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The role of effective communication in improving managerial performance. Management and communication are inseparable, it is the pivot in which activities of the various department relates to enhance industrial growth, productivity and harmony in Imo state Environmental Protection Agency (ISEPA). The research work comprised five chapters.

Chapter one is the introduction to the research work and it reveals the background of the study. The purpose of the study is to find out the role played by Imo state environmental protection agency and the role played by ISEPA community in achieving organizational goals.

Chapter two is the literature review and it reveals the effect of communication in improving managerial performance and the problems encountered in maintaining effective communication.

Chapter three is the research design and methodology and it reveals the population of the study, which comprises of Imo state environmental protection agency and ISEPA community in Owerri. a formula propounded by Yaro Yamen was used to determine the sample size and stratified random techniques was adopted.

Chapter four is the data presentation and analysis. the researcher present the data using simple percentage table.

Chapter five is the summary of findings, conclusion and recommendations.

Finally recommendations were made in order to improve management performance through effective communication.



Title page –      –      –      –      –      –      –      –      –      i

Approval page –    –       –       –         –        –       –        ii

Dedication –       –            –            –          –        –        iii

Acknowledgment    –         –            –         –         –       iv

Abstract –            –              –            –           –            v

Table of content –           –             –             –          –   vi


1.0    Introduction –      –      –      –      –      –      –      1

1.1    Background of the study       –      –      –      –      1

1.2    Statement of the problem –   –      –      –      –      5

1.3    Objective of the study   –      –      –      –      –      5

1.4    Research questions       –      –      –      –      –      6

1.5    Significance of the study       –      –      –      –      7

1.6    Scope /Delimitations of the study –      –      –      8

1.7     Limitations of the study       –      –      –      –      8

1.8    Definition of terms        –      –      –      –      –      9


2.0    Review literature   –      –      –      –      –      –      11

2.1    Meaning and nature of communication –      –      11

2.2    Types of communication in business organization-15

2.3    Communication barriers       –      –      –      –      20

2.4    Importance of communication –    –      –      –      23

2.5    When communication is said to be effective –      25


3.0    Research design and methodology       –      –      29

3.1     Introduction –       –      –      –      –      –      –      29

3.2    Research Design used – –      –      –      –      –      29

3.3    Sources of data     –      –      –      –      –      –      30

3.4    Method of data collection –    –      –      –      –      30

3.5    Population of study / Sample size Determination 31

3.6    Sampling procedure / Techniques –      –      –      33

3.7    Validity and reliability of measuring instruments 33

3.8    Method of Data / Statistical Analysis –  –      –      34


  • Data presentation, analysis and interpretation 35

4.1     Introduction- –      –      –      –      –      –      –      35

4.2    Data Presentation- –      –      –      –      –      –      36

4.3    Data analysis and Interpretation according to research                       question – –      –      –      –      –      –      –      –      –      37


5.0    Summary of findings conclusion, recommendations 54

5.1    Summary of findings –  –      –      –      –      –      –  54

5.2    Conclusion –  –      –      –      –      –      –      –      –  55

5.3    Recommendations –      –      –      –      –      –      –  55

5.4    Suggestion for further studies –    –      –      –      –  56

Bibliography – –      –      –      –      –      –      –      –  58

Appendix –    –      –      –      –      –      –      –      –  60

Questionnaire –     –      –      –      –      –      –      –  61












This section of the report deals with the historical background of the study, the historical background of Imo State environmental Agency, it also narrates the statement of problem, objective of the study, significance of the study, research questions and scope and limitation of the study.



Effective communication is and always has been an important feature in enhancing excellent managerial performance. Communication is the lifeblood of every phase of organization life. The basic theory of effective communication dictates that everyone is an organization should have all the information he needs to perform his job properly. Manager’s communication skill creates a climate for good human relations and provides effective motivations for employees.

What is communication? according to O’Shaughnessy (1976:209) sees communication as the means by which information is passed from one persons to the decisions makers and resulting decisions passed to these involved in executing them without superior or subordinates communication, there could be no organization since it would be impossible to get people to do in a coordinating way: people would be linked together or abstract chain of command but acting without chain of understanding.

Management in some organization seems incapable of communication effectiveness and successful with the work done.

Subordinates do not comprehend what they are told by superiors and the administrator does not hear clearly through what the subordinates are trying, to tell him, when such situation arises productivity will fall drastically. Therefore managers should be greatly concerned with information system and how they are working.

