The National University Commission (NUC) has granted full accreditation to 26 undergraduate and graduate programs at Osun State University in Osogbo. Prof. Clement Adebooye, vice chancellor of the institution, disclosed the information while discussing the university’s most recent successes.

Ademola Adesoji, the university’s public relations officer, also released a statement in which she said that multiple teams had evaluated the institution’s teaching and learning resources as well as the personnel that was available for the various undergraduate and graduate academic programs.

Fisheries and aquaculture, wildlife management, food science and technology, computer science, guidance and counseling, urban and regional planning, medicine and surgery, biochemistry, industrial chemistry, geology, and mathematics were some of the listed permitted undergraduate degrees.

Several other subjects are also covered, such as microbiology, statistics, public health, civil engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, economics, geography, political science, and international relations, as well as banking and finance.

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