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Title page i
Declaration ii
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Dedication iv
Acknowledgements v
Table of contents vi
List of Tables viii
Abstract ix
1.1 Background of the Study 1
1.2 Statement of the Problem 2
1.3 Objective of the Study 3
1.4 Research Questions 3
1.5 Research Hypotheses 4
1.6 Significance of the Study 4
1.7 Scope of the Study 5
1.8 Definition of Terms 5
1.9 Limitation of the study 6
References 7
2.1 Sources of Literature 8
2.2. Definition of Mass Media 8
2..2.1 Concepts of Development 10
2.2.2 Objectives of Rural Communities 12
2.2.3 NTA in the place of Development 12
2.2.4 NTA Role in Development 17
2.2.5 Bottle necks to NTA in achieving Economic development 19
2.3 Theoretical Framework 20
2.4 Summary 20
References 21
3.2 Research Design 23
3.3 Area of the Study 24
3.4 Population of the Study 24
3.5 Sample and Sampling Techniques 24
3.6 Instrument for Data Collection 24
3.7 Validity and Reliability of Data gathering Instrument 25
3.8 Method of Data Collection 27
3.9 Method of Data Analysis 27
References 29
4.1 Data Presentation and Analysis 30
4.2 Discussion of Findings 41
5.2 Summary of Findings 44
5.3 Conclusion 45
5.4 Recommendations 46
5.5 Suggestions for further studies 47
Bibliography 48
Appendix A 50
Appendix B 51
This work is aimed at examining the roles of NTA in economic development. It
also looked at some of the problems that confront the mass media in carrying out
these tasks of Nigerian economic development. The researcher adopted survey
method with questionnaire distributed to the respondents. A total of 180
respondents were collected, analyzed and interpreted. Two hypotheses were
tested and analyzed using simple percentages and chi-square. The result of the
study shows that NTA plays great roles in economic development in Coal Camp
Community. There was also a glaring indication that people have less access to
watch and equally not equipped enough technologically. This could also account
to the low attention being given to the communication by development planners
in Nigeria.
1.1 Background of the Study
NTA Enugu is the focus of this study and it comprises television. The
sophistication of these media of communication distinguished it as wonders to
NTA is an institution used for simultaneous transmission of information to
a wide and divergent audience. Although different media types, yet they
represent the attempt of man to relate to and interact with other men. It is clear
to note that communication has been enhanced nationally and internationally
with the use of modern technology. Aniabona (2005) in his contribution to the
impact of broadcasting in a developing context has this to say about
broadcasting. “Broadcast media are powerful and effective instruments for
achieving national goals such as wide spread education for both children and
adults in other to realize the set down objectives in economic growth, healthcare,
political and social awareness, political stability, self-reliance and national identity
among other things.”
NTA is aimed at presenting programmes like news, drama, interviews,
health and family planning, religious programmes and agricultural programmes.
What we say NTA is an instrument through which information are
conveyed to a divergent audience, the electronic media concludes the radio,
television and cinema. Our focus is on the television, as the first source to which
people time to for the latest development in time of war or crises.
Nigeria television authority Enugu (NTA) shares in the responsibility of
educating, informing, entertaining, persuading and advertising. It operates on
both private and commercial operations and it is rated high by its audience, for its
request and information packaged including educational programmes. The
station studies hard in various ways to assent themselves. It delivers its
audience on music while others are on discussions on special political economic
education, social cultural and religious issues; NTA goes for the audience which
hasahs the purchasing power. NTA Enugu in its impact in economic development
undertake advertisement, sponsored programmes, public service announcement
to enhance its finished based and educational programmes are devised in its
impacts to promote products and enhance the training of professionals and
thereby contribute effectively in the economic development of Nigeria.
1.2 Statement of Research Problem
As stated earlier, the impact of the broadcast media especially television is
enormous despite the problems facing them in discharging their responsibilities.
