuma.


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