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This research investigated the impact of training and
development on organizational performance mainly in the
service industry. The investigation focused on the impact of
training and development on employee performance, job
satisfaction and employee motivation. The study employed
library and internet research, especially in literature review.
The descriptive method of were collected using
questionnaires and interview method four hypotheses were
tested using chi-square (x2) statistical method of analysis.
The results from the findings show that training and
development improve employee performance, job
satisfaction, employee motivation, and organizational
performance. Base on the findings, the conclusion is that
training and development received by the staff of First Bank
Nigeria Plc and Zodiac Hotels Ltd have improved employee
performance, job satisfaction, employee motivation and
organizational performance. The recommendation of the
study is that training and development should continue
since there is significant relationship between training and
development and employee performance, job satisfaction,
employee motivation, and organizational performance.
Title page ii
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Dedication iv
Acknowledgement v
Abstract vi
Table of content v
1.1 Background of the study 1
1.2 Statement of the problem 4
1.3 Objective of the study 5
1.4 Hypotheses 5
1.5 Significance of the study 6
1.6 Motivation of the study 7
1.7 Scope and Limitation of the study 8
1.8 Format for the study 8
1.9 Definition of terms 9
Literature Review
2.1 The definition of training and development 11
2.2 Evaluation of staff training and development 13
2.3 Assessment of staff training and development Need 19
2.4 The purpose of staff training and development 24
2.5 The advantage of training and development 26
2.6 Problems of training and development 28
2.7 Staff training and development method 29
2.8 Principles of training and development 34
2.9 Training and development and
employee performance 36
2.10 Brief History of the selected organizations 39
3.0 Research Methodology 47
3.1 Area of the study 47
3.2 Population of the study 48
3.3 samples size of the study 48
3.4 Source of data collection 50
3.5 Method of data collection 50
3.6 Method of data presentation and analysis 51
3.7 Method of hypothesis testing 51
Data Presentation, Analysis and Discussion of the
4.0 Data presentation and analysis 52
4.1 Testing of hypothesis 61
4.2 Discussion of the results from analyses 67
Summary of Findings, Recommendations and
5.1 Summary of finding 71
5.2 Recommendation 73
5.3 Conclusion 74
Studies have shown that the success of most organization
does not depend entirely on how well such organizations are
financed but also on how well the individuals working in the
organization are experienced. The experience acquired by
these individuals does not simply come out of the blues, but
as a result of the opportunities given to them to acquire
such experience through training and development. It has
been noted that in every organization whether in the public
or private sector, individuals who are found to be more
productive are those have a wealth of experience on their
jobs which they have acquired through training and
development. This is why in the contemporary times; many
employees in Nigerian organizations who were initially
averse to the concept of training and development embrace
the idea, as they had realized the importance of training and
developing their employees.
The above explained why Ubeku (1984) maintains that
the process of training and development is continues one.
Money spent on training and development is money well
invested. He noted that in organizations, employees who
have not received adequate training before being assigned
responsibility lack the necessary confidence with which to
carry out the responsibilities of the job. This is so because it
is only then that the employee believes he knows what is
expected of him regarding the job, and because he can do it,
his enthusiasm for the job increases. Consequently, as
noted by Donnelly (1992) and employee in this position is
more likely to originate ideas as to how best to carry out the
task of job. And employees who are not trained tens to cling
to the methods they are frightened of doing the job in a
different ways, because something might go wrong and that
risk they cannot take.
The concept of training and development is not task of
educational institution alone. This explains why in
December 1976, (according to Ubeku 1984) the then federal
commissioner for labour in his address to the 4th Annual
General meeting of the Nigeria Employee consultative
Association stressed the role of employers in training their
employees to be able to carry out their responsibilities
effectively. He explained among other things that:
The development of staff cannot be
entirely the concern of our educational
institutions. It is also the responsibility of
other institution. Every enterprise,
whether public or private, necessarily
does considerable on the job training,
some of which organized and some
haphazard and accidental. You as
employees must realized. You as
employees must realize or recognize the
overriding importance of the development
of human resource , without which we
cannot overcome the continuing shortage
of trained people as we strive to throw off
the bonds of economic backwardness and
seek to achieve the social and economic
objectives of our development plans.
