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Sales is one of the most crucial functions of an organization. It is the principal, and often the only revenue generating function in the organization. Sales have formed an important part of business throughout history and will continue to do so.

In addition, to helping an organization achieve its business goals, the selling function performs various other roles such as enhancing                                                                                                                                                      knowledge pertaining to the internal and external environments, developing positive relationships with customers, suppliers and distributors, and negotiating with customers to sell the company’s product profitably.


Emenite limited, a member of the Belgain Etex Group started operations in 1963 under the name Turners Asbestos Cement Company Nigeria limited. The company was incorporated in 1961 with registration number RC 2712 and the shareholding were as follows,

  • Turner and Newall limited – 80%
  • Government of Eastern Nigeria – 20%

As a result of Indigenization decree of 1973, the shareholders of the company changed as follows;

  • Turners and Newall Limited – 60%
  • Government of Eastern Nigerian – 40%

With the name of the company changing to Turners Building product (Emene) limited. Due to dwindling fortunes of the company in March 24,1988, Turners and Newall limited, divested its interest to the company and transferred 51% of its shareholding to Enterontremer societal Anonym of Belgium (now Etex Groups S.A) and the balance of 49% went to the then Anambra and Imo states; now Anambra, Enugu, Imo, Abia and Ebonyi State. As a result of the new shareholding arrangement, the company changed its name to Emenite Limited as is presently known.

Since its incorporation in 1961, the company has gained a wealth of experience through meeting the requirements of the construction industry in promoting the development of Nigeria through the manufacture of high and marketing its fiber cement roofing and ceiling products and the supply of high quality goods and services. The foundation stone of the company was laid on 3rd October 1961 by late Dr. the Hon M.I Okpara, the premier of the then Eastern Nigeria.

With the help and assistance of its European partners, the Belgan Etex Group, the company is well able to meet the requirements of the demanding market through a continuing programme of technical improvements, strict quality controls and emphasis on customer satisfaction.

Emenite Limited is renowned for high level of safety awareness and implementation amongst its staff, management and stakeholders. It may interest you to know that Emenite limited replaced asbestos with Poly Vinyl Alcohol (PVA) fiber in the year 2000 to make her products asbestos free.

It is the policy of Emenite limited to provide high quality products and services that will always meet or exceed our customers’ expectations at the most competitive terms both in local and international markets.

Emenite limited was certified to NIS ISO 9001:2000 (Qms) standard, and according to the source, they were the first to obtain such international standard East of the Niger. This means that their product could be sold in any market both locally and internationally. Their core values include customer satisfaction, Employee commitment and well being and also quality and Environmental friendliness. Their quality product since 1961 are Asbestos free, 100% fiber cement, 100% weather proof, Excellent design, maximum durability.


Firms in general have been suffering from many problems in n effort put together in order to effectively manage their sales task. As a result, some firms cannot make a reasonable turnover at the end of each financial season. Some of the notable problems include;

The time taken by the sales managers to design their selling task to each sales person is always long and will lead to so much delay in other hands losing their market to the competitors.

The problem involved in the training of the respective sales force for the organization to enable them achieve what is expected of them by the organization will be long in such that the company will take a longer delays in achieving their sales volume.

The manager may at the process of trying to satisfy the longer market by positioning their sales, loose to the challenger firms.

The decision of what product line a company wishes to sell will affect the early management of their sales task and invariably frustrates the efforts of the people to the marketing field.

Sales manager stands a risk of not covering the areas expected of them due to the problem associated of them due to the problem associated with product which may need a proper definition of the consumers concerned.

The organization stands a chance of not having so much needed financial capacity to effectively positive their selling task which will result to a low profit margin to the organizations.

The sales manager stands a chance of losing to their competitors because of little understanding of the environment which he has to satisfy or manage.



The primary purpose of this study is to seek the extent through which sales management can achieve a reasonable profit objectives of firms in Nigeria especially Emenite Nigeria Limited. Another objective of this study is to determine the effectiveness of sales management in profit objectives of the firm.

This study is also interested in identifying and evaluating the effort towards improving the sales effort of the firm and how the firm would become a profit oriented one. Also among these objectives of the study is to investigate the sales performance of the firm with a view of ascertaining its efficiency. The study is also set out to find out the marketing impact of sales force in the Emenite Roofing industry. Lastly to know how the sales men feel about the environment where they are working.


The research work is designed to assist and re-educate the Emenite Company on the basis of sales management, its effectiveness and the extent it will improve firms profit objectives. It will make them understand that sales management or management of sales forces is the starting point of firms profit objective.

It is also meant to educate other individuals involving in the same materials in the country and Enugu state in particular about the benefit of managing their sales forces, the extent it will boom their sales efficiency and the general states volume that can be derived.

It will also be a starting point to some students especially those in marketing department wishing to further this research study.

This study shall be of great importance in helping to solve the following problems.

The problems hindering effective performance of sales persons in Enugu Nigeria.

  • It helps the salespersons to carry out their functions effectively.




The following research question bought answers for obtaining information for describing observed events to this study:

  1. How does sales management bring profit to Emenite

Nigeria Limited?

  1. How can the effectiveness of sales management be improved?
  2. What are the problems effecting the performance of the sales management.
  3. What is the relationship that exists between your company and their customers?
  4. How can you rate the profit volume of your company now because of the adoption of sales management?



The scope of this covers only Enugu State Capital especially Emene in particular where we have Emenite Company which is the total environment where they operate in order to derive necessary information for the study.

Therefore this work is restricted to sales management in Emenite Nigeria Limited Emene, Enugu.



There are many variables that need definition under this heading. It will never amount to an exercise in question to use discernment to advance which word will never amount to an exercise in question to use discernment to advance word will occurs in the process of this research. However, the following words and phrases are most likely to be used in the research. If others apart from these occur they will be added duly.

  1. Organization: The process of identifying and grouping responsibility and authority, and establishing relationships for the purpose of enabling people to work most effectively together in accomplishing objectives.
  2. Management: A group of people responsible for the formation of organization.
  3. Respondents: Those interviews that were administered with the questionnaire and which results were actually reviewed.
  4. Controls: Measures adopted by the management of an organization to check the activity of the employees by placing restriction or giving authority to people in particular positions regarding the transaction of the organization.
  5. Data: The amount of information available from the research survey, from which interpretations are made and recommendations supported.
  6. Employees: A number of the organization who as a specialist work in conjunction with other staff for the achievement of the organization objective.
  7. Merchandising: The activity of selling goods, or of trying to sell them, by advertising or displaying them.
  8. Mantra: A word, phrase or sound that is repeated again and again, especially during prayer.
  9. Metropolis: A large important city (often the capital city of a country or region).
  10. Scenario: A description of how things might happen in the future.



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