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Silverbird television was established in 1980 by Ben Murray-Bruce (Chairman) and his major aim was to provide family entertainment and relaxation. The first major breakthrough by the firm in media and entertainment was in 1997 (silverbird Group, 2008) when transformations where made to the existing style of radio broadcast in Nigeria with the introduction of Rhythm Fm. This invention did not change the existing regulations binding media houses at that time but brought a mixture of entertainment and style in television  broadcast.

They created a multi-media platform with the intention to first win Nigeria’s media and entertainment industry and expand operations throughout Africa. The idea of Silverbird is based on knowing “what people want” (Ben, 2008) and the constant quest of satisfying and exceeding that need is the key to their success thus far. They have embraced the ideology that “the customer is always right” in their dealings.


Silverbird Group is a conglomerate made up of Television (STV), Rhythm Fm, Entertainment (Most beautiful girl in Nigeria and Mr Nigeria), Galleria (shopping complex), Cinemas, Film Distribution, Properties and whole new Silverbird Lifestyle. Her 1,564 employees serve over 56 million customers in both STV and Rhythm Fm cutting across all age categories (Silverbird Group, 2010). Silverbird television was established in Nigeria in 1997 in Lagos   state and letter established in Abuja and Port Harcourt in 2002 and 2003 respectively.

1.1 Background Of The Study

Television transmission began in Western Nigeria on October 31, 1959. This service which was initiated by a Regional Government was not only the first in Nigeria, but remains today the oldest in the whole of the African continent. The birth could be termed purely accidental, because it was borne out of political dissension. Chief Obafemi Awolowo and his partymen had walked out of Parliament in protest against a constitutional debate at the eve of Nigeria’s independence. This action was condemned by the ruling government over the Federal all-Nigeria Radio Broadcasting Service, but access was denied the opposition leader to reply to the accusations. Instead of establishing a Radio Station alone, to offer an unrepressed ‘voice’ in national affairs, the Western Region commenced television transmission. Thus while the aims of this expensive venture as delineated by the Government may not seriously be in dispute, yet the real motives may actually be more of ‘regional pride’ and  ‘prestige’. Perhaps the whole action was calculated to spite political opponents.

Doubtlessly, the people of Western Nigeria, at the time, had to be shown

why Western Region had to embark upon what was described (by critics) as a ‘wasteful’ and ‘prestigious’ project. According to Faronbi (1979) Ibadan Television was established as a missionary in a wilderness of unbelievers and critics. To many, it was a diversion of the scarce resources of the region to a prestigious project’.This kind of thinking at the time was strongly countered by the argument that television was being established to satisfy the educational aspirations of the people of the Western Region. The Daily Times (November 2, 1959) carried a front page report of the inauguration of the new Western Nigerian Television service in Ibadan. Chief Awolowo said in his speech that the venture was initiated because the Regional Government was convinced that it could play a major role in increasing both the pace and standard of education which was regarded as the key to progress in other fields. He said that it was the aim of his government to bring information about development in Nigeria and in the outside world into people’s homes so that they might benefit from that knowledge.

He declared that ‘television will serve as teacher and entertainer and as a stimulus to us all to transform Nigeria into a modern and prosperous nation’. This educational task might be performed through formal educational programmes for schools and less formal programmes for adults. Political motivation notwithstanding, the Western Nigeria Television venture took off successfully and became the pride of the entire Region and the nation.


1.2 Statement of the problem

Television has been acclaimed as one of the dependable means of communication, and the role of television is to inform, educate and entertain. Among other functions of television are socialization, integration, debate and discussion.

However, some stations fulfill these objectives or aims more than other stations. The extent to which television programmers are watched, is partly a function of the disposition of the audience members viewership toward such a station. Awka Urban populace constitutes a considerable segment of television audience in Nigeria. The need for audience analysis of their nature, therefore, cannot be over-emphasized.

There is the tendency for viewers to select the type of station or programmes they watch. Most audience research findings suggest that economic factors and demographic factors influence television viewership. Therefore, this study will be concerned with determining silverbird (STV)  television  viewership in Awka.

  1.3 Significance of the Study

It is important to realize that for information to have any substantial influence on the society and to make people perform, accept, or reject certain innovations, the medium through which such information comes must possess credibility. Also, the audience of the mass media is diverse, anonymous, and widespread and comprises of various political, social, economic and interest groups of which the Awka Urban populace are among. In addition, since the credibility of the media is a function of perception of their audience viewership, the public will not  believe the information they receive from the news media or think the media are omitting important facts, due to lack of credibility, and the consequences can be very serious.

Since the mass media such as silverbird (STV)  and their audience are highly inter-related and inter- dependent, it is necessary that they  strive to command a favourable attitude in the eyes of its audience. Therefore this study is so significant because it will evaluate the reason why the populace of Awka Urban value or disregard viewing STV station.

1.4 Research Question

In order  to adequately study the topic under investigation the following questions were posed

  1. Do you watch STV television station?
  2. How often do you view STV station?
  3. Are you satisfied with STV programmes?
  4. How much of your time do you spend viewing or watch STV station?
  5. As compared to other stations, what is your rating for STV station?
  6. Why do you watch STV television station?
  7. Have you ever benefited from the programmes presented by STV television  station?



1.5 Objective of the study

This study hinges on the viewership of silverbird (STV) station by the populace of Awka urban as the case study. This study  will evaluate the rate at which the populace of Awka Urban view silverbird(STV) station , the reasons for such  and will  give possible recommendation.

1.6 Scope of the study

The masses are much attracted to a television station in which they derive  adequate satisfaction. The content of programmes of any station could make its audience to highly rate or under rate the station, it could possible  attract less viewership  habit from its audience.

However,  a quality and interesting programmes, news and  the way a presenter present a programme could have influence on the audience hence, attracting much attention from the viewing  audience. Therefore, the scope of this study would be covering  silverbird (STV) viewership habit of the populace in Awka Urban, using Awka Urban as a case study.



The researcher has decided to limit this study to populace of Awka Urban since the study hinge around the viewing of Silverbird in Awka Urban. This is done in order to enable the researcher to adequately carry out the study effectively.

1.7  Definition Of Terms

For the purpose of clarity, some key concept words used in the content of this research work are listed below and properly defined.

  • STV: Silverbird television
  • Programmes : Planed series of event
  • Populace: People
  • Controversies: problem
  • Investigate : To inquire
  • Favourable : Approval
  • Attitude : Behavior
  • Significant: Important
  • Perception: the ability to see, hear or become aware of something.
  • Integration: the action or process of integrating.
  • Socialization: behaving in a way that is acceptable.




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