The anxiety of the government and other private
organizations over the scarcity of trained manpower in the
country has been translated into action in the form of
institutions with the Nigeria economy.
However, one may be tempted at this juncture to ask
what exactly is training and development? According to
Armstrong (2006), training is the modification of behaviour
through experience, and development is a change toward
the better. Based on this, it then shows that an organization
which has in its policy, the concept of training and
development has paved way for its success and survival,
and subsequently employment of optimal performance on
the part of the employees or workers.
Considering the benefits of staff training and
development, one can categorically state that, it is in
dispensable necessary for attainment of organizational
goals. It plays a large part in determining the effectiveness
and efficiency.
The inherent problems of inefficiency, poor job standard
and other symptoms of poor job performance as a result of
inadequate skills and low man power in the organizations
under study can be improved by investigating.
1) How training and development improve employee
2) How training and development improve job
3) How training and development improve organizational
4) How training and development improve employee
1. To find out how training and development improve
employee performance
2. To investigate how employee motivation through
training and development improve employee
3. To find out how training and development improve job
4. To find out how training and development improve
organizational performance.
There is no significant relationship between training and
development, and employee performance.
There is no significant relationship between training and
development and employees jobs satisfactions.
There is no significant relationship between training and
development and organizational performance.
There is no significant relationship between training and
development and employees’ motivation.
Training and development of employees constitutes the very
foundation upon which the success of a business firm
depends. This study is necessary to educate entrepreneurs,
managers on the need to formulate well articulated
employees training and development policies for the firm.
This study is designed to help the human resources
department understand the necessity for proper
implementation of the training policies of their
It is also to expose employees to the benefits they
stand to gain if they are properly trained and developed
their employees.
The study is also geared towards giving customers
excellent services when training and development of
employees are effective, customers will be satisfied and
continuous patronage will be achieved.
The study seeks to emphasize the need for which the
human resources department must seriously embark on
post training and development evaluation on a regular
The interest of the researcher is to have a deep
understanding of the study as a master in business
administration and to discuses in detail the training and
development programmes in the industry. Since most
twenty first century fast investment geared towards services
A study of training and development is limited to staff
training function of the personnel managers in the Hotel
Industry and Banking Industry using First Bank Nig Plc
and Zodiac Hotel Limited Enugu as the case study. The
project intends to use the staff training problems in the
study organizations to identify, analyze and present the
importance of staff training under the personnel
management in the service industry.
In the course of this research, the researcher
encountered some problems, which one of them was
inability to get the attention of the staff of the study
organization. The research also was constrained by
insufficient finance.
The format for the study is presented below:
Chapter one Introduction
Chapter two Review of related literature
Chapter three Research methodology
Chapter four Data presentation and analysis.
Chapter five Summary of findings, conclusion
and Recommendations.
Training According to Armstrong (2006), training
is the use of systematic and planned
instruction activities to promote
Development: Munford and Gold (2004) an attempt to
improve managerial effectiveness
through a learning process.
Performance: Stoner, Freeman and Gilberth (1999)
performance is the measure of how
effective and efficient an organization is
in achieving its objectives.
Efficiency: Stoner, Freeman and Gilberth (1995)
define efficiency as the ability to
minimize the use of resources in
achieving organizational objectives.
Effectiveness: Stoner, Freeman and Gilberth (1995) it
is ability to determine appropriate
objectives “doing the right thing”.
Technology: According to Onwuchekwa (1993)
technology is a set of actions by a
business organization to achieve its
stipulated goal.
Environment: Churchman (1968) defines environment
as something that lies outside the
organization or system that is outside
the systems control but determine in
part how the system performs.
Organization: According to Scott (1981) organization is
a system of coordinated activities of
groups of people working co-operatively
towards a common goal under authority
and leadership.
Productivity: Robbins (1998) defines productivity as a
measurement of performance in term of
its effectiveness and efficiency.


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