One thing certain is that television helps in economic development due to its
easy reach and penetration to diverse and scattered audience, the literacy level
not withstanding. But of all these impacts and contributions to the economic
development of Nigeria, there are still cases of poor funding and poor
management of the broadcast media especially television.
Thus, the researcher investigated the impact of Nigeria Television
Authority (NTA) Enugu in the economic development of Coal Camp Community
of Enugu South Local Government area of Enugu State.
1.3 Objectives of the Study
The objectives of the study were:
1. To find out if NTA has been of help to Coal Camp development.
2. To find out how NTA has faired in the economic development of Nigeria,
through its duty of information dissemination.
3. To find out if NTA has helped in creating impact towards the economic
development of Coal camp community.
4. Creating awareness on the development of Coal Camp Community
through some of its educational programmes.
1.4 Research Questions
1. To what extent has NTA been of help to Coal Camp Community‟s
2. To what extent has NTA faired in the economic development of Nigeria,
through its duty of information dissemination?
3. To what extent does NTA help in creating impact towards the economic
development of Coal Camp Community?
4. What awareness does NTA create on the development of Coal Camp
Community through some of its educational programmes?
1.5 Research Hypotheses
The following research questions were relevant to this study
H1. Nigeria Television Authority Enugu (NTA) has been of help to Coal Camp
Ho: Nigeria Television Authority Enugu (NTA) has not been of help to Coal
Camp Community.
H2: Nigeria Television authority Enugu (NTA) has been creating awareness on
the development of Coal Camp Community through some of its
educational programmes.
Ho: Nigeria Television Authority Enugu (NTA) has not created awareness on
the development of Coal Camp Community through some of its
educational programmes.
1.6 Significance of The Study
Television as a medium of information has been recognized as the most useful
media, which its message cuts across the barriers of literacy.
Television is the true mass media in the third world because it really
reaches the masses. In Nigeria for example, the use of television as a source of
information is truly widespread even among rural dwellers who make up the
majority of the country‟s population.
The focus of this study based on term and parameters defined by the
researcher was to find out how NTA Enugu has faired in the economic
development of Coal Camp Community of Enugu State through its duty of
information dissemination.
It would also be pertinent to point out that this study will benefit both
government and NTA. It will also be very relevant to researchers and of course,
the people residing at Coal Camp.
1.7 Scope of the Study
This study covered NTA Enugu for the period of time extending from means that
the study spanned through five months.
1.8 Definition of Terms
The following definition of this study
Electronic Media
This is defined as a medium through which information a re passed to a
large audience either by television, radio, film and cinema. Television and ratio
media pass information from the studio which goes through the transmitter then
to the television or radio of the audience.
Influence is defined as an element believed to determine some one‟s
character or individual tendencies or the ability to change the development of
fluctuating things such as behaviours.
Television is a system of transmitting and reviewing of images over a
great distance which means seeing at a distance, it contains both sound and
Economic Development
This is a wholistic act embracing and ongoing, phenomenon, the
manifestation of which is measured by the level of positive socio-cultural, geopolitical economic, educational and religious transformation of a people or nation.
Nigeria Television Authority (Nta)
Nigeria television authority is a federal owned television station which has
its locations all over the 36 states in Nigeria. This particular study is on the NTA
located in Enugu, it is federal owned and which its broadcast is in Enugu State as
whole and other neighbouring states as well. NTA educates, entertains and
informs the people of these States.
1.9 Limitation of the Study
This study which by its term has every segment of the society to study
ranging from the local, state, to the national level vis-à-vis, the roles of NTA in
shaping, licensing and moderating their social, economic, political and cultural
fortunes. They study should have covered every segment from rural to the
national level. But because of some glancing factors, the researcher had to
narrow his investigative efforts within Enugu metropolis.
Time availability to the researcher was grossly inadequate as the
researcher has to attend lectures, among others. Again the study has a time
frame within which it must be completed; therefore efforts were geared towards
achieving these goals.
Also, lack of fund made it difficult for the respects to impact of NTA effects
on their overall well-being and economic development.


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