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This  paper is focus on  the study of newspaper readership among adolescence in  Awka  state  and the benefit derived by this undergraduate as the make effective use of this newspaper.


In the early 1990’s, newspaper communication technologies was introduced to the public   as online newspaper (Peter & Valkenburg, 2009). Many authors, such as Dr. Norman Nie of Stanford University, predicted that these forms of technology would negatively impact on undergraduates social lives, and reduce their sense of well-being (Peter & Valkenburg, 2009).. It was also assumed that these undergraduates would use newspaper for the purposes of making use of it to build a good readership habit. (Peter & Valkenburg, 2009). It was also assumed by some professionals that undergraduates would also spend too much time on computers surfing the internet reading through online newspaper or buying and reading the contents of newspapers, and this would negatively or positively affect their “real- life” friendships and relationships with others (Peter & Valkenburg, 2009).

While several authors during the early 2000’s, hypothesized that that many undergraduates become less social while reading through newspapers,  and proving that reading through newspaper may also be difficult, as many  undergraduates may not have Internet access or have the money to buy newspaper. In 1995, it was estimated that only 11% of American teenagers were actively participating on reading newspaper (Peter & Valkenburg, 2009).

Since the early years of newspaper popularity, research has been done in order to find out how this was affecting youth (Bryant, Sanders-Jackson, & Smallwood, 2006). Though the early trend was to believe that these would negatively affect  undergraduates communication and how they handle positions given to them, other researchers believed that it would benefit many undergraduates who had trouble expressing their thoughts and feelings face-to-face and are not fluent I their reading habit (Bryant, Sanders-Jackson, & Smallwood, 2006). Though the argument continues to be studied and analyzed, it is still a question that many researchers want to answer.



1.2              STATEMENT OF PROBLEM

Investigating the assessment of newspaper readership among adolescence in Awka urban area and the effect it has on shaping their view as regard readership.  Some newspaper publications are totally internet based, such as, and The web-based publications feature daily news and links to other news outlets as well as provide space for opinions of their contributors. There are hundreds of such, including blogs, which provide avenue for Nigerians in the Diaspora to contribute to debates on raging issues in the country. Hence ,this research is looking at the positive or negative effect benefit that could be derived by adolescences reading of the newspaper.

Therefore, this research seeks to find out how the use of newspaper would also help them either positively of negative in becoming good readers .



This study is carried out in Awka, the capital  of Anambra State; using  Nnamdi Azikiwe High school Secondary School Students as case study in other to ascertain the following.

  1. Degree of adolescence use of newspaper.
  2. The effect of newspaper assessment among adolescence in view to readership.
  3. To find out how many of the adolescent are aware of newspaper and their accessibility of having and reading it.

1.4 Research Question

In order to achieve the aim of the researcher as regard to assessment of newspaper readership among adolescence in Awka Urban, the questions used to assess the students are as follows.

1 .How much do you know about newspaper?

  1. Can you assess internet services using your handheld device, such as your cell phone to read newspapers or do u buy and read it?
  2. How often do you read newspapers both on web pages and on paper publication?
  3. What is your aim whenever you read through newspaper?

5 .How much of your time do you use assessing and reading through newspapers?

1.5       Scope of the Study

The use of newspaper is to help in various activities ranging from social networking, internet research making and also to improve the level of reading fluency among adolescence others.

For the purpose of this research work, the assessment of adolescence as regard to newspaper focuses on Nnamdi Azikiwe High Secondary School Students.

1.6                 Significance of Study

There is a relationship between newspaper usage and the influence it could have on readership in adolescence involvements. This can be seen in the way adolescents discuss about readership matters which are being read on newspaper.

It is a known fact that both gender make use of newspaper and apply some of what is read in their life.

1.7    Definition of  Terms

For the purpose of clarity, the following terms used in the research are defined.

Adolescence: It’s a term used in referring to people between the age of 15- 22.

Newspaper: this is a term used to describe publication which is published to inform the public about any latest occurrence be it local, national or international events.

Assessment : This is  the means used to find out the opinion of people concerning a particular issue or the involvement of  people in a particular case.

Internet : This  is an international  computer network connected to smaller computers that aid in having access to the world.


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