According to Onuta (1991:89) daily contract between subordinates and superior is the most important and suddenly used method of communication. The need together free flow of message through open channels of communication on which in a firm is essential for the smooth running of the organizational machinery. The success of any organization depends on the caliber of its administrative managers. Where a managers communication is poor, coordination is poor since coordination implies that people are manager has to interpret information generated by his subordinates and pass such information either upwards or horizontal to his superior and peer respectively.

In this way, they improve managerial performance. Hence, the information must be understandable between the sender / code and the receiver / decoder and must be acted upon before we say that communication process has been completed.

It is for the fore-going reason that research work center ground the role of effective communication in improving managerial performance a study of Imo State Environmental Protection Agency (ISEPA) Owerri. Using this organization the researcher tends to find out the extent in which communication effective and know communication when effective, can improve the performance of managers.

ISEPA was established in June 1992; it was formally situated at Okigwe road secretariat but presently and permanently situated at Isiukwuato street Prefab, Aladinma, and Owerri. This involves the regulating like oil. Companies, industrial inspection, environmental population, pollution control, laboratory analysis water quality monitoring air quality and also monitoring soil quality, training of personnel’s industrial attachment students, project and research assistance up to PHD level. The origination has seven departments planning and enforcement, pollution, control laboratory services, personnel management, public relation office and finance and supply – it has about fifty modes including both administration and technical staff over leaf is an organigram of the organization. In order to have a successful business with administrative and technical staff, effective communication becomes imperative.



one of the organization major function is to control  and monitor environment pollution of the public relation and social responsibilities for the first six or seven years of the organization operations, also to achieved a greater deal so as to enhance its    objectives in later years, things changed and productivity attracted the interest of properly established communication system in the organization unity of command which is necessary for the affirmations of the objectives of the organization is lacking and there is poor flood of information from top to the bottom.



The broad objectives of this study are to determine the role of effective’s communication in improving managerial performance as well as creating possible ways of maintaining effective communication in an organization.

The objectives are therefore being stated below.

  1. To identify communication problems faced by the managers in the organization.
  2. To suggest means by which method of communication can be improved.
  3. To know how effective communication to improving managerial performance.
  4. To ascertain when managerial performance is poor and weather effective communication is.



  1. What is the role of effective communication in an organization?
  2. Is there any lack of effective communication between the managers and subordinates on managerial performance?
  3. What are the problems of effective communication in an organization?
  4. Does effect ineffective communication leads to organizational problems.



Every organization believes in the value of good staff on it few and up getting it right.

Therefore it is pertinent to give considerable attention to these problems.

  1. Be of great use to anybody who intends to work in an organization not to ignore effective communication to excellent managerial performance.
  2. Expose managerial on the need for effective communication.
  3. Improve communication system in an organization
  4. Serve as an instrument of social interacting through which relationship are established extended and sustained between managers and workers and finally between managerial and the public.



This study “The role of effective communication in improving managerial performance” is centered only in Imo state environmental protection agency Owerri, the researcher has no intention to study the role of effective communication in other business organizations because every necessary information and facts will be provided by the organization.



Despite the limited scope of this research it was affected with certain constraints which are as follows:

  1. TIME: In research of this type, a lot of time is needed by given the short time allowed for this study; it was not possible to do all that was required and necessary.
  2. RESOURCES: For the reason that I have no source of my own income where to obtain funds, collect enough data the work, reduction was made in the quality of my work but the research work will be at normal quality, which means that the research work will make sense.
  3. LOCATION: The researcher will be based on the information collected from the staff of Nigerian Environmental Protection Agency and the residence of Isepa communication. These were a very big problem due to some certain factors, like moving from the company to the communication.



COMMUNICATION: Sending, giving or exchange of information and ideas

ORGANIZATION: An association or society people working together to achieve an aim / goals.

GRAPEVIEW: An unofficial network of communication by which gossip and information and speed.

CHANNEL: The course of agency through which communication passes.

SYSTEM: Orderly inter-connected a method of organization.

DESTINATION: The phase to which a person or thing is going process: Series of acts or changes proceeding from one to the next.

GESTURE: A movement of the body or how to express an emption or intention.

SOCIAL DISTANCE: The distance between people who have different social back grounds such as education, wealth and religious persuasion.


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