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The purpose of this study, was to know the effectiveness of public relations in service industries. A case study of the Enugu state University of Science and Technology (ESUT) Enugu. To guide this study, three hypotheses were formulated. A review of related literature was done to expose the researcher to what has already been done to ensure solid conclusion for the study. A structural questionnaire was developed and administered by the researcher to respondents comprising of the students and staff/management of the institution. The data collected were from both primary and secondary sources, and were duly analysed and presented in a manner in which, they could be easily be understood and applied by whosoever may be interested in the work and its findings. From the analysis, the following findings emerged, Majority of the students are not aware of the services provided by the public relation school of the institution. Public relations activities of ESTU has led do industrial harmony, this is evidenced by the fact that there has not been major strikes that lasted for a long time. Public relations activities of ESTU also led to impact positions on student’s patronage of the institution. Based on the above findings, the researcher made the following recommendations that: ESUT public relations department should be well funded, to enable them acquire more sophisticated equipments to improve public relations activities. ESUT should up grade the quality of the service they provide by creating awareness so that all may know about them. Public relations functions should be clearly defined to avoid confusion in the institution. From this, the researcher concluded that public relations is a potential  tools for marketing of goods and services, ESUT must embrace it for the satisfaction of its numerious publics.






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Table of content




1.1 Background of the study

1.2  Statement of the problem

1.3  Objective of the study

1.4  Research Hypothesis

1.5  Significance of the study

1.6  Scope of the study





Population of the study

Determination of sample size

Sample size for staff/management

Sample size for students

Instrument and method of data collection

Questionnaire design

Method of data analysis

Administration of Questionnaire


Test of Hypothesis



Summary of findings











Public relations, has become a potential marketing tools in modern business management in recent times. Its influence is being felt on both big and small firms, with the influence of even greater expansion. It is important for management organizations including tertiary institutions to understand its potential and limitations.

Nwokoye (1984:212) defined public relations as the activities of co – operations, union, government or other organizations in building and marketing sound and productive relations with special public such as customers, relations employees or stock holders and with public at large. So as to adopt itself, to its environment and interpret itself, to the society.

Bush and Houston (1995:200) noted that public relations is management functions which, evaluates public attitude, identifies policies and procedures of an individual, or an organizations with the public interest and execute, a programme of action to earn public understanding and acceptance.

Chukwu (2000:3 – 4) stated that, public relations practice is, management philosophy aimed at, doing everything possible to create good relationship between, one organization and its publics. Public Relations is aimed at, making friends for the organization and building internal and external good will on the reasonable assumption that, these are strongly needed for an organization to remain in business and make profit with, the increase in the activities of an organization. The need for an adequate communication, between the organization and those who in one way or the other are, affected by these activities then the organization becomes more imperative.

An organization while, wanting to remain retable, need to have good relationship with its employees, consumers of its products and services, future investors, stock – holders and infact that of the general public. As an organization. Organization  specialized in manufactures to potential customers that is, up to date, forward looking, concerns to produce and offer the best goods and services for the rice it charges and make sure that its customers are, really satisfied.

Edoga and Ani (2001:287) noted that a company should deliberately plan and execute a continuous public relations programme to develop a good relationship between it customers and that of the various publics, amongst sought with public relations.

Stressing the position of public relations in the country, Olakunori (1999:194) noted that, most officials occupying the public relations of various organizations in the country today are, not professionals; they generally have a fair knowledge of what they are supposed to do.

Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT) as an institution or organization, has the students; members of its staff, parents- teachers association (PTA), the management, the host society, the state and the federal government, Nigerian Universities commission (NUC) etc. as its relevant publics. This implies that, the activities performed by (ESUT) in one way or the other, affect those bodies or organizations.  This will brings proper information circulations, between itself and those various relevant publics to it. This can be done by, allowing the free flows of information, paying of salaries as, and when due to its staff, engaging in proper and standard academic work, abiding by the rules and regulations of NUC in the performance of its activities.

Manufacturers and producers of goods and service are now aware that public relations does not only ensure good relations with the public but can strive towards profit making through increased customers patronage. It is in the light of the importance attached to public relations that, the researcher seeks to appraise the effectiveness of public relations in service industries, in Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT), as a case study.


A good corporate image is usually regarded as to be essentials, for the existence of an organization. The success or failure of a corporation depends on, its relationship with its publics, consumers, employees, stock-holders, government, community, distributions, supplies and others. A favourable corporate image creates confidence in an organizations or institution.

There have been occupational troubles in tertiary institutions which have become the order of the day, but ESUT has always remained in sector, despite the occasional occurrence of these ugly incidents. The questions that called for answer are:-

  • Why has this internal problem wrangled in our tertiary institutions?
  • How have ESUT, been able to maintained peace, despites the facts that there are some polities that do not go down well with the staff, lecturers and the students of the institute?
  • To what extent has public relations contributed in maintenance of peace and harmony, in the institutions. These and many more are the central task of this research work.



To give focus to the study the following objectives are formulated:-

  1. To find out the level of attention given to the public, in Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT).
  2. To find out whether, the institution have good relationship with the press.
  3. To examine the level of students, lecturers, staff and management relationship in ESUT.
  4. To know how public relations help in improving communication between people and the organization.
  5. To recommend solution on problems in public relations.
  6. To determine the impact of public relations activities in ESUT.



Public Relations activities in ESUT

Ho:  To know if Public Relations activities in ESUT, does not lead to increase the awareness of their services.

Hi:   To know if these lead to increase on  the awareness of

their services.

Ho:  To know if Public Relations activities in ESUT, does not

give attention to the student of the institution

H2:  To know if Public Relations activities of ESUT, gives attention to the student of the institution.

Ho:  To know if Public Relation activities in ESUT, does not lead to increase on (students) patronage.

H3:  to know if Public Relation activities of ESUT lead to increase on (students) patronage.





The most outstanding hope of this study is that, its finding, will be of immense benefit to students, lecturers and staff of management of tertiary institutions. These will help to minimize conflicts in this institutions.

The study also gives an insight, into the problems and practice of public relations in Nigeria Institutions of higher learning. This study by its objectives, will not only assess the effectiveness of classified public relations, but all its application and uses generally. Therefore, when successfully and organizing  on the ways of using public relations.

Finally, public relations practitioners have been deprived of excellent performance in the operations because of, scanty and insufficient data and adequate literature availability in this area.

This study when successfully completed, and adequately supervised, will be an addition to the essentials literature needed in public relations. Practitioners and consultants will therefore use it extensively for reference.

Based on forgoing, it becomes indisputable that, the need for this study is worthwhile.


The study covers public Relations activities in service industries and, it will equally cover, an over view of public relations in service industries.  The role of public relations activities in improving the image of service industries, especially tertiary institutions. Due to limited time and other constraints emphases, was placed on Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT).  Despite the fact that, Enugu State University is the only institution use as a case study, but the researcher believes that whatever happens to Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT) will equally apply to other institutions in the state.


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