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The  performance  of  marketing  function  basically  marrying  consumers  needs  and  wants with  the  appropriate  products  and  services. It  is the  duty  of the  form  to  adopt  appropriate  marketing  strategy  to  attract  customers  to  it’s  products  and  since  it  is  generally believed that  marketing  strategy  affects  the consumer  buying  behaviour.  This  project  therefore  attempts to  examine how  the use  of marketing  strategies  have  generated  sales  for  Companies  following  it’s  impact  on consumer purchasing  behaviours  efforts are therefore  made  to  show  the  relationship  between  sales  turnover and   the  amount spent on  marketing  activities.  The  project  work is divided  into  five  chapters  conveying  the  introduction,  literature  review, and  research  methodology,  analysis  of result  findings  as  well as  recommendation and  conclusion, limitation  of  study  which  might help  to achiever greater  sales  using marketing  strategies.  In all  special attention  is  paid  to  both  the  company  sales  record and  the  consumer’s.  The research summarized product quality ranked first as a factor consumers most desired and expected from.  Promotion was not given much recognition while low price of a product does not mean poor product quality.  And recommended that companies should install modern testing, well equipped all the lasted apparatus to infuse confidence in the dearer and give maximum satisfaction to the consumers since the researcher report from the laboratory will indicate quality. Again consume consider quality as important, service second and price last in production and marketing decision it should be noted that higher prices in itself does not denote higher quality.


4.1  Open Ended Question                                37

4.2  Why do you prefer the Brand State (4) above

60 other?                                                   40

4.3  How would you Express Dissatisfaction with  is Product                                                   40

4.4  Which of the Influence most of Brand of

Companies Product you buy                          41

4.5  Which of these should you give more attention 42

4.6  What should be the factors in Selling Price?      43

4.7  What is the Basic Determination of your Purchase Decision?                                                  44

4.8  What is Possible Reason for not Buying at all  45

4.9  What are the Major Problems encountered in Implement the Marketing Strategies             46

4.10 Marital Status                                           47

4.11 Occupation                                               47


Title Page                                                              ii

Approval                                                                iii

Dedication                                                             iv

Acknowledgement                                                   v

Abstract                                                                vi

Table of Contents                                                   vii

List of Tables                                                        viii



  • Background of the study                                   1
  • Statement of the study 4
  • Objective of the Study                                      5
  • Research Questions                                         6
  • Significance of the Study                                  7
  • Scope of the  Study                                         9
  • Limitations of the study 9
  • Definitions of Terms      10



  • marketing objective,  marketing  strategies  and  marketing  programmes                        13
  • The Role of Marketing Strategy 16
  • Objectives of  companies                           21
  • Relationship between  marketing  strategies  and  consumers and  Purchasing  behaviour for Hardis  and Dromedas  Plc                                       22



  • sources of Data                                        29
  • Population of the  study                             31
  • Sample Size  Determination                       31
  • Validation of the  Instrument                      33
  • Reliability of the  Instrument                      34
  • Methods of  Data  Collection                       34




  • Presentation and  Analysis  Of Data             35




  • Summary of Findings 50
  • Recommendations 51
  • Conclusion 53














Of  all  business activities  of  functions  none  is as  interested  in  the consumer  and  his  purchasing  behavior as  marketing.  Marketing  is  invariably  connected  with  the  research  into  purchasing  behaviour  namely  what  the consumers  want, need  prefer  and  value, who are the prospective consumers and where they live, their  in come  and made  of  spending,  how  and  why  they  make  purchase  decision  and  so on. Infact the  influencing  of the  buyer  behaviour  is the primary  task  of the  marketing  department  in  any  organization.

Equally,  marketing  tries  to  define  the  right type  of  products in  terms  of the  company’s  objective  and  attempts  to make  it  available  at  the right   place and  the  right price,  with  right   promotions. This  the  performance  of  marketing  functions involves  basically  marrying  consumer  wants   and  with  the  appropriate products  and  services.  It  is  the  duty  of the  firm  to  adopt appropriate  marketing  strategy  to  attract  customers  to  its  products. This  is  important  because  in a free market  economy, the  ultimate  judge  of the  firm  performance  is the  consumer.

Consumer  purchasing  behaviour  will  determine  the  face  of the  enterprise  this  behaviour  can  best  be  described  by  a  marketing  manager  who  can  also  tell  how  he  will  by  influenced  by  market  variable  such  as price,  promotion.  Product (variation and distribution) and place.

Marketing  strategy  depicts the  overall company  program  for  selecting  a particular  market  segment  and  then  satisfying  it’s  consumers  through  careful  use  elements  of the  marketing  mix-product, price, distribution and promotion effective. Marketing requires  decision that

successfully integrate a form marketing place  program  towards  satisfying  the  consumer  whose   act  in  obtaining  and  using  goods  and  services,  including  his  decision process  that  precede  and determine  those  acts  are  highly  affected  by  the  strategy  adopted by the marketing  manager  in  marketing  the  firm’s  products.

Since  the performance  of  marketing  function  involves  basically  marrying  consumers  needs  and  wants  with  the appropriate  products  and service  and  since  it is  generally  believed   that  marketing  begins  and ends  with the  consumer,  this project  therefore  attempt  to  examine how the  use  of  marketing  strategies  have  generated  sale  for  Companies  following  it’s  impact on  consumer purchasing  behaviours.  Efforts are  therefore  to  show  the  relationship  between  sales  turnover and   Amount spent  on marketing  activities  and  it’s  resultant  impact  on  consumer  purchasing  behaviour shall  also  concentrate  on  establishing  how  consumer  purchasing  behaviour  is  influenced  by a forms  strategy  for accomplishing  marketing  objectives  and  plans.


