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This research project titled:- THE ROLE OF SMALL SCALE INDUSTRIES IN RURAL DEVELOPMENT (A CASE STUDY OF ANAMBRA EAST LOCAL GOVERNMENT) is a case study type of research, and the instrument used in gathering date is the questionnaire method.

Every dick and harry harp on small-scale industries as the modus operandi too rural development hence the researcher became interested on the topic.  The objective is to find out the relevance of small-scale industries in rural development.

Two hundred (200) were randomly sampled and administered with questionnaire, out of the population of two hundred and thirty-five thousand, nine hundred and fifty-seven (235,957) ninety four and half percent (189) of the questionnaires were returned.  Data collected was presented and analysed using textual and tabular presentation and percentage.

Findings of the study include: creation of job opportunities, reduction in rural-urban drift provision of semi-processed raw materials, increase in the production of goods and services and broadening of government revenue base.

It is therefore, concluded that small-scale industries are very relevant in rural development and their establishment in the rural areas (taking into account the principles of localization of industries) has been recommended.  Finally, the researcher recommends to turillan study, the establishment, financing and management problems of small-scale industries.





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Table of content

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1.1     Background of the study

  • Statement of problem
  • Important of the study
  • Research question
  • Scope of the study
  • Limitation and delimitations
  • Definition of terms



2.1     Defining of small-scale industries by various bodies, institutions, countries etc.

  • Roles of government to small scale industries
  • Classification of small scale industries
  • Types of business and level of turn over



3.1     Research design and methodology

  • Population of the study
  • Sample size determination
  • Administration of data questionnaire
  • Return of questionnaire
  • Description of respondents
  • Analysis of data collected
  • Presentation of analysis
  • Interpretation of data



5.1     Summary of findings, conclusion and recommendation

5.2     Preliminary of findings

5.3     Conclusion

  • Recommendation
  • Suggestions for further study






Large-scale manufacturing has been the main thrust of Nigeria’s development programme over time.  However 16 is being widely acknowledged that rural development should be the centre piece for effective short and long run development of any nation such as Niger.  Both the federal and state governments on one hand and general public on the other hand attest to the fact through their efforts toward the development of the countryside of Nigeria.

In realization of this and in pursuance of its attainment the federal government created the directorate for Foods, Roads and Rural Infrastructure (FRRI) to work in partnership with the rural communities toward the provision of Amenities such as rural roads, water boreholes and production of more foods.  As well several states, which Anambra is one of thean, have adopted rural developmental programme which is charged with the responsibility of developing and coordinating rural development activities in the state.


From the on-going, therefore, it is clear that the governments and people of the country now attach much importance to rural development.  It is, therefore, the need to achieve integrated rural development vis-a vis national development that prompted this study with the objective of determining the role of the establishment of small scale industries in the rural areas can play in this regard.



Since independence, Nigeria has had your national developmen`t plans, but unfortunately we are still in search of a development strategy to launch us on the plan of developed nations.  Hitherto, the development plans have laid emphasis on large manufacturing concerns.

It therefore, becomes imperative that other strategies such as small-scale industries programmes be given a tairs trial in over search for a “messiah strategy”.  Thus the study aims at addressing the problems of searching to the best development plan by finding out and analyzing the benefits of small-scale industries with view of determining their relevance in rural development and ultimately natural development.

The study aims at doing this by identifying the specific contributions of the establishment of small scale industries can make especially in the rural development it will equally identify the categories of business that qualify as small-scale business and the types needed in the rural areas.



The importance of the study pervades all state of the society.  It will a clear picture of small scale industries as a sure route to effective and sustained industrialization as they are the progenitors of large-scale enterprise.  Thus, the government and individuals will appreciate the obvious need to encourage and set up small-scale industries in the rural areas and act in that as a result of their establishment may employ unemployed people.  Consequently more goods and services will be produced.  Besides, economic planners will find it useful and thus include small-scale industries in planning for the development and growth of the economy.

Moreover, students will find the study as a good reference material.  And, the rural populace will also benefit as quality of lives be outstandingly enhanced.



To accomplish the objectives of the study, the following research questions will be addressed.

  1. What is a small-scale industry and what types are needed in the rural areas.
  2. What are the specific contributions of small-scale industries can make in rural development.
  3. Should small-scale industries be the basis (take off point) to rural development.
  4. What is the overall impact small-scale industries can make in the rural areas.



This study has as its scope to investigate the contributions of small-scale industries in relation to effective rural development using Anambra East Local Government as a case study.



Due to financial and time constraints that posed a huge hindrance to the research, therefore, the study will be limited to Anambra East Local Government.  Thus, these limitations manifest themselves in the form of upward fluctuation of transportation fares cost of stationeries.  It is in view of the above limitations that the study has narrowed down to cover only the role of small-scale industries – can play in the rural development.  Consequently, such areas as problems of establishing small-scale industries and managemental aspect of it will not cover by this study.  These are the delimitations.



In a study of nature some terms/words are often used technically.  Such terms/words used are defined here under to bring out their meaning in the study.



Development Availability of amenities such as good roads, electricity, good drinks, water, existence of efficient – transport system and marketing facilities leading to overall well being of citizens.
Data Information procures from the questionnaire distributed to and filled out by the respondents.
Anambra East Local Government This is situated at Anambra State – Otuocha as Headquarters representative.





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