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The role of a manage in a small business organization is so vital that for any small business organization  to stand firmly, the three major role of a manager such as inter-personal, information and co-ordinating roles must be integrated to ensure the betterment of the organization.

It acts as a habitant for the wheels of a small business economic development and nation.

Moreover, effective role of manager has contributed to the increase in the organization productivity’s and their income, which will ensure the continuity of the organization

Besides, some manages have also contributed to the detriment of the organization by some dubious characters exhibited by them. For instance wrong uses of funds, pilferage, frauds and failure to carry out employees training scheme that will activate their working abilities.

Infant, the government should recognize the importance of small business organization sector because when they are firmly established the nation is built up, so it is advisable for the government to help in strategies in which this ugly situation of things are solved immediately.




1.1     Background of the study

1.2     Statement of the problem

1.3     Problems that the study will concern with

1.4     The importance of studying the area


Literature review

2.1     Definition of terms

2.2     The role of a manager in a small business organization,

2.3     Manager’s  role summarized diagrammatically


The origin of the hotel enterprise

3.1     The grade of standard hotels.

3.2     Different methods of studying problem.



Presentation, Analysis and Interpretation of Data.


Findings, Recommendations and Conclusion Findings.





This study is set to investigate the role of small business organization with a case study of Top Rank Hotel Independence Layout, Enugu by investigate, this industry was commissioned on 1st December 2004, and it has seven department. They are food and beverage department, front office department, accounts department house keeping department, security department, marketing department and personnel department the engage in services serving  guest, attending  to guest or customers, keeping records, cleaning environments and rooms, securing the guests life and environments telling people about the industry, recruitment of workers.

Based on the study, a manager is a person who holds a management position and who performs the process of management, or one who occupies management position and performs organization timal functions of management.

More so, the manager by the classification of management occupies administrative position (Top level) managing director or general, then operative the workers) these groups are all involved in the accomplishment of the organization:- eg. Meeting a target, assembling finance  data and Etc.

The service, supervisors, marketing manager and finance officer, when an operative or O.R (owner’s representative) perform the work of administrative and management the activities are known as operative management. In other words management as job or activity undertake decision – making, the process of decision making is one of deciding, the course of action and that of solving business problems. There are two types of personnel decision which a businessman makes as he seeks to maximize his own income value or pleasure.

And managerial decision affects not only the welfare of the other but other benefits accruing to the other persons connected with the organization.

Secondly, job co-ordination has to do with a manager’s responsibility for planning and maintaining a harmonies relationship between personnel and physical factors in an organization.

The purpose of co-ordination  is to link the company together as a unified whole, the planning, organizing and controlling reveal or explain the exact nature of the work of a manager, the activities of planning, organizing and controlling are called functions of management.

The interrelation between the flour functions e.g planning, organizing, motivating and controlling, the managers use these activities solely for the purpose of reaching organizational goal or objectives. For explanation, organizing is based on well thought out plans developed during the planning process while motivating system must be tailored to reflect both these plans and the organization design used  to implement the plan.

So, the role of a manager in a small business organization is a pattern actions expected of the manager in activities involvement as a social system geared towards goal achievement of the organization goal at a lower price. Profit cannot be the goal instead must profit must be by product, or services.

So, the manager’s role is the corner stone of the organization because with his absolute  co-ordination of the enterprise, there   will be no work done.

Most importantly, the manager imposes some trends or problems in his job  such as managerial  capabilities in handling records kept by the  management then wrong  uses if funds, etc. the possible solutions such as training of employees and managers    are  for the improvement of the small business organization.


The role a manager in the current or the present day societies in the managerial systement is geared towards effective and efficient achievement of their basic goal of profit maximization.

Some of the hotels or hospitality industry are not up to the standard but, do to poor management, they will set price at a higher rate, people will be  afraid of lodging in, do to the rate and poor service rendering in some of the hospitality industries. It is no longer regarded as hospitality industry rather as a place you can go and spend your money.

Again another factor that is effecting system are inefficient managerial ability, ability of good communication and inadequate staff training, these are inadequate staff training of the manager.


The scope is focused on the hotels where Top Rank Hotel Independence Layout Enugu, is used as a case study. It is located in Enugu, so that Enugu, will have good hosipitality industry and a standard with Abuja’s industries. Because of the problems encountered in Hotel, it has with-draw people from resting in a hotels,

From the research made, I have find out that, it is the same group of people that is managing hotels, that is in Enugu.

These are the problems they encountered

Inadequate staff training, very high price poor recording keeping, inefficient managerial ability and lack of good communication,  all these has militated against the good and efficient role of the manager , and how to solve this problem, is by training their staff to become perfect, keeping good record, efficient managerial ability of good communication within the staff and their subordinates.

Again, the sufficiency of interaction peculiar to the role of managers, is not available too, instead the researchers used available books by different authors for reviewing the role of managers.

The research work has to cover only  hotels in Enugu, because of these trends mentioned above.


Over the years, the role of a manager has been the order of the day in any small business organization. It has reached a crisis situation, where some business organizations have suffered bankruptcy  as a result of inefficiency in managerial execution of workers duties, so this study is specially designed for those distressed small business organizations in the state and other localities, so as to comprehend the reasons of the insolvency of their organizations.

Again, the work will also be a good benefit to those who want to establish any small business enterprise so as to know the right way to follow.

Finally, it is hoped that his research  would be of great benefit to managers who would want to explore more on the role of managers in a small business firm. Since those problems have been deducted through the use of the role of manager, those problems have been reduced to a bearable number.


RESEARCH:- This is an investigation undertaken in order to discover new facts.


It is a process of reviewing what other researcher or another has done previously and also finding out the untouched idea

EDUCATION:- This is the systematic training or instruction given either orally

or written, it is of two types formal and informal,

GOAL:- Point making the end of role, that is say objective or aim.

ROLE:- A person’s duty is undertaking, role reflects a person’s position in the  social system.


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