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Technology is a very important and useful part of life, effective and appropriate use of it still needs to be improved in education. This study set out to investigate the extent to which students of tertiary institutions use internet for their project writing. This study will also present the ways students of tertiary institution access the internet during their research project writing and their trends in literature review using the internet. the main objectives of this study will include surveying the importance of the internet to student of tertiary institutions. To find out if students of tertiary institution use the internet and why they use it to ascertain the contribution services to the academic achievements of students during their