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Banks are established to make profits. Are these profits made at me expense of the customers or is it as a result of the seminar provided by these banks.

This study attempts to highlight those key factors that different banks managements will consider in their choice of branch locations and customers preferences for their choice of banks to serve them. This will enable banks to focus on the critical factor that affect market preferences.

The study was done using survey research design with questionnaire as due key instrument for collecting primary data. A total of 1000 and 200 bank customer and officials questionnaire respectively were duly completed and analyzed. Based on the analysis of the generated formulated hypothesis were tested at 95% level of significance using 2 test of proportion.

The underlisted constitute some of the major findings of the study, management of Banks have special preference for large markets like Lagos and Aba for their branch locations. Marketing activities of banks in these large markets are directed at protecting  and expanding their stream of revenues in these areas. Banks in both markets describe the nature of their banking business in terms of the product/services they offer and their I.T power.

In the light of these findings, the study recommends that, Banks should posses profitable and complete range of product, continuous product service innovations and improvements. Banks should always invest heavily in information technology to remain relevant and profitable. As banks must to open branches in these markets, it is appropriate for banks to make their customer dependent on them and gain their trust and confidence.





Title page





Table of contents

List of Tables



  • Background of the study
  • Statement of the problem
  • Objective of study
  • Research question
  • Formulation of Hypothesis
  • Scope and limitation of the study
  • Significance of study




  • Theatrical Background

2.1.1Marketing concept

  • Banking service
  • Factors customer consider in selecting their banks
    • Location factors in influencing the marketing of financial services in Lagos and Aba



  • Types of data
  • Research design
  • Research instrument
  • Pre- test of questionnaire
  • Determination of population size
  • Questionnaire administration
  • Response rate


  • Preamble
  • Data analysis profile of Bank official
  • Data analysis for Bank customer
  • Testing of Hypothesis/Research question




  • Summary of findings
  • Recommendations
  • Conclusion










  • Period stayed with present Bank
  • Number of Banks worked with
  • Position in the Bank
  • Banks location of their first branches
  • Consideration of Lagos and Aba as more profitable market
  • Number of branches in Lagos and Aba
  • Counting on their branch Net work as their greatest Asset.
  • Banks working towards surpassing their competitors.
  • Use of computers system in Banking operators
  • Supply of prompt and accurate statement of Account to their customers.
    • Treating customer with respect and courtesy.
    • Bank Branding/positioning themselves through
    • Advertisement of their products and service
    • Profile of Bank customers/industry group
    • Lengths of time present banker
    • Types of Accounts maintained
    • Obtaining a facility when a customer need it
    • Notifying customer of changes in Bank polices rates.
    • Treating customers with respect and courtesy
  • Considering the length of time an account is Operating granting
    • Branch manager’s possession of power to take
    • Quick decision regarding granting a facility or reduction of COT charges
    • Convenience/Accessibility of Bank locations to customers.
    • Performance of the Bank unsupplying prompt
    • And accurate statement of accounts.
    • Rating the use of computers in the bank operations
    • Rating the use of computers in the bank operations
    • Bank interest charge and other commissions
    • Transfer of cash other Broachers
  • Rating the external and internal environment of the branches.
    • Perception of the main bankers
    • Customers perception of the strength and
    • Stability of their main bankers
    • Banks forms of advertisements.














One of the major pillars of marketing is the provision of goods and services to satisfy the needs and wants of consumer at a profit to firm.  This is the provision of product for the satisfaction of consumer or customer is the focus of marketing thereby making product a fundamental tool of marketing.  But Ebue (1990:1) stated that if you produce the best product, packaged it brilliantly, price it rightly distribute it magnificently and position it to best meet the needs of customer you must have wasted all the marketing skills if nobody knows you have those things.  Your customers will only know through promotional activities.  It becomes imperative that a firm must not only create high quality goods that meet the expectations of the target market but tell success story.  That is a firm must disseminate information about the product’s existence, features, terms and benefits to the target market.

Adirika, Ebue and Nnolim (1996:35) see promotion as the component used by the organization to inform, educate and persuade the market regarding the company’s offerings:- advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, publicity and public relations are the major variable of promotional tools.

The myopic thinking in Nigeria, that the money spent in promotional activities is a waste should not crop at all, although, we are operating in a seller’s market, where companies can sell their goods and services even without adequate promotion.  There is no guarantee that such a situation will continue forever.  Promotion like distribution is one of elements of the firm.  Marketing mix and it seeks to inform the public of the availability of goods and services and their communication cycle between those engaged in production and those in consumption, the need for product promotion exist in both surplus and scarcity condition.  This is because in trying to inform, promotion can often persuade and so on be a useful means to a desirable social change if well utilized.

