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TABLE OF CONTENT              
Title page                
Approval page –  
Dedication – –  
Acknowledgment –    
Abstract –   –  
Table of contents – –  
CHAPTER ONE                
1.0 Introduction –  
CHAPTER TWO                
2.0 Literature Review –  
2.1 Kola Nut Powered (Cola Nitida) –  
2.2 Kola pod components –  
2.3 Geography and distribution –  
2.4 Lipoprotein –  
2.5 High cholesterol diagnosis –  
2.6 Low cholesterol –  



2.7 Changes during circulation –  
2.8 Liver –  
CHAPTER THREE Materials and methods      
3.1 Identification and Extraction plant material –    
3.2 Phytochemical Analysis –    
3.3 Experimental Animal model –  
3.4 Collection of Blood samples –  
3.5 Lipid profile Analysis –  
CHAPTER FOUR Results            
Phytochemical composition of samples –  
CHAPTER FIVE   Discussion and conclusion      
5.1 Discussion – –  
5.2 Conclusion —  





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Cola nitida has been in use in the eastern parts of Nigeria for the management of certain ailments and as an aphrodisiac in the management of some sexual dysfunctions. However the effects of this extract in some health parameters in human objects have not been reported. This work, then, was aimed at investigating the effect of water extracts of kola pods on lipoprotein concentrations on albino wistar rats.


Rats were used in this study and they were divided into several groups and fed with a high calorie food (cow’s brain) so as to increase the blood lipoprotein concentration in the rat models. The effect of the water extracts of the sample used was compared with a known drug and the results statistically compared to ascertain the effect of the water extract on the rat models.


The results of this work indicate that water extracts of cola nitida pods can be used in the management of mild lipoprotein dysfunctions thus substantiating the reasons for its use in sexual erectile functions.






Cola Nitida has been used in folk medicine as an aphrodisiac,


an appetite suppressant, to treat morning sickness, migraine headache, and indigestion (Esimone et al., 2007). It has also been applied directly to the skin to treat wounds and inflammation (Newall et al.,


1996)on the teeth and gums. There has also been speculations as to its use in the treatment of peptic ulcer, however, in Nigeria there is no record of the incidence of peptic ulcer.


According to Esimone (2007), cola nitida tree is native to West Africa. Cola nuts are obtained from cola trees. Cola nitida belongs to the genus cola and family steriliaceae. They are commonly used to counteract hunger and thirst; in some cases it is used to control vomiting in pregnant woman and also as a principal stimulant to keep awake and withstand fatigue by students, drivers, and other menial workers.


Lipoproteins are found in the liver and cells. The liver is the largest organ inside the body. The liver is dark reddish-brown and



consists of two main lobes. There are over 300 billion specialized cells in the liver that are connected by a well organized system of


“bile” ducts and blood ve


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