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Human resource training and development take place after orientation, training is process of enhancing the skills, capabilities and knowledge of employees for doing a particular job training process moulds the thinking of employees and leads to quality performance of employees, training is one of the most importance ways to develop employees. training is an organizational activity intended to improve the performance of individuals and groups in an organizational settings, the goal of training is to create an impact that lasts beyond the end of the training it self.

Both private and public organizations in the world believe that human resource training and development is directly linked to organizational goal attainment most larger organization even set up training centre to groom their workforce, obviously the employee of some financial institution especially that of the first bank of Nigerian  plc in Enugu State have failed in executing their jobs effectively ,because their needs for training was not identified and provided for as an indispensable part of management functions. It is the responsibility of every organization to help an employee acquire basic skills, required for the efficient execution of the functions for which he was employed or hired for training according to Eni (2005) is a process by which employees systematically acquired basic skills, knowledge and attitude for effective performance of their duties human resource development is essentially a business led approach to develop people within a strategic framework.

The history of first bank of Nigerian plc dated back to 1894 when it was founded and incorporated as a limited liability company on 31 March, 1894, under the corporate name of the bank of Britain west Africa (BBWA) with a paid up capital 12,000 pounds sterling at that time, it operates in Lagos but has its head office in Liverpool. It also absorbed its predecessor, the African banking corporation which was established in 1892, the bank worked closely with the colonial government to the extent of performing the traditional functions of a central bank in the west African sub-region, the first bank of Nigerian plc had a network of 554 branches throughout the federation including one in the city of London, it had the largest branch network in the industry and is considered by a significant number of Nigerians as safest banks, it is been listed on the Nigerian stock exchange (NSE) since, march 1971.


It is pertinent to comprehend that employees are the most valuable assets of any establishment in any sector organizations and upon which the success or failure of any establishment especially that of first bank plc Enugu have neglected, the responsibility of human resource training and development programme that could be facilitate increase in employees efficiency and effectiveness of their banks in general.

The process of selecting staff for training does not follow the laid down procedures as specified in the policy inadequate financial resources have done well continued to effect the budgetary allocations for training program especially overseas training on modern banking services & like new technology, making it difficult for first bank of Nigeria plc to achieve its training targets, the majority    of first bank staff officials appear no aware of the training and development policy and therefore did not have adequate knowledge of the training and development policy of the banking sector, keeping customer standing unnecessary in conjunction with the increasing complaints on the ineffectiveness of bank service to their customer necessitated an extensive research on the evaluation of training resource development in financial establishment first bank plc Enugu



  1. To find out if the customer of first bank are been satisfied with the service rendered to them.
  2. To find out if training and development of human resource affects the effects the effectiveness of the first bank plc.
  3. To also find out if the training and development are been fully implemented.


Human resource development has become a very important issue nowadays and so far in banking sector to achieve their mandates, it is imperative that they adopt this management principle, the study will therefore be of first bank Nigerian  plc since it will bring to light the benefit to the human resource development, this study will be significant for providing an insight into how first banks can effectively streamline its training and human resource development to improve their banking services, to improve in the technical knowhow among the members of staff of first bank plc, to develop a standardized training and personnel development that would run intermittently in order to ensure continued enhancement of labour force.

The study may also help improve training and career development practices in first bank Nigerian plc by providing practical information about core training and human resource development, the findings of this study will contribute and complement the already existence knowledge and literature on the role of training and human resource development particularly in the banking sector in Nigerian, the study will also benefit academia because it would serve as a basis for further research into the subject matter especially in the training and human resource development.





Research questions give focus to a study therefore, in order to a direction to the study, the following research question were posed.

  1. What is training and development policy of first bank Nigerian plc?
  2. Are the first bank officials aware of the existence of such a policy?
  3. How is the training and development policy being implemented in the first bank Nigerian plc?
  4. What are the challenges first bank Nigerian plc faced in implementing its training and development policy?
  5. How can first bank improve its training and training and career development?

Based on the discussion, the following hypothesis can be proposed.

H1: There is a significant positive effect of human training practices on attitude toward career development programs.

H2: There is a significant positive effect of recruitment and selection practices attitude toward efficient management.


The study was delimited to appraising the impact of training and human resource development programmed in achieving organization objectives, especially that of first bank plc in Enugu State.

It focused on the type of training and human resource capacity building that would enhance employee efficiency, it will  served as a reference point to determine the rate at which human resource is developing in Nigerian banking sector.


The terms used in this study, have unique meaning that could be subject to different interpretations by different reader of the project report are define as follows:

MANAGEMENT: Management is the art and science of organizing and directing human effort applied o control the forces and utilize the materials of nature for benefit of man.

Management is a multipurpose organ that manages a business and manages managers and workers and work.

DEVELOPMENT: It is the application of research findings to a plan or design for the production of new or substantially improved materials devices, productions, processes system, or services.

RECRUITMENT: it refers to the process of attracting, screening and selecting a qualified person for job.

RESEARCH: it is diligent inquiry or examination to seek or revise facts principles, theories, and applications.

VARIABLE ASSET: it refer to equipment, inventory and accounts receivable refers to those current assets that reports the amount of money that customers owe the business for the services or goods that have been provided on credit terms.

ORGANIZATION: it is an entity such as an institution or an association,   which has a collective goal and is linked to an external environment.

WORKFORCE: it simply means all those who are available for work.

LABOURFORCE: it simply means the people who are willing and able to work


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