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1.1     Background of the Study:         —————————–             1

1.2     Statements of the Problem: ——————————-                 4

1.3     Research Questions: —————————————                 6

1.4     Purpose of the Study: ————————————–                 6

1.5     Hypothesis: ————————————————-                 7

1.6     Significance of the Study: ———————————                8

1.7     Scope of the Study: —————————————–                8

1.8     Limitations of the Study: ———————————–               9

1.9     Definition of Terms: —————————————                 10

1.10   Organization of the Study: ———————————               11



2.1     Literature Review: ——————————————-               12

2.2     Theoretical Framework: ————————————               17




3.1     Research Design: ——————————————-                 21

3.2     Area of the Study: ——————————————                 21

3.3     Population of the Study: ———————————–                21

3.4     Sample and Sampling Techniques: ———————–               22

3.5     Methods of Data Collection: ——————————-               23

3.6     Instruments of Data Collection: —————————               24

3.7     Reliability of the Instruments: —————————–               24

3.8     Validity of the Instruments: ——————————-                24

3.9     Distribution and Retrieval of Instruments: ————-                 24

3.10   Methods of Data Analysis: ——————————–               25




4.1     Data Presentation: —————————————–                  26

4.2     Analysis of Research Questions: ————————-                29

4.3     Testing of Hypothesis: ————————————-                35


4.4     Interpretation of Results: ———————————                  42





5.1     Summary: —————————————————                 43

5.2     Conclusion: ————————————————-                 44

5.3     Recommendations: —————————————-                  44

References: ————————————————-                  46

Appendix A: ————————————————                 47

Appendix B: ————————————————                 48




The impact of irregular payment in the local government area of Anambra State (A Case Study of Orumba North Local Government Area). The wage/salary system in Nigeria is unevenly implemented across all states. In Anambra State for example, the state government is unable to pay workers in line with the National minimum wage laws. Consequently, the state government embarked on salary reduction regimes that have attracted wide spread strike actions leading to non-payment of salaries for months. Invariably this affects several sectors of the state like the economy, education, commercial activities and even families. In a bid to carry out this research the researcher collected primary and secondary sources of data collection. The primary sources are personal interview, questionnaires, whereas the secondary sources of data collection are library materials and internets. A statistical formula called YaroYamenis was emoployed to determine the sample percentage method. The research questions were formulated to guide the study and the findings of the study reveal that the impact of irregular salary payment in the local government area of Anambra Local Government area.




    • Background of the Study

An important question that agitates the mind of an average worker in Nigeria that begs legal answer is: when the payment of salaries due to a worker is delayed and or unpaid and the worker incurred extra expense as a result of the delay who bears the interest accruable on such expenses especially if the worker obtains loan to meet his/her socio-economic needs? This paper examines  the impact of irregular salary payment in the local government area of Anambra state generally, but more especially the Orumba Local Government workers employees who constitute a substantial size of the workforce  in the economy it is considered an abuse  of the rights of the workers to enjoy a decent living. The paper seeks to curb the trend by proffering practical solutions even sanctions on the part of employers of labour who are in breach of their contractual obligations to the workers. This common phenomenon has made the legal responsibility attached to contractual relationships in contract of service which demands urgent solution if only to save the lives of many workers and their families whose rights and dignity as humans are being eroded by employer of labour that dammed the socio-economic consequences of their actions. Individual are employed in every public sector institution to carry out various activities are guided by certain rules of procedure and operation in a systematically interrelated pattern, to achieve the complex objectives of its employers. Like in every other government institution civil servants who are recruited into the Orumba North municipal have at their disposal knowledge, skills attitude experience and qualification in carrying out the activities of the government. The employer which is the government on the other hand has its disposal the pay to attract its employee to work and become its members. The pay is otherwise the salaries paid to civil servants. The fundamental purpose of this salary is to encourage he civil servants to provide high performance for the organizational effectiveness and efficiency to positively affect productivity. The development for salary assumes the availability of accurate job description. This job description includes job evaluation and salary survey. These are intended to ensure that they pay system is both internally equitable and externally competitive. The salary to civil servants is meant to serve as the way o acquiring the necessities, luxuries and all the needs of acquiring the necessities, luxuries and all the needs of the workers. It also makes the worker feels that he/her efforts have been acknowledged and may derive a sense of achievement from the job. However when a worker sacrifices all his.\/her efforts knowledge  skill and willpower in ensuring that there is a high productivity in organizational and having mind that a monthly entitlement [salary] will be given him/her in order to take care of his/her problem but at the end, he/she gets nothing. The worker is being demoralized to work or force to lose interest which in turn will affect productivity herby resulting to low productivity. Finally, can effective salary policy provide guidelines for compensating employees. It also addresses some issues servant efficiency and effectiveness.


