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It is  obvious that Communication has gone  a long way in promoting unity and formation of relevant development.

This  project aims at revealing the roles of  mass media in community development. To express this pragruati  role, this  research  is divided into five  chapters.

Chapter one deals, with the  introduction  background of the study, statement of the research problem, objectives of the   study, research questions, research hypothesis, conceptual and operational definition, assumptions and limitation of the study.

Chapter two exposes the literature review, which express the theory of the research  work

Chapter three deals with the research methodology, research design, research sample, data collection, analysis  and  results.

Chapter four explains the data analysis and results of findings.

Chapter five, deals with summary and recommendations for  further  study.

This research findings points at the significance of mass media in community development, the measures  of  communication efficiency in communities and values of communication to enhance a developed society.













Title page                                                                          II

Approved page                                                                   III

Dedication                                                                         IV

Acknowledgment                                                                V

Abstract                                                                             VI



1.0   Introduction                                                               2

1.1    Background  of the Study

1.2    Statement of research problem                                     4

1.3    Objectives of the Study                                                5

1.4    Significance of the Study                                              6

1.5    Research questions                                                     7

1.6    Research Hypothesis                                                   7

1.7    Conceptual and Operational definition                            7

1.8    Assumptions                                                              9

1.9    Limitation of the Study                                                 9


  • Source of Literature                                                    10

2.2    Definition  of Mass media                                             11

2.3    The roles  of mass media in community development       12

2.4    The achievements of mass media towards restructuring the community                                                                      13



  • Research Methodology                                                16
  • Research Design 21



  • Data Analysis                                                            24
  • Results 35




  • Summary 40
  • References 43








This  study deals with the role of mass  media in community  development. Mass media  as an  act  of communication through  is as old as life  itself. Still remains one of the most important activities of man  since  the earliest days. Life  and living are  premised  on man’s  ability  to communicate.

Communication evolved as   a result  of the  persistent   natural   human love  to promote  unity  at times  and other  times conflicts.  Communication can be defined d as the process   or act of  transmitting information, ideas  and attitudes  from  a source  to a destination (Age  et al  1988). Mass  media of communication is one  of the levels of    dissemunationg information  to a large  audience  which  lack geographical   unity and whose  membership  can’t be  controlled. Mass media  enables  audience to receive and react  to messages  simultaneously (H. Blummer 1939).  The various mass media of  communication are fast becoming major instrument  for  promoting development  as  we will find out later.


Prior  to the institutionalization of mass  media  in it’s  present   form,  community  development  had  progressed  from  one generation  to another   generation.

In the  olden days, communities  or village  groups  undertook  different forms of project  such as village   hall,  villages square  with juju-shrines and various other  traditional project peculiar  to different   communities. Such development were usually  instantiated  by age  groups in agreement with  the  establishment  tradition  of the local area.

The scale  of such project  depends  on the  sizeable  community  and the country’s  quality  of leadership and  available  resources, external  influences  were limited  to those  of the immediate neighbors  of the  communities.   Generally, each   community  was  contended with its  own  achievement  and also unaware  of the activities  or  development  in distant. Inter village wars and   lack of means of transportation imposed  restriction  of interaction between  villages and towns.

In those  days,  Western  education  as we know was  virtually  absent  and development  project  were centered   around  the traditions  or culture  of the community, Hence, is the  area of  major development like roads,   hospitals,  maternities  and schools, the  need   were not  felt  and communities  were  generally  ignorant.  Narrow  winding  pathways were used  for inter village communication and trade.

In contents  to the above  situation, today, communities   are exposed  to various  influence both  within  and outside the confines  of the communicates. This influence had  resulted in quest for development strategies   in a comprehensive scale.

Expansion  of  government activities   stretching  into nooks  and  carmines  of the  state brought  about   greater interaction   between  communities  of different background coupled  with this, social, economic and political  changes have been brought  to the  door steps, economic    and  political  changes have been brought to the door  steps of various communities.

The planned  instititutionalisation of the mass media  has  been   felt by  various communities  and these  seemed to have had  direct  bearing on  both the extent   and the  pattern of development projects such as schools,  hospitals, post   offices, even  telecommunication  network  and electrification of towns.

Modern  tarred  roads and  bridges  are undertaken  today   by communities in place of narrow  winding  tracks and logs of woods across streams which used  to serve as bridges and others  like mechanized  farms, secondary  schools and universities.


The purpose  of this study  therefore, is   to examine the roles played  by  mass media in  the area of community development  with respect  to:

Raising people  awareness of development   projects and opportunities. Helping to foster  attitude  and motivation  that contributes to development of the community as a whole.

Helping to foster attitude and motivation that contributes to development  of the community as  a whole.  Educating,  informing and mobilizing  people towards  the need  for community  development.


To make  development  information available, useful, proper  and relevant   to the communities it  serves. To bridge  the widening  information  gap between the urban  and the rural  contres.

To provide  easy access to developmental information diffusion at the grassroots. To assist masses  at the grass  root in identifying  and participating in societal  reciprocity of information and or news flow  from the urban  to the rural  setting.




The benefits  of the community  to this  study is to make  the communities know  at what  stage of development  they are  and what  specific   forms  their contribution  should take. The  study also ensures  that the  aspect  agents   should be involved  in the formulation of public  development programmes  affecting the communities. It helps   to solve the  problem of  disunity  in community  development.


Can the mass media  play  any significant   role in community development. If  so, what has been their contributes to community  development   over the year? What are the achievements of mass media towards  restricting the  community.


To find  answers  to these questions arising, a hypothesis  will be  formulated including the null hypothesis.

H1     The media  has  played  a major role in promoting community development.

H0       The media  has not played  any major  rile at all in promoting community development.

H2       The  media has made it possible for the people  in the community  to get information in order to understand the general  pattern  of daily interaction and specific  development and change.

H0       The media  has not made  it possible for the community  to understand the information give and the general pattern of daily interaction in specific   development and change.



The media creates  awareness, educate, persuades, inform  and   mobilizes  the mass. It serves as agent  of change which can  provoke and unprovoked  community development in their  social transformation and mobilization toward meaningful  changes.



This  is  broadly  defined  as the process  or act of making things  of common knowledge. The  encoder (sender of  message) a message, the decoder  (i.e. the  receiver of the message) the channel (i.e. radio, television, Newspapers, town criers etc) and of  course, the feedback (i.e. the reaction to the message  being sent to the masses).


In a method of education , mobilization and a collective weapon of fighting illiteracy, poverty,  ignorance  and the essential weapon to overthrow imperialism and to assist total liberation and community building and development.


Is  about promoting the  welfare  and  productivity of communities  about scope and quality of participation of the people in  that process  and about structure, organization, operations and interactions and facilities  which  make this people.


The  researchers  assumed that the  respondents  have been exposed to some development programmes. Also, respondents  must have known  the various  ways and  processes of communication which  are used in dissemination of information, mobilization and educating the community and society at large.


This study as pointed  out, had  some serious  limitations in terms  of  finance  time, material and logistics. By it’s nature  the study deals with a society which is constantly  experiencing rapid  changes  apart from these changes in physical structure, changes also occur in human and legal setting.


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