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1.0 Introduction

1.1 Background of the Study

1.2 Statement of the Problem

1.3 Theoretical Orientation

1.4 Significance of the study

1.5 Limitation of the study

1.6 Delimitation of the study

1.7 Definition of Terms



Review of related literature






Data analysis and discussion



Summary and conclusion





This work is a study of the effect of public relations on the consumer. It users premier breweries Plc as a case of study.

The research has employed oral interview for the collection of data this millennium. The work establishes the effect of public relations on the consumer.

The work also offers a useful suggestion on how to transform the effects of public  relations on the consumer  into the contemporary  use.

Finally, the are useful summary, recommendations and conclusion in the study which will be of help to scholars who could undertake studies relating to the topic.





Today, in the estimation of those who claim to be experts in the areas of communication management, nearly 500 companies worldwide have created executive post for communication managers. These position usually, if not always, are part of the public relations efforts.

The task of these managers basically is to assist their organizations define and deal with that effect them. Business, have had to increase their public policy roles in recent years, they have come to realize  that it is crucial  to scan, monitor, track and analyze the many  external forces surrounding the business world, consumers  and the environment.

In Nigeria, the public relations (PR) manager or any manager in charge of public relation will have to work very hard to meet the challenges of public relation communication in modern complex business, and also meet the challenges of public relation communication in rural areas where the business are increasing as a result of the current government policy on rural development. The brewery industry, for instance, is one areas that cannot be neglected.

The capacity to mobilize, coordinate, and direct all strategic policy planning skills, towards achievement of objective are meaningful participation.



A renowned practitioner, Dr. rex Harlow says that: public relation is a destructive management function which helps establish and maintain mutual lines of communication understanding, acceptance and cooperation between an organization and its publics, it involves the management of problems or issues, helps management to keep informed and responsive to public opinion, uses research and sound ethical communication technique as its principles tools.

Public relation is at the heart of modern management and communication is an indispensable tool, thus we find one existing in premier Breweries Plc. The aim here is to expand ones knowledge of public relation in management, examine in detail the role of public relation department and the use of  communication in effectively carrying out its duties in terms of the organization the product (s) and the consumer.

A major concern of this study is to highlight as well as expose the manner in which the organizations public relations has been executed and adopted more effective plans and strategies  to replace the previous one (s).

Essentially, it is a proactive any systematic research to identify issues and concerns that currently plague the organization or that may emerge in the next one to three years.





The followings have stimulated this study, with the anticipation of finding solutions to not just problem but all of them:

  1. The role and use of communication as it adversely affects sales, the organization and the consumer,
  2. The ineffective performance if the public relation department to halt shrinking consumer purchases,
  3. The economic difficulties contained in the depreciation of the naira exchange rate in the parallel market, as it hinders the organization as a whole and the public relation communication efforts in specific.



Public relation compain or organizing special events is basically corporate image promotions. It is the image of the organization that is being marketed and, as such could promote or destroy the market  ability of the product or service, otherwise, advertising and other sales activities will fail. In other word public relation is institutional advertising.

For marketing and advertising to succeed, public relation must have created a veritable ground for the product or service through adequate information supported with aggressive and builds from. It is  pursuit of better communication strategies  that will yield long term positive results that shows basically that public relation is necessary in any organization.



In this research study, public relation would refer to that management function that is a deliberate, planned and sustained effort to earn public understanding and acceptance by making friends and building internal and external good will on the reasonable assumption that these are strongly needed for an organization remain in business.

To fully understand the specific of public relations communications, there must be a familiarity with the meaning and characteristics of communication in modern business. It would do well to remember that communication involves sharing of meanings and a two way process that involves a sources, a channel, a receiver and a feedback mechanism.

The overall achievement of this study is it’s determination of the level at which public relation communication is carried out in premier  Breweries Plc, in a hope to formulate better strategies for future use.



In the world of cooperate Nigeria, a sounding and resounding resources is strategic reduction in cost: One area that has suffered so much from this is the public department of companies. This is so because most business outfit in Nigeria still prefer the dangerous curative and “fire brigade” approach to communication management.

In premier brewery, there is no gain saying that they also been hit from this economic crunch and have also applied the fund starving tactics on the public relations section. As a result in-house organs that would have been a primary sources for gathering data was insufficient. They were published sporadically and erratically.

A study of this nature is supposed to be all embracing of the organization – staff, management, administration, distribution, etc, but I have limited myself to specifically the consumer and how modern public relation communication affects them.

It is envisaged that not all the person interviewed will volunteer useful answer, bare their minds or answers objectively. The economical problem that every other Nigeria feels also cut short my desire  to cover a larger area in this study.

I restricted my area study to the commercial city of Onitsha.



It would be imported to note that this study should have been carried out during the organizations productivity era but hindered by this, one is bound to be faced with unavailable resources which will be a major delimiting factor.

Public relations encompasses a wide range of variable that require strange manipulation to make a smooth soil in its effort to create change in an organizations “publics”. However, for better results to be achieved by this project, I will direct every energy to dissect the effect of the public relations efforts planned and executive by premier Breweries Plc.

Intentionally, I avoided sudden behaviour differences that may be noticeable in the various group of people that makes up a cluster. In other words, the whims and caprices courtesy of the variegated geographical positions of the “consumers” will be inconsequential to this project. This is surely  a vast area to unearth by other researchers.



There exist a few terms here that may have an academic connotation and are hereby defined as they are used in the study.

  1. PUBLICS: This refers to the consumers of the public relation strategy for the promotion of good or services.
  2. EFFECTS: To influence or cause to become/active in order to produce a result required to bring about a desired accomplishment.
  • COMMUNICATION: The capacity to mobilize coordinate and direct all strategic policy planning functions and skills towards achieving an objective.
  1. PUBLIC RELATIONS: It is a deliberate, planned and sustained effort to established and maintain mutual understanding between an organization and its publics.
  2. CONSUMER: Lexically it is a person (s) who utilize goods and services to satisfy human needs. However in the present it is seen as the target audience who/which receive, put into use and benefit from a public relation communication process on behalf of marketed goods or services.
  3. CASE STUDY: It is am indepth study aimed at finding as much details about a particular problem or issue. It involves the collection of information about the issues. They are usually generalizable since the sample size is limited.
  • PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMUNICATION: Communication in public relations is when what is said is what meant is what is understood, what is understand is what is done and what is done is what is desired.



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