Modern marketing companies are increasing recognizing the value of an effective communication and promotion programme for their entire public.  This includes beverage industries.  Their product encompasses vegetable commodities that significantly affect our life’s.  According to Onah and Nnolim, (1988:9) decision with these components of promotional mix in order to accomplish the objectives of any given organization the beverage, industry for sometimes now is very lucrative, this has brought so many beverage industries into their market thus leading to competition in other to survive the competition beverage industries should pay adequate attention to the issues that involve decision making in designing an appropriate promotion strategies for survival.  It is because of the importance of promotion not only as tool for informing the company that the researcher tries to examine the impact of promotional activities on the marketing of Golden morn products.



Here, many consumers do not patronize a company’s product when they are ignorant of its existence.  Insufficient and inadequate use of marketing communication tools lead to low sales turnover, given the competitive pressure attributable to escalating cost, increased industrial concentration as the result of acquisitions and mergers, the threat of product obsolescence inherent in accelerating technological innovation.  It is clear that promotional policies have becomes questions of acute importance to manufacturer as the marketer.

There has been a sharp increase in the number of beverage product (both locally manufactured and imported) this leading fierce and cutthroat.  Infact, the creation of effective promotional strategies would be an essential step towards creating a market.

Consumers find it difficult to make repeat purchase of a product whose communication is not motivating and captivating.

Improper application of marketing strategies sometimes rob Nestle Nigeria Plc the opportunity of winning new customer for tom and Milo to be precise.

The problem goes a long way to hinder the growth of the firm if urgent solutions are not offered to deal with them.



These objectives are:

  1. To know how effective each of the promotions has been increasing the beverage’s market share in the market.
  2. To know the impact of each promotion such as advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, public relation and publicity on the marketing of Golden morn product.
  3. To know if the success of the product is due to dynamism in the company’s promotional programme.
  4. To determine the relationship between promotion and consumers patronage of the product.
  5. To determine the impact f promotion in creating consumers awareness on the marketing of Golden morn product in Enugu Metropolis.
  6. Promotional activities adopted by Nestle in Enugu Metropolis increased profitability.
  7. Ro recommend solution how to effectively use promotion in increasing sales in an organization.



The following hypnotically statements are designed to help us in representation in both null and alternatives.


H0:    Promotional activities of Nestle Nigeria Plc do not lead to increase in demand for the product.

Hi:     Promotional activities of Nestle Nigeria Plc lead to increase in demand for the product.


H0:    Promotional activities on the marketing of Golden morn product does not satisfy customer.

Hi:     Promotional activities on the marketing of Golden morn satisfy customer.


H0:  Promotional activities on the marketing of Golden morn impact negatively on the profit of the company.

Hi:     Promotional activities on the marketing of Golden morn impact positively on the profit of the company.



Promotion is not complete until the product ends up being consumed.  The study will be of great benefit to the industry as well as individuals.  This study will help the researcher appreciate how to use promotional activities in introducing and increasing sales of any product.  It will also enable the company gain their confidence and goodwill.

This study will help the customers to improve their standard of living, as they had been made aware through promotion.  It will equally be of great benefit to readers and researchers and moreover, it will widen their scope of understanding and knowledge of promotion.



The study is designed to examine promotional activities of Nestle Nigeria Plc on the sales of it’s product Golden morn.  This study is restricted to Enugu State.  It will cover the management staff and consumers that are been exposed to the product.

This study concentrated on the impact of marketing promotion on improving company’s performance with particular interest on Nestle Nigeria Plc within Enugu Metropolis.

The study intends to point out how the promotional tools techniques such as advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relation and publicity will be used in improving the company performance with particular interest on the marketing of Golden morn product with in Enugu Metropolis.



Promotional campaign: This is an inter-related services of promotional activities to communicate the target group of produce change in behaviour.

Product sampling:        This is one of the effective means of giving free samples of product to consumer or offering a trial at a very low cost.  It encourages customer to buy and it also reduce price.  It is very effective for introduction of new product.

Premium offers:- This is a product that is offered free or less than regular price in order to induce the consumer to buy another.

Coupons:   Coupons are certificating that give buyers a saving when they purchase a specified product.

Free trial:   Free trials consist of inviting prospective purchase/buyer to try the product without cost in the hope that they will buy the product.

Sweepstakes: These, sales promotion require participant to submit some kind of entry from but are purely game of chance requiring no analytical or creative effort by the consumer.

Cash refund offers (Rebates): Cash refund offers or rebates are like coupons expect that the price reduction occur is after the purchase rather than at the retail outlet.

Patronage rewards:       These are rewards that are given to the customer/consumers because they are patronizing their product.

Point-of-purchase promotion: The points of purchase material gets as an inducement to buy the product, it consists of display of materials and sign placed inside a certain product package.



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