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Table of content

Title page                                                         i

Approved page                                                  ii

Dedication                                                       iii

Acknowledgement                                            iv

Table of contents                                              v

Abstract                                                           viii


1.0 Introduction                                               1

1.1Background of the study                             1

1.2 Statement of the problem                           3

  • Purpose of the study                               4
  • Significance of the study 4
  • Research questions 5
  • The scope and limitation of the study 5

1.7 Definition of terms                                      6


2.0 Review of related literature                         8

2.1 What is quality                                           9

2.2 Cost of quality                                            9

2.3 Demings system approach to quality          11

2.4 Quality problems in industries                   12

2.5 Meaning of quality control                          14

2.6 Summary of literature review                      15


RESEARCH METHODOLOGY                           18

3.1 Research design                                         18

3.2 Area of the study                                19

3.3 Population of the study                               22

3.4 Sample of the study                                    22

3.5 Instrument for data collection                    24

3.6 Validation of the instrument                       25

3.7 Distribution and retrieval of instrument     25



4.1 Presentation of data analysis                      27

4.2.1 The quality of raw material used in

the company                                                    28

4.2.2 Customer dissatisfaction with

the quality of products.                                    28

4.2.3 Quality control method used                   29

4.2.4 Maintenance of plant and equipment       30

4.2.6 Types of training programme                   31

4.2.7 Engagement in market research              31








5.1 Summary of finding                                    35

5.2 Conclusion                                         36

5.3 Recommendations                                      37

5.4 Limitation of the study                               38

5.5 Suggestions for further research                 38

Appendix A                                              39

Reference                                                 40

Questionnaire                                          42












This research work was undertaken to empirically access the importance of quality control on manufacturing industries. This work intended to achieve the following objectives. To investigate the perception of business organization about quality control. What is the relationship between quality control and marketing programmes. How can quality control improve organization performance. Relevant data were collected from both primary and secondary sources. Questionnaire was the primary data collection. Instrument employed  from various relevant publication constituted the sources of a secondary data. Upon the analysis of data, the following conclusion were drawn. Juhel appreciated the importance quality control in the company, due to its numerous benefits to the company.










Quality control was development by an American statistician known as Edward Damming. He made a major contribution to business strategy and practice in a seminar. He then show how quality or cost go hand in hand. Damming argued that quality control as a strategy must permite organization throughout its business activities. According to Mich Aluko et al (1980) quality control is a business philosophy that embodies that conception  that the management process must focus on integrating the idea of customer driver quality and service delivery. Manager improves durability and enhances a product nature in age. Managers must also strive to speed and improve other services to keep their bands competitive. The philosophy underling the implementation of quality control strategy sees their customer and then their performance against customers expectation not through organization expectation. Effective quality control system ensures that product quality must go beyond acceptability for a given price range. For example quality control system goes beyond leaving customer satisfaction that nothing is wrong with product quality or service quality assuming requires more than just setting meeting customers minimum standard which creates customers and stimulates the demand of the company product or increase it, consequently training for better and well maintained machines and other inducement are being given to workers to enable them aim at greater heights in products or services quality improvement concern for high product or services quality is not restricted to the company alone. Consumer group and association have been vocal in demanding for better products quality Government has also joined the crusade. In Nigeria and many other countries, product or services standard organization have been established monitor the quality of goods and service that are being produced in these countries. Even now, achieving total quality control TQC is gaining ground in much organization. The concept stresses increased emphasis on quality in every expect of business operation necessary in enhancing the growth and survival of the organization. Every staff in organization should contribute reasonably to quality improvement and satisfaction of customer needs and wants quality control primarily brings organization that means a commitment to total assurance.


This is to investigate the importance which business organization attach to the problem of quality control in organization. How do organizations maintain the quality of their products and what are their perception about quality control on the basis of knowledge gained from the study. Some recommendations will be on how to improve quality control in manufacturing industries and how can quality control in the organization improve organization performance.



Here, the general objective is to know the impact of quality control on manufacturing industries in Enugu state and the regard, some of the purpose include;

  1. It is very important to ensure that all requirement of the business and your client are meet so there are not any problem in the transaction.
  2. Every business will need quality control whether it is a food production company.
  3. To examine the perception of business organization about quality control.


This is will show quality control help Johel Nigeria Limited to know what is needed to implement a sound quality scheme. A scheme may sound theoretically perfect but practically defective. It will also assist in bracing up for the economic revolution of 21st century. This study tends to depict how quality control improves organization performance profitability and increase in the marked shares, corporate good and consumer loyalty to it’s product hence, the study of the impaction of quality control in manufacturing industries and its attention benefits is the focus of this study.


This study sought answers to the following research question.

  1. Effective of good quality in manufacturing industry.
  2. What are the impavts of roles of management in qulity control.
  • What are the techniques and method adopted by management enhancing good quality control.


Juhel Nigeria Limited has branches all over the country. The ten branches are Enugu, Abuja, Kaduna, Imo, Onitsha, Bayelsa, Delta, Maiduguri, Ibadan, Lagos. The company has limited the data collection to one of the Juhel branch which is located at Emene industries layout Enugu. This company is 100% indigenous company in co-operated in 1987 with Rc no 10w0648 as a whole sale pharmaceutical company.


Quality: This is defined as the combination of characteristics (variables and attributes) with the ability to satisfy stated and implied need of a customer the standard of something as measures against other thing of similar kinds of excellence of something.

Management: This is the process of getting things done through the instrumentality o other people. This is also concerned with task of determining the objective of an organization and other resources of the organization towards the advancement of the objective the control and making decision in a business or a business or similar organization.

Products: This is an article or substance that is manufactured or refined for sale.

Quality assurance: This is systematic monitoring and evaluating of the various aspects and also a process of determining whether products meets customer.

Expectation: It encompasses all planned and systematic action and programs that are deisgned to provide. It concerns all the planned and systematic action and programs that are designed to provide. It concern all the systematic activities implemented with the quality system and demonstrated as needed to provide adequate confidence that entity will fulfill their required quality.

Quality management: This can be considered to have four main components, quality planning, quality control, quality assurance and quality improvement. Quality management therefore uses quality assurance and control of process as well a product to achieve more consistent quality.


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