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The purpose of this research is to identify the role of agriculture in the economic development of Edo State: a case study of Oredo Local Government Area. Chapter one consists of the introduction aspect of the project. Chapter two comprises of the review of literature including the problem faced by the farmers of Oredo Local Government Area. Chapter three is the research methodology where data was obtained mainly from available published materials and this constitutes the secondary source data. The primary source includes the use of questionnaires administered to the farmers. Chapter four, the information collected were tabulated and analyzed. Finally some recommendations were made to the government for finding solutions to the problems facing agriculture in the economic development of Edo State. It is hoped that if the recommendation are properly implemented it will go along way in eliminating or reducing the problem facing agriculture in Edo State.  




  • Background of study
  • Statement of the study
  • Purpose of the study
  • Significance of the study
  • Scope of the study
  • Limitation of the study
  • Definition of terms


The meaning of agriculture

  • Types of agriculture
  • Economic importance of agriculture
  • Problems facing agriculture in Edo State
  • Solutions to the problem facing agriculture in Edo State



  • Design of the study
  • Population of the study
  • Sample of study
  • Description of instrument
  • Administration of instrument


  • Data analysis and result


Summary of findings

  • Conclusion
  • Recommendations







From the immemorial, Oredo Local Government Area is mainly an old economy. Large number of people engages themselves in agriculture for food and income in other to increase their standard of living. Agricultural sector is the earliest occupation of the economy in the history of mankind. Therefore following the trace of the history of agriculture it is obvious that agriculture started from when man stung from place to place gathering ruffle and animals to satisfy his immediate needs. As at that time man had three (3) basic necessities in life, these are matter, air and food has to be provided by man himself. Man at first feed himself on edible roots, small animals which he caught later on, due to the advent of urbanization, man gradually learnt a primitive way of planting, cultivating and harvesting crops and rearing of animal for food as well as for hunger, for clothing and shelter.

Agriculture later developed to such on extent that the role cannot be over stressed from the rural way of farming, it move a step further to involve the use of agricultural mechanism. But it is natural that the people of Oredo Local government Area of Edo State still use primitive and crude implements for farming because of the protection of lack of capital, low level of education, lack of infrastructure and so on. Agricultural development in Oredo Local Government Area gives provides food for the over growing labour force, raw materials also provide income for people, it could noted that 75% of the population are engaged in agriculture and derives its income directly or indirectly from farm. Agriculture later developed to growing of food crop and cash crops such as cocoa, rubber, oil palm and food crops such as yam, corn, cassava, etc. this different types of occupation exist in Oredo Local Government Area these include trading, teaching, sports builders, but agriculture suppress them all. Before the discovery of crude oil agriculture contributed the lions share to Nigeria foreign exchange in 1960 the highest foreign exchange earning came from agriculture sector.

During oil boom in 1974 the sector contribution depreciated to 27% and 18% respectively. Despite the billion of naira spent on operation feed the nation and the area revolution programme. Yet we still import food in spite of the amount invested on agriculture for the two periods. These happened due to the poor attitude towards farming.


So far, it is difficult to find a sector that is problem free. Hence, the agriculture sector cannot be expected from the economic role of Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State. Some of the problems include:

  1. Poor transportation, which affects the economic development in Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State.
  2. The use crude implement in Oredo Local Government Area.
  • To analyze the economic role of agriculture in the economy of Oredo Local Government Area.


It is obvious that the significance of the study is to identify the role of agriculture in the economic development of Oredo Local Government Area and to find possible ways in increasing output and infrastructure that will facilitate the economic development of Oredo Local Government Area through agriculture.


The study is only to some selected areas in Oredo Local Government Area, Edo State.

  1. Okhuesan
  2. Udukpa
  • Ikeken
  1. Ahia
  2. Eko

This is to examine the meaning, type of agriculture, problems and solution of agriculture in the economic development of Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State.


This research work is not fully carried out as a result of:

  1. Lack of finance
  2. Inaccessibility of some of the area to be covered
  3. Insufficient materials to consult
  4. Insufficient time.



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