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  • Introduction

1.1 Geographical Location of Igboho

This study is designed to examine the socio economic development in igbohobetween 1960-2000, before going into the discussion, it is important to give the geographical features of the town under discussion. Igboho also is a town situated in the northern part of Oyo state in western Nigeria Igboho is a larger town in a Oyo state, Nigeria. It is the headquarters of the Oorelope local Government Area the local government area located at the northern part of Oyo State, Oorelope local government is bounded in the north by Irepo local governments, in the east by Olorunsogo local government, in the west by saki East and Saki West local governments in the south by Oyo local government and in the North East by buruten local government of Kwara state. Generally speaking, Igboho is situated on a plain through there are some hillocks inn the northern and western parts of the town providing a water shed and reaching to a peack of 420 meters. These hillocks, in some places, appeal to have formed ridges and in the dry season present to viewers and lovers of nature very beautiful scenery. On the hillocks grow up a number of fruit- bearing trees with edible fruits, the commonest of which is a typical kind of fruit with a shinning hard shell and chocolate taste known as “ige” there are no main rivers at igboho, but the well-known easy flowing and lagos-lagon-bound river ogun which has its sources underneath a rock and meanders through a stretch of farmland a few kilometers to river and far away from the town. There are however streams and springs which serve as tributaries to river ogun most of them having river during the rainy season but drying up during the dry season. Among these are konsin, Ogunja, Ayinta, Sooro, Afeeku, Oya, and Akitipa.

A period of relatively average rainfall (between late april and October) follows a period of drought (often prolonged, very trying and serve) the nature vegetation of the area is guinea-savanna, apart from the immediate neighborhood of the built up area, which is open savanna, occasioned mainly by felling of trees by tobacco farmers. Economic trees like iroko, locust beans, shea butters are common to the east of the local government is old Oyo game Reserve, the conservation of which preserve the ecosystem in the natural form. The ancient town of igboho located in the North east of the present Oyo state became prominent in the history of the old Oyo Empire when it was made the temporary capital. The search for the new capital by then AlaafinOfinran was necessitated by the persistent incursion of the beginning of the 10th century. According to morton Williams cited in Ojebisi (2010) the old Oyo fell between 1516 and 1546 which gave rise to the search for a new capital. The choice of Igboho by AlaafinEgungunuju was perhaps influced by the natural landscape of the hilly terrain and its obscurity from the war zone. The process of unification of the town into a single political authority was also born during the period of the exile. However, the town enjoyed a terrain similar to what one could find in the ancient Hausa cities priors to the evacuation of Igboho, the old Oyo empire was constantly attacked particularly during the reign of Alaafinonigbogi who was forced by the circumstances to seek for an alternative place Alaafinofinran who succeded him continued for the search but was unable to get to Igboho before he died. It was AlaafinEgunguju who eventually found igboho as the temporary capital which was secured to serve as the refuge camp for the royals and their followers. Igboho became the final resting place for four Alaafin namely ofinran, Egunoju, Orompoto, and Ajiboye before the seat of government was moved back to the old capital by TellaAbipaObamoro.

1.2 Aims and Objective of the Study

The objective of this research work are; to discuss the socio-economic development in Igboho. To help in throwing light on the origin of Igboho.To discussion the development of indigenous industries.To assess the health care system in Igboho.

1.3 Limitations to the study

This research work is limited to new Igboho because of non- availability of incorporation altitude of people to give information and the financial problem limited the study to Igboholand.

1.4 Scope and methodology.

The information will be collected through textbooks, magazines, news paper, and interview oral.

1.5 Literature  Review

Economic practices play significant roles in the development of any particular set up. Activities act as in the catalysts that accelerate the pace of structural transformation and diversification of a community. Economic enables a country to utilize its resources for the wellbeing of the people. Factor endowment and to depend on foreign supply of finished goods or raw materials for its economic growth development and system ability. Socio-economic which is a deliberate and sustained application and combination of an appropriate technology infrastructure managerial expertise and other important resources has attracted considerate interest in development economics in recent time.