  • Statement of the Problem

Workers are known or their inefficiency especially when not paid. Hence most government parastatals are even seen as dead woods. The question is how workers performance and behaviours can be encouraged. Again, how could the sit syndrome and engagement in private business during official hours could be curbed in order to enhance their enumeration? Where a worker is owed several months, he/she has no other option than to source to sustain life which may be a sought of engaging in private business. If this non-payment of salaries continues, it then results to low productivity as against the organizational goals. Irregular payment of workers salary may however result to the following action demonstration, laziness to work or even absenteeism to work. Orumba North Local Government area is faced with these problem which thereby result to low productivity in the council.


1.3 Research Questions

  1. To what extent does irregular payment of workers salary attract potential skilled workers to the service of Orumba North local government area?
  2. To what extent does irregular payment of workers salary affect productivity in Orumba North local government area?
  3. To what extent can the worker’s salary be solved in Orumba North local government area?

1.4 Objectives of the Study

There is no gain saying on the fact that Orumba north local government area is faced with irregular payment of workers salary which has often been a controversial issue in the council indeed, success in labour compensation management has become an acid test for management efficiency. The researcher is motivated by the worrisome state of affairs caused by our study in hand. Thus, the researcher seeks to examine, analyze and proffer solution to the attendant problems. She thereby came up with the following objectives:

  1. To ascertain whether irregular payment of workers salary can attract potential skilled workers to the hands available in the economy to work.
  2. To determine the extent irregular payment of workers salary affects productivity.
  3. To ascertain ways of solving the problems associated with irregular payment of workers salary in Orumba north local government area and in Anambra state in general.


1.5 Significance of the Study

Statistics has shown that over 60 percent of industrial actions in the state arte traceable to agitations about irregular payment of workers salary’s and demand for increase in salaries allowance. Orumba north local government area and Anambra state in general are often paralyzed by industrial actions. Most of the industrial conflicts caused by irregular payment of workers salary..Favourable, we are optimistic that  our dream to reveal or to divulge the solution to the  problem of irregular payment of workers salary in Orumba north local government area would be  enthusiastic and of great benefit to other government organization or both in Anambra state and Nigeria in Nigeria. Again, we have in mind that this work would also benefit private owned organization in their effort to overcome the problems associated with irregular payment of workers’ salaries. Finally, we also hope that at the end of this study. We must have achieved lending support to the already done works on this topic for the benefit of future researchers.


1.6 Scope of the Study

This research is channelled on the irregular salary payment in the local government system of Anambra state using orumba north local government area as a study area. The years of studies covered are 2010- 2015.


1.7 Limitation of the Study

Due to the nature of works, I depended on the data gotten from some workers from orumba north local government area, especially from the ministries of works and health and on the already established guild lines since there is no room to take position or assumptions. Again, in the course of carrying out this study, the researcher was financially constrained to a large extent by the harsh economic condition in the country. Another limiting factor



is the inability of the workers met to divulge useful information required for this study.


1.8     Definition of Terms

  • Salaries:This is referred to as the monthly rate paid to clerical administrators and professional employees. It is a direct monetary compensation after the job has been done.
  • Workers: These are individuals who are hired or employed with in the capacity of any institution or organization charged with responsibility of achieving the institutions set goals and whose activities are guided by certain rules of procedures and operations.
  • Productivity: This is the measure of how well resources are bought  together in organizations and utilized for accomplishing a set of result. (Anugwam, 2007). It is also defined as reaching the highest level of performances with least expenditure of resources (Mali, 2013).


1.9 Organization of the Study

The chapter of this research work presents the introduction, background of the study, statement of the study (problem) under the study, research question to enable the researcher  to meet up with the problem under the study objectives of the study, purpose of the study, significant of the study, scope of the study, limitation of the study, definition of some important terms. The chapter two which present the literature the view which is the review what have been written by other scholars, authors and other writer about the related topics, which helped the researcher to meet up with the problem under study. The chapter three presents the methodology which is the research design area of the study, population of the study, sample and sampling techniques, method of data collection, reliability of instrument, validity of the instrument, method of data collection. Chapter four present the research question which was gotten using the method introduced in chapter three and it will be critically analyzed for easy understanding and to be able to come up with a successful conclusion about the problem under study. The chapter five is the conclusion and recommendation  coupled with suggestion for further research in some  areas in which research was not able to meet up with.



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