This is considered as the first major step and    great importance in carrying out research. There the research attempts to define or describe the research problem.

The primary objective of most business enterprise is to make profit. This is because profit ensure, growth, survival and continuity in business. Many  companies  recognizes  this  fact  but   many  enterprise  still  fail  to  realize  that  the  achievement of this  goal  depends  on  their  ability to satisfy  the  needs  of marketing  strategies  besides  a primary  task  of marketing   is to  influence  the  buyers.

This study will therefore examine the following problem.

(a) The marketing   strategies used by companies.

(b)   The extent use strategies are used in this company in generating sales.

(c)  Essentially, the  impact of these  strategies  on the  consumers  will  be  assessed  by  finding  out  who  they  are propelled  into  buying   the  company’s  products.


These research work is design to express certain point concerning the role of marketing strategy in determining consumer purchasing behavior.

Below are the objectives sought by the research.

  1. To investigate and identify the marketing strategy used by companies.
  2. To identify the major problem associated with the implementation and use of the marketing strategy in the companies.
  3. To suggest possible solutions, which might help eliminate or reduce these problems.
  4. To bridge the gap between classroom theory and the realities of industrial practice, particularly in the area of marketing and consumer purchasing behavior.

This research work tends to provide answer to the following research questions:

  1. What are the strategies used by companies to influence consumers buying behavior?
  2. How does this companies identify the factors influencing consumer buying behaviour
  3. What are problems associated with the implementation and use of these strategies in this companies?

The  fact  that  implementation  of effective  marketing  strategies  create  satisfaction  for  both  the procedures  and  consumer,  it can  be stated  that  in Nigeria today there is the  need  to  improve on  market  orientation  among  organizations.

Companies  should  realized  the importance  of  strategies planning  in the provision  of goods and service  to ensure  guaranted profits.  Good  strategies  means  lower cost  and  so  lower  prices  and   consumer are  induced  to repeat  purchase.  This  way  the  producer  realize  their  aim  and objectives  and  consumer  gets  needed  and services  at  affordable  prices. It  is  therefore  toward  the state  of  affairs  that  this  research work  is  oriented.

The  research  work  is also  undertaken in the hope  that it’s  finding  will  enable  marketing  people  to  understanding  adopt  and  apply  knowledge  of  consumer  purchasing  behaviour  in  tackling  their  marketing  problems.

Again it  is  hoped that  the study  and  the recommendation  that  will  be  made, will  be  of  benefit  to the  Companies   marketing  department  in  particular  and  the entire  industry  as  a  whole  it  will  contribute  to  determining  the strategies  requirements  for  effective  marketing  and  would  enable  firms serve  their  customers  more  effectively  and efficiently.  If  the research  achieves, Thus it  will be  a  worth  while  contribution  to the  integration  of  functional  specialize (marketing) that  is essential  in the  business  world  today.



The concept of consumer purchasing behaviour shall be analyzed based on the data collected from consumers.

This study will be limited to the influence of marketing strategies, implementation to purchase behavior customers and consumer of organization products.


       Certain factor  constituted to the  limitations  to  the  study  paramount  among  them  are  time  and  financial  constraints.  Due to the  short  academic  session the research  didn’t  have  enough  time  to cover all  possible  and  existing  literature:  pertaining  to the  research  and the economy  of the  nation  did not  help  matters, since  the  researcher  didn’t  have  enough money  to cover  the  research. Another  limitation  to the  study  was  the reluctance  of the company  to give  certain  information  because  they  believe  it  will  expose  them  to  their  competitors,  in  addition some  of the  respondents  were  un co-operative  and  unwilling  to take  the  questionnaire or  accept  interview  appointments   from  the  researcher.  These  was  also  the problem  of  some  respondents  not  returning  their  questionnaires,  having  lost  them  or  misplace  them.


There are probably as many definitions of marketing terms.  It I survey difficult in real life to come up with a comprehensive definition of any term particular in the social sciences that can withstand a total universal acceptance , it is therefore planisble to establish operation  of functional definition for the key can concepts or terms used in this study.

  • Marketing Definition: Is the all-important set of creative human activities aimed at identifying: anticipating and satisfying human needs and wants through exchange as efficiently and as effectively as possible.  According to Adirika (1990:3).
  • Strategy: This term borrowed from the military refers to the systematic approach commanding officers charged with a military action wishers to employ in discharging his responsibility.
  • According to Adirika et al (2006;259) He point out that strategy is grand design for getting where by our objectives. We have stated we want to go.
  • Marketing Strategy:  According to comfit etal,  [2001]   Defined  marketing strategy as the general  terms  used  to  describe  the  overall  companies  programme  for  selecting  it’s consumers  through   careful  use  of  element  of   the  marketing  mix
  • Consumer Purchasing Behaviour: According to Schiffman and Kanut (2007:3).  They define consumer purchasing behavior as the behavior that consumer display is searching for purchasing using evaluating and disposing of product and services that they except will satisfy their needs.
  • Product: According  to  kotler  & Armstrong (2005:276) Define product as  anything  that  can  be offered to  someone  to  satisfy  a need or want.   Product for  the purpose  of this  study  refers to  any  thing  companies    has  to offer  for  want  or  need



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