Okafor, 2005 exchanges rate in Nigeria witnessed a radical change from the long operated fixed system between the 1960 and the first half of 1960.

It shifted dramatically from the second half of 1966 to a flexible regime when the structural adjustment of programmes (SAP) began. Since the move to liberalized system, the economy witnessed series of exchanges that have substantially affected the trend and stability of the rate. In other words in Nigeria, it has always been realized that economic development require growth with structural change. In considering the Nigeria economic development experience therefore, it is instrumental to examine the growth and structural change in certain major aspects of the economy (Ajakaye 2002). Productivity is higher in the manufacturing sector than the agriculture sector. The transfers of resources from agriculture to manufacturing provide a structure changes bonus. We have examined sectoral productivity levels in 19 Latin American and Asia economics and found that between 1950 and 2005 value added in manufacturing was consistently much higher than in agriculture. A puzzling funding was that in services might have been even higher than that manufacturing exceeded those in services the structural exchange bonus argument focuses on the dynamics.

There is an empirical correlation between the degrees of industrial sector in commodity production against per capital income; there is a clear relationship between the two. Increases in change rate movement, particularly direct investment do not seem to provide the necessary stimuli for industrialization in the country. This suggests that economic openness and the interest rate must be combined with other vital factor to give the desire boost to industrial development especially industrial sector.

The evidence led to the suggestion that if Igboho industrial sector is to benefit maximally from globalization emphasis should first be placed on deregulation at the sub-sector level to form a formidable block for effective and efficient linkage with the economic growth and development. Secondly in order to reduce production cost, the energy sector should be privatized. In addition, to boost industrial activities in the country, an efficient transport infrastructure should be developed and local sourcing of raw materials actively encouraged the data set cover from (1960 -2009). The use of E view statistically package is employ for tests. The finding should suggest that there exitsa very strong relationship between industrial sector and economic development key, economic growth, output of manufacturing sector, government expenditure, manufacturing resources to more dynamic than other sector. A transfer of productive sector manufacturing resources to more dynamic sector contributes to growth here the evidence turned out to be solved what mixed (32 irmai 2008). Between 1960 and 1963, productivity grow in manufacturing was indeed much higher than agriculture. But after 1963, this was reserved as in the advanced economies; productivity growth in agriculture in developing country tends to be higher than in manufacturing. In terms of output growth agriculture to out perform agriculture in both in manufacturing enterprises were carried out to establish the consequence of trade liberalization for the industrial sector in Africa countries.contemporary economists are largerly characterized by inter boder trade. This is made possible by differences in the factor endowment of each economy as postulated by the popular theories analysis and absolute advantage the law of comparative implies that countries will produce more of those commodities whose opportunity cost of production are lowest in their domestic economy and the consequence of that goods will be cheaper when produced by a country that has comparative advantage in the production of such goods (taye Magnate and Francis Teal 2008). When socio-economic is compared to agriculture, the argument runs that the manufacturing sector offered special opportunities for capital accumulation. Capital accumulation can be more easily realized in spiritual concentrated manufacturing than in especially despotically dispensed agriculture. This is one of the reasons why the emergence of manufacturing has been so important in growth and development sect oral capital stock estimate for developing countries till scare, but what data there are indicate that after 1960 manufacturing sector is sick. The productive sector is in a crisis as its average contribution to the nation gross domestic product. Over the past view years has not gone beyond 5% many years of neglect and maladministration on the part of successive military and indiscriminate policy reversals have all conspired to render the manufacturing sector comatose. Government after government have failed to pursue policies that could be create a vibrant real sector with the result that the important of the manufacturing sector has steadily declined over the year and its contribution to national growth and development has been disappointingly low (Banjoko, 2000).

Quite cleaning, the movement of foreign exchange rate is substantially higher countries that have achieved a greater degree of industrialization have contrasted with those that are still predominantly agricultural.


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