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Umeployment has become endemic in Nigeria with almost 70% of the population fall under the unemployment line. Aba North in Abia state suffers its own share of the problem as available figures shows the incidence f unemployment in the state to be almost 50%. unemployment is causing very drastical effect in our country both the government and its citizens and an attempt to provide a lasting solution to this menace have failed. Cooperative becomes another alternative solution of necessity in order to make a concise generalization of coopertive solution in Aba North was used to conduct litereture reviews of their other writers. the use of questionnaires and interview were used to get data since the study is an attitudinal survey structure, personal observation where methods used to obtain data in order to determine and evaluate cooperative and its impact in reducing unemployment and to recommend ways of improving it activities in our economy. The researcher used grouping tabulation (pie chart and frequency, percentage and chi-square). Finally, the researcher observed that numerous probems hindered the operation and existence of cooperative though they have not made any reasonable contribution in elevating employment level. recommendations were also made so to improve their activities.




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1.0  Introduction=    =      =      =      =      =      =      =      1

  • Background of the study= = =      =      =      =      1
  • Statement of the problem = =      =      =      =      3
  • Objectives of the study= =      =      =      =      =      4
  • Research questions = =      =      =      =      =      5
  • Research hypothesis= =      =      =      =      =      5
  • Significance of the study= = =      =      =      =      6
  • Scope of the study= =      =      =      =      =      =
  • Limitation of the study= =      =      =      =      =      7


2.0 Review of related literature=       =      =      =      =      11

2.1 Meaning of cooperatives =   =      =      =      =      =

2.2 Unemployment defined=     =      =      =      =

2.3Key causes of unemployment       =      =      =      =

2.4  Effects of unemployment.= =        =    =      =      =

2.5 Policies to minimize unemployment in Nigeria=   =


3.0 Research Design and Methodology =   =      =      =      31

3.1 Research Design=       =      =      =      =      =      =      31

3.2 Area of the study=      =      =      =      =      =      =      31

3.3 Population of the study=     =      =      =      =      =      32

3.4 Sample size of the data=     =      =      =      =      =      33

3.5 Sources of data collection = =      =      =      =      =      34

3.6 Research instrument=        =      =      =      =      =      34

3.7 Validity and Reliability of the instrument    =      =      34

3.8 Method of data analysis=    =      =      =      =      =      35


4.0 Data presentation, analysis and interpretation= =      36

4.1 Introduction =    =      =      =      =      =      =      =

4.2 Socio-Economic characteristics of Respondents =

4.3 Data Analysis =  =      =      =      =      =      =      =

4.4 Test of Hypothesis=    =      =      =      =      =      =      48


5.0 Summary of findings, recommendation and conclusion

5.1 Findings=   =      =      =      =      =      =      =      =      52

5.2 Recommendations=    =      =      =      =      =      =      59

5.3 Conclusion=       =      =      =      =      =      =      =      60








This chapter is to introduce the folowing points background of the study statement of the problem, objectives of the study, research questions, hypothesis, significance of the study, scope of the study and the limitatio of the study.



Globally, unemployment is causing government bodies sleepless management. severall government bodies have set-up an institutions that can find solution to the unemployment menace. A time these bodies come-up with several community that government should control population of educational system and compulsary service for graduating youth etc as means of checking unemployment rate.

In Africa, particularly in igeria, unemployment menaced have caused the government to come up with several employment scheme like National Directorate of Employment (NDE) to provide jobs for its teaming population. However, the government even carried out self, reliance programmes so as to impact into its citizens the need to develop  their initiatives and employ themselves.

some state government were not left out in finding solutin for the teaming populace. several employment agencies were set up like volunatry service scheme (VSS) at Enugu state and school in land of River state. But, despite all the efforts made, thee is no significant result ever recorded. No amount of government policies, provisons of human and material, training of manpower even employment of the expatriates have been able to improve the rate of unemployment menace.

like a mustard seed an ideology which marched force with European industrial revolution of 18th century particularly in Britain not only survived but was also exported to other parts of the world including Aba North Local Government Area.

Nothwithstanding, this research activity is conducted as to know the level of impact of cpoperative societies in reducing unemployment menaces in Nigeria with a case study of seleted cooperative societies in Aba North Local Government Area.




Ever since the inception of this concept into the country (Niegria) there has been a remarkable reduction of unemployment rate within Aba North local Government Area. However, it is of great concern to see that there are lots of school learners, graduates, skill and unskilled labourers of different proffessional who are without job. But does it mean that this concept is no longer feasible? Besides the day of white-collar job are over, why can’t people of different professions, artisans horizontally or vertically integrate their resources in farming and organizing cooperative business enterprises. Also, Why is it becoming impossible for people of different background to run a business ventures successfully? infact, all these problems and lots more has kept the author sleepless night.




The main objective of this study is to evaluate the role of cooperative societies in reducing unemployment in Nigeria with particular reference to Aba North local Government Area of Abia state. The specific objectives of this research work include the following:

  • To determine the contribution of cooperative societies in alleviating unemployment rate in Aba North local Government Area.
  • To evaluate the rate of unemployment in Aba North local Government Are of Abia state.
  • To examine the relationship between cooperative societies and unemployment in Aba North local Government Area.
  • To examine the problems faced by cooperative societies in Aba North local Government Area.
  • To proffer possible solutions to the identified problems.



The researcher formulated the following research questions

  1. What is the contributions of cooperative societies in alleviating unemployment in Aba North local Government Area?
  2. What is the rate of unemployment in Aba North local Government Area?
  3. Is there any relationship between cooperative societies and unemployment in Aba North local Government Area?
  4. What are the problems facing cooperative societies in Aba North local Government Area of Abia state?



The following research hypothesis were formulated by the researcher:

Ho: Cooperatives societies do not contribute in alleviating unemployment in Aba North local Government Area.

Hi: Cooperatives societies contributes in alleviating unemployment in Aba North local Government Area.

Ho: The rate of unemployment in Aba North is high.

Hi: The rate of unemployment in Aba North is very low.

Ho: There is no relationship between cooperative societies and unemployment in Aba North.

Hi: There is relationship between cooperative societies and unemployment in Aba North.



At the end of the research work, many people will find it helpful in the execution and exisitence of the active life and such people likely to benefit from the study are:

  1. The inhabitants of Aba North
  2. The society in general
  3. The Cooperative organizatios
  4. The academicians and others.



This study covers the extent of cooperative practices in Abia state with reference to selected cooperative societies in Abia North such as thrift and loan cooperative societies, housing cooperative society, farming and marketing cooperative society.



The researcher encountered certain limitations in the course of this work. first, is the time bond given to the researcher which made her ran short of her expected desired area of coverage. secondaly, the researcher is combining the  research work with academic activities and other programmes



COOPERATIVE SOCIETY: A cooperative society is an association which has as its objectives the promotion of economic inerest of members or has provision of service of its members accordance with operative principles.

SURPLUS: This is different between income received accrued during the financial year and the total of expenditure made or accrued during the year.

ENTERPRISE: This is graded grouping of individual selling goods and services at a price ith approximately cover the cost.

EQUITY: This equality of being equal of fair in any and all relation adjustment of difference based on the principles.

SKILL LABOURE: An individual under going training for a particular occupation for some given period. An individual may be trained as a marketer, lawyer, surveyor etc. it involves oth mental and physical training.

SELF EMPLOYMENT: Means someone who works on his or her own account. the person mat be a proprietor of an unincorporated business either with or without employed.


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