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Small and medium scale industry in Niger state is strategically designed to improve the economy and social life of those who live in Niger state. The population of Nigeria which as proportion 3.3%  yearly, might exceed well over 163 million and 70% of the total population are said to be poor or living below poverty line and the people reside in the rural area of Niger state.

Therefore, in highs of increasing concern for moving the living condition and development of Niger state, the agricultural sector alone cannot achieve these, therefore other sector must be included on a truly integrated approach. Small and medium scale business are owned publicly and others are privately owned. These business are also grouped as micro small and medium scale enterprises in Nigeria. However, irrespective of their groupings they are regarded as a social unit and engage in social activities which are within the legal frame work that the society has established for all form of business.

The  type of business activities that tale place within a particular society is determined by the attitude of the social settings, religions, culture and global society interaction of people of the society, owner of small and medium scale industries in Niger state should be able to conduct his business activities in the manner acceptable by the society. The study of small and medium scale industry in Niger state will help the people to be sell reliance, they will be independent not depending on the government to provide some free amenities like provision for the  widows, it will also create employment opportunities because of the people of Niger state are willing to work. Small and medium scale business can be as a means to generate income, it will also aid the people of Niger state in reduction of crimes, when people are not idle, the thought of crime cannot be reasoned or be their number one priority.

The motive behind this work, small and medium scale industry and its development in Niger state Maizube farm Minna is to enlighten the people of Niger state to encourage them that small and medium scale industry can improve the living condition of any citizen residing in Niger state and make them understand that they can be useful to themselves without been dependent in the government..





The major problem affecting small and medium scale industries in the boosting of any business has to do with lack of inadequate capital which will help in boosting every business performance in any small and medium scale industries.

Secondly, lack of management roles which can help to promote any small scale industry

Bad debt, which will also be a hindrance in the promotion and boosting the performance of any small and medium scale industry


The aim of this study are to find the way it applies to small and medium scale industry

  1. To identify the importance of promoting small and medium scale industries and it’s development in Niger state
  2. It help in the reduction of poverty in the economy
  3. It create employment opportunities through small and medium industries
  4. To identify how problems would be solved to bring about rapid end economy in Niger state
  5. To also highlight the major achievement made so far through small and medium scale industry


For the purpose of this study, the following research questions are made:

  1. How can small and medium scale industries help in boosting industrial performance?
  2. How can it be of help in reduction of poverty?
  3. How can it be of help to bring about rapid economy and social development?
  4. How can it help in boosting business performance?


The need for this research work arise from the researcher’s enthusiasm in finding a way of promoting the performance of small and medium scale with the following significance:

  1. This research work will be of great use to the general public most especially to other final year students who may be interested in carrying out any further research on this topic.
  2. The research work will help the researcher as achieving it set objective.
  3. This write-up will serve as reference material in the library
  4. The research work will be of great help to the general public who will want to use it for reference purpose
  5. It will serve as a highlight for any deficiency or loopholes in small and medium scale industries.


In the course of carrying out this research work some of the restriction faced by the researcher is:

  1. Financial constraints: the cost of transportation from school to the place of investigation was enemies
  2. Time constraints: the time for this research work was short and will need enough time to cover all research for this project topic.
  3. Lack of director responses to questions dues to the fear that the researcher may make the information a public awareness or publicly spread the information.




The study set out to evaluate the benefit and importance of small and medium scale industry and to know the right procedure to set up small and medium scale industry especially in Niger state.


  1. SMALL SCALE: this is the act of not doing business as a very large scale e.g. small farm
  2. INDUSTRY: it constitute or include of all the people and activities involved in the producing of a particular thing or providing a particular service. Egg, the steel industry. T Oshugbemi (1985) defines industry as that which involves in manufacturing, processing, constructing and servicing activities with capital investment of not less than #50,000 (fifty thousand) and employment of not less than 10 (ten) people
  3. SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP: It is a form of business ownership which is owned, managed and control by one person. It is also known as one man business.
  4. BUSINESS: It is any economic activity in which goods are produced and services are rendered.
  5. CRAFT: the skilled practice of a practical occupation.
  6. CONSTRUCTION: the trade which involves the building of structures or assembling materials.
  7. MANUFACTURING: the transformation of raw materials into finished products usually on a large scale.
  8. COTTAGE: a small scale business, usually that that employ one to nine workers.




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