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One of the worst problems eating deep into the society today in examination misconduct among students especially in the secondary and tertiary institutions. The problem has assume such an alarming dimension that it has become a source of serious concern to parents, teachers, religious leaders as well as right thinking leaders of the society who are interested in ensuring that good moral, norms, and education has the capability in indicating in students are not eroded. Education I mean formal education, represent the only way of making children responsible so that they can effectively pilot the affairs of the society when the mantle of leadership is handed over to them.

Therefore, when examination misconduct, in whatever form is allowed to take root in our society, then the stage will be set to produce children who are inadequately prepared to face the complex role of leadership. It is with a view as the how the society will purge off the evil of examination misconduct that I embarked on this long essay which is aimed at investigating the problem and ways of eradicating examination misconduct among students using the college of education, Ekiadolor in Edo State as a case study for a thorough analysis, the work will be divided into five chapters. Chapter one is the introductory aspect, which include the background to the study, statement of the problem, purpose of study, research questions, scope and limitations of the study, significance of the study and definition of terms.


Chapter One

Background of the study

Statement of the study

Purpose of the study

Research questions

Scope and limitation of the study

Significance of the study

Definition of terms

Chapter Two

Literature Review

Causes of examination misconduct

Effects of examination misconduct

Ways of eradicating examination misconduct

Chapter Three

Design of study

Chapter Four

Analysis of data and presentation of data

Chapter Five

Conclusion, suggestions, Recommendations and areas of further research






Examination according to Chambers concise dictionary simply means to test to inquire into, to question, to look closely at or into, to inspect, a test of capacity and knowledge. Maduabum and Maduabum (1998) stated that examination is an indispensable instrument in the education enterprises. It serves as a tool for providing accountability of educational outcome and a basis for successive improvement of educational programmes. For career guidance and selection into course and for maintenance of publicity recognized standards.  For any examination to be credible, it must possess key elements, which are validity and reliability. These key elements can only present if the examination is free and fair, devoid of partiality and all sorts of cheating.

Examination misconduct could be seen as any unacceptable conduct during an examination. The administration of examination in this country today is faced with all sorts of examination misconduct that has assumed large different and frightening dimensions, students no longer and their books, attend class/lecture note to talk of paying attention to their teachers. Rather they go about looking for unhealthy ways of passing their examination.

Government educators and institutions are seriously worried by the spread of this disease called examination misconduct. The trend is so bad that every day a new form or teachings is evolved. Many students caught in this act had been expelled from different institutions. Over the years in the college of education, Ekiadolor, there has been no examination without examination misconduct been recorded. In the past, students caught cheating were expelled from the institution with immediate effect, but the school authority later realised that the disciplinary measure was too strict, hence they introduced another measures in dealing with such students either by rewriting that particular course or missing one academic year.

In College of Education Ekiadolor, examination misconduct is classified into the following major and minor offences. Major offences according to the new examination misconduct guideline 2008 are an examinee bringing into the hall any unauthorized materials relevant to the particular examination, such as textbooks prepared answers, lecture notes, handouts and other similar materials, impersonating another examine during an examination, making a non-bonafide student to impersonate him/her during an examination students aiding another students to cheat or receive any internal/external aids, sneaking into the hall with college answer booklet, running away with answer booklet, according to evidence from the hall or cheating/swallowing it and so many other while minor offences are spying from one another, bring G. S. M. into examination hall, refuses to stop when rounding behaviour etc. all established major offences shall attract suspension for one

Academic section. While in the minor offence will be suspended for a semester. Examination misconduct has put the nation at risk in attaining high academic standard in the education section. It constitutes serious ruin the very standard which students hard work can be assured students no longer find it a rewarding exercise to read to pass, they depend solely on cheating, using various means in order to pass and have good grade.


Examination misconduct has put the nation at risk in attaining high academic standard in our schools and education institution. A nation with increasing examination misconduct will not doubt loose its credibility as no certificate at any level from such nation will be recognized. Therefore the need to find out the causes and way of curbing the cankerworm. This study will provide answer to the following research questions.

  1. Why are students running away from examination?
  2. Are students working hard enough for examination?
  3. Is the sitting arrangement of students spacious enough
  4. Why is the that some teachers and invigilators aid students in examination misconduct
  5. In what ways has the government contribute in aiding examination misconduct?


The purpose of this study is to examine the causes, effect of examination misconduct and how to eradicate it.


Based on the basic assumption the following hypotheses were postulated.

  1. To what extent has low value of morality in the society contribute to examination misconduct.
  2. Do students view examination misconduct as a crime?
  3. Does lack of confidence in students cause of examination of misconduct?
  4. Are male or female more prone to examination misconduct?
  5. Does poor reading habit of students the major causes of examination misconduct?
  6. Does the current trend in cultism among students in institution responsible for examination misconduct?


The focus of the study is on the college of education, Ekiadolor. Two departments each were selected from the four schools, in the College i.e. school of science, Arts, vocational Studies and languages. The work was carried out for three months.

While working on this research it proved some what difficult for people to complete their questions this was because some student were busy with their academic work, others seem not to be interested at all. Other groups misplaced their questionnaires. The work was also time consuming as the time given was short, I had to limit my work to the college of Education, Ekiadolor. Also I wanted to produce more questionnaires but due to high cost of producing questionnaires and the laissez-faire attitude of some students to the entire work, I could not produce as much as I desired.

It is the sheer hope of the researcher that the outcome of this study would be of immense value not only to the students but also to teachers who will become aware of the penal sanctions that awaits them if found or caught engaged in examination misconduct. It will also draw the attention of the government to provide suitable qualified lecturers to reduce the problem of examination misconduct.


Misconduct: Improper behaviour, bad management, behaves badly managed.

Impersonate: Pretend to be another person to pretend to stay in another person’s position.

Cheating: To act in a dishonest way to win advantage or profit.

Evaluation: Systematic process of determining the extend to which instructional objective are achieved by pupils.


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