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Urban development in Enugu metropolis is marked by two major urban landuse features. First, is the intensification of landuse with resultant modification of urban spatial structure within the already built-up areas of the metropolis. The second is the outward spread of the built -up areas of the metropolis into the inter lands. In Enugu metropolis, a large part of the land surface is covered by manmade structures which are often divided into two or more levels, so that there is in effect a series of superimposed landuse patterns, for example, along Ziks Avenue, retaining on the ground level administrative activities on this first floor, and residential uses on the second and higher floors. These kinds of development have given arise to complex landuse conflicts in the metropolis. These problems of urban landuses in the metropolis are largely attributed to rapid urbanization. For the purpose of appreciating landuse conflicts brought about by the rate of urbanization in Enugu metropolis, it is relevant to outline the main elements of this growth.

Enugu was the capital of the Eastern region during the colonial era during which there was a fairly developed settlement system within the metropolis. The nature of the metropolis were predominantly farmers and craftsmen. The growth of the metropolis was largely associated with its cutralized administrative powers. Although data on the proportion of Enugu that lived during the precolonial era is not available, there is no doubt that the degree of urban population was minimal.

Presently in Enugu metropolis various landuse activities abound; residential, industrial, transportation, commercial, institutional, educational and communication. Against this background, it can be stated that lack of adequate planning in the metropolis constitute one of the most relevant constraints to the emergence of a tolerable urban landuse pattern that is conducive to the maintenance of an acceptable urban environmental quality with the availability of basic infrastructural needs.


Enugu urban was the Eastern regional capital during the colonial during the colonial era and was the core of administrative activities during that period too. In Enugu metropolis, land intensification, over crowding, indiscriminate dumping of refuse, chaotic traffic conditions, epileptic power and water supply and incompatible landuses within the city are the major conflicts observed which prompted this study.

Another factor which contributed to the rapid urbanization of Enugu metropolis was the mining exploration of coal (natural resource) which was deposited within the Udi, escarpment. This mining activity commerce during the colonial ea and persisted few years later during the past colonial era within the metropolis has undoubtedly led to the uncontrolled land use development in the city.

Conditions that could be observed in the metropolis include:-

  • Rapid urbanization in the metropolis which undoubtedly led to uncontrolled landuse development in the city resulting to incompatibility of landuse.
  • Chaotic arrangement of landuse, waste disposal/drainage problems, dereliction of residential uses, in ordinate division of lands and misplaced location of infrstructural needs.
  • Most people acquire land in the metropolis and leave it idle for a long period of time, in anticipation of like in land value in other to re-sell and make huge profit.
  • And over crowding within core sections, noise/water pollution, traffic congestions, ease spread of communicable pathologies and slum creation as it affects the infrastructural provision in the metropolis.



The aim of this study is to identify the effects of landuse conflicts on infrastructrual provision in Enugu metropolis with a view to recommending ways to eliminate the negative effects of landuse conflicts. To this end. The following objectives are set:-

  • To identify the degree of provision of infrastructural whether it’s in accordance with the city’s master plan.
  • To identify the various landuse conflicts in Enugu
  • To identify the socio-economic factors that give rise to these landuse conflicts.
  • To make proposals to address the identified adverse effects.



For the purpose of this study, the following research questions come into mind:-       

  • Are the spatial located use located in a manner that will enhance orderliness?
  • What major landuse conflicts exist in Enugu metropolis?
  • What are the factors responsible for the chaotic arrangement of landuses in Enugu metropolis?
  • What are the various implication landuse conflict in the provision of infrastructural facilities in the metropolis?
  • How does the planning authorities enforce planning regulations to effect the landuse pattern in the metropolis.

This study is to examine the effects of landuse conflicts in the provision of infrastructures in Enugu metropolis. Thus, the following hypotheses are to the tested in this study:-

Ho:    Landuse conflicts in Enugu metropolis do not significantly have negative effects on infrastructural provision.

Hi:     Landuse conflicts in Enugu metropolis significantly have negative effects on infrastructural provision.





The study is significant in the light of following:-

  • It will expose the landuse conflicts in Enugu
  • It will equally describe the effects of landuse conflicts on infrastructural provision in the metropolis.
  • It will highlight planning strategies which would be applied to address the observed landuse conflicts in the metropolis.
  • To the students/lectures of the urban and regional planning department this study will expand their scholarly knowledge in appreciating the operational mechanism of the spatial landuse and the level of infrastructural provision in Enugu  
  • It will also provide a useful limelight to planning practitioners and the public at large on the types of effects which landuse conflicts in Enugu metropolis are producing on infrastructural provision.



The study focuses on Enugu metropolis, which comprises of four local government councils namely: Enugu East, Enugu North, Enugu South and Enugu West. The study examined the effects of disorderliness of landuses in the provision of infrastructure in the metropolis and suggest possible remedies to the conflicts.

In the course of the study, several problems were encountered which constitute impediments. These are in the areas of scarcity of literatures, non-challant attitude exhibited by some respondents that were offered questionnaire and financial constraints.



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