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This research study, selection and acquisition of library resources in post primary school in Yobe state “A case study of some selected post primary in Potiskum Local Government. Intends to give brief history various secondary school in Potiksum, statement of problem, objective of the study, research question, scope of the study, significance of the study. The study will also determine the literature of some researcher in relation to the selection and acquisition of library resources for schools in general terms and reference. The procedure for data collection will be administered with questionnaire by the questionnaire by the staff of the selected post primary schools during visitation which will serve as the survey method to be adopted. The importance of school libraries services and the processes in Nigeria and Yobe state will be discussed in terms of principles of selection policy. Purpose of selection policy standard of provision of information, level of funding in relation to library resources, finance, staff and structure. The study will give summary, recommendation and integration of school libraries in secondary schools qualify staff, provision of relevant and current materials as measures for improvement.










Chapter One

1.0     Introduction

          Selection and acquisition is refers to the process of deciding which materials should be added to a library collection. Selection decision are usually made on the basis of reviews and standard collection development tools by librarian designated as selectors in specific subject area based on their interest and field of specialization. In school libraries selection may done by teachers, at times students do consider to suit their information need or meet the curriculum at the schools. After selection the relevance one’s, the recommended titles are purchased especially in the libraries that provide suggestion box, the process of selecting ordering and receiving materials for library by purchased exchange, gift or solicited. According to library association and institution and International Federation of Library Association (IFLA) acquisition and collection development focuses on methodological and topical theme pertaining to acquisition of print and other analogue information resource, collection are developed by librarian and library staff by buying or otherwise acquiring material over a period, based on assessment of the information need of the library’s users.

Library Resources: Many valuable resources are found or available at the library, such as books e-book, CDs, DVD, magazines, games, computers internet access, microforms, maps and more. These days’ libraries are finding new and innovative ways to extend their collection to better serve their communities. The Pima (Ariz) country library carries many categories of books such as fiction and references, nonfiction. But some carry special collection of rare books manuscript and maps.

Post primary school: The post primary schools or secondary level of education caters for stdents aged from 18 to 18 years. Most children start in post primary school at the aged of 12 to 13 years age on 1 January in the year they start secondary level education in order to be registered in a post primary schools. In most rural and provincial areas there is generally one school that is attended by the students, especially in large population centres some parent and student have a choice of school.

Some selected post primary school in Potiskum Yobe State are as follow:

  • Fika Government Secondary School Potiskum
  • Government Science and Technical College Potiksum
  • Government Girl Science and Technical College Potiksum.

1.1.1  Fika Government Secondary School Potiskum

          The school was established in the year 1970 it was build as community secondary school that is Fika Community Secondary School in the year 1973 by then the North Eastern State government hence they renamed the school as Fika Government School Potiskum, they started with one principle his name is Abubakar Mohammed Deba one teacher name Baba Kura Ba’aba. By then they started with 20 copies books including mathematic English and cultural heritage books and they all managed and control by that teacher in 1970, later on the idea of building their collection came to their notice they put to the government to purchased some copies of books which they can suit the curriculum standards by so doing now the library is in three story building. Containing three hundred and sixty seven volumes of books including the mutilate books, dictionaries, maps and atlas globe, as well as novels the library is managed by six staff tow of them are para professional with a minimum of Diploma in Library science while two have NCE in Business and other two have only secondary school certificate. The books are supply by Yobe State Government directly in order to suit the standards of National Educational Development and Research Council (NEDRC). The school has two section, junior and senior. The junior one’s starting from JSS I to III and the senior is from SS I to SS II.

The school has about the population 3,079 students, it has 148 academic staff which non academic staff is 89, the principal is in person of Malam Madu JIbrin Daura and he is the seventeenth principal since the inception.

1.1.2  Government Science and Technical College Potiskum

The school was established in the year 1967 at Potiskum, as government senior science secondary school and later change to comprehensive and then to the current renamed Government Science and Technical College the library was build as one story building at temporary site, the library started with temporary site, the library stared with five volumes of books and about thirty copies of encyclopedia Brutanica. Now the library is in side a block building or three story building containing library resource ranging from book, maps globe, dictionaries, encyclopedia atlases the library is managed and control by five people the librarian has a Diploma in Library Science one is having Certificate in Library Science Assistance Library Officer (ALO) while others one has NCE in Business Studies, and other two have only secondary school certificate, personnel plus cleaner among those people one of them has a Diploma in Library and Information Science while the other one has certificate in library and information science and the others two has NCE the remaining has just SSCE certificate. The school has a total number of 3,082 students the library have about one hundred and ninety five books and many encyclopedia Brugtanica dictionaries and so on. They have (4) iron shelf and five wooden shelf 23 chairs 20 desks it has six ceiling fan, number of academic staff one hundred and sixty two, non-academic 82.

1.1.3  Government Girls Science and Technical College Potiksum

The school was established in 1979 as a Government Girl Secondary School Potiskum and later change to the current name Government Girl Science and Technical College Potiskum. The library started as a store house where books are kept according to their sizes colours, and they are not keeping record, that is why cannot give detailed those weeded one’s because there was a time five disaster fall in the school and burnt some part of the school including the library now the library was renovated and it is now working as a size of three story building including the wooden shelves 23 chairs benches 8 desk the school is offering both junior and senior section. The school has about 89 volumes of books including maps globe, atlases dictionaries. The school has a total number of 112 academic staff and 71 non-academic, number of student 2,986 student the curriculum remain the same as the one provided by the state that is National Educational Development and Research Council (NEDRC).

1.2     Statement of Problems

As education is the vehicle for all sort of development in any country, library is the stepping stone without which no meaning full progress could be achieved educationally.

This is in view of the fact that nowadays institution of learning be it a corner middle or tertiary level are very much rated in term of the library collection. So the library being a store of educational development one expect government at all level to in cooperate in to the national educational plans. But unfortunately it is not the case and the problems is even made more severe, intensify, as anything evil, disorderly or a trouble some with the government appreciation of the role of libraries of all categories in this nation have been relegated to the background.

This study is intended therefore to look at this selection and acquisition of school library resources in Yobe state with a particular reference to those selected post primary schools in Potiskum.

1.3     Objectives of the study

The objective of this study are to:

  • Examine the selection and acquisition policy in school library;
  • Assess the quantity and quality of library resources;
  • Compare the standard of the provision of information resources with the existent school standards of developing countries;
  • Assess the level of funding in relation to library collection;
  • Suggests possible ways and improved development of library collection.

1.4     Research Questions

  • What selection and acquisition policy entails?
  • What are the quantity and quality of library resources?
  • What are the standards of provision of information resources in school libraries?
  • What is the level of funding in relation to library collection?
  • What are the possible ways to improved library collection?

1.5     Scope of the Study

This study is limited to selection and acquisition of school library and financial aid to school libraries personnel, collection physical facilities and equipment etc. and it is limited o the three (3) selected post primary schools in Potiskum Yobe Sate.

1.6     Significance of the Study

This study will contribute to the nature and information literature of school libraries in Yobe State as well as source of information to researchers and students of librarian it is expected that all the school libraries in Yobe State will find this study useful in improving its library services in order to meet the objectives of the Universal Basic Education Programmed.

The research study would points out the importance of libraries especially the school libraries as the backbone of any successful educations system. It will further brings to light the place of school libraries in the attainment of education goals.

Along this line therefore, the study aims at drawing the attention of selecting and acquiring of library resources.

The beneficiaries of this study are the school management researchers ministry of education.

The change of society always influences the change of the education system, societies have metamorphosed from labour to information and presently to that of knowledge work. These changes are needed because of the ever growing pressure in the school system which should lead to the development of the nation. Information communication technologies have brought tremendous changes in all aspect of human endeaour and consequently all aspect of human life and education are not left out.

The American Library Association (ALA) promotes equal access to information for all persons and recognizes the ongoing need to increase awareness of and responsiveness to the diversity of the communities we serve.

1.7     Definition of Terms

Selection is an act of carefully choosing some thing as being the best ormost suitable pieces of information to users.

Selection means to choose the relevance of information resources available to user.


Acquisition: Is an act of purchasing something with money after it has been selected for use and it is suitable for users.

Library Resources: There are many valuable resources, library is an organized collection of information resources, in other way library is a place where entrusted with acquisition, selection, organization (cataloguing and classification) and dissemination of information resources in whatever form it might appear either in book or non book form.

Post primary School: Mean second level of education after finishing primary.

Some children attended secondary school at the age of 12 to 13 years, and the attendance is compulsory unlike lush or institution, where attendance is not necessary.




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Address of the Executive Secretary, Yobe State Science and Technical Schools Board Presented to the Chairman and Board Member at the Inaugural Meeting of the Board Members held at the Board headquarters, Damaturu on Wednesday 17th July, 2013.


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