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Goethe University Frankfurt, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, and Pan Atlantic University Lagos have collaborated on a research project titled “Cultural Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation in Africa and Asia” (CEDITRAA). The CEDITRAA team at Goethe University Frankfurt is providing two foreign scholarships with up to one-month terms for the year 2023.

Application Deadline: Open

Type: Fellowship

Award Value: During the fellowship, the selected fellows will participate in CEDITRAA meetings and activities, provide a public lecture, and host a seminar where CEDITRAA doctorate students and postdocs can learn about the present state of their research. For a stay of up to one month, each fellowship is eligible for funding of up to €3,500 to cover all travel and additional costs.

Number of Awards: 2

Eligibility: In particular, CEDITRAA is interested in proposals from great junior as well as outstanding internationally renowned academics who may contribute to and complement our research.

  • How do novelty spirals in regionally specific constellations of form, formats and contents (1), legal frameworks (2), archives (3), and arenas of reception (4) evolve and contribute to novel cultural products in Subsaharan Africa and East Asia?
  • How does digitization affect cultural production in Nigeria and South Korea? What kind of new cultural practices have evolved under digital circumstances in the cultural production fields of film, literature, and music?
  • Which challenges do these processes pose for scholarship in African and Asian studies?
  • Which new methods need to be developed to conduct research in area studies, and, in particular, which digital methods are suitable to enhance the development of area studies?

How to Apply: Please submit a letter of expression of interest, a description of the focus topic of your fellowship, and an academic CV to the project coordinator, Bertram Lang, [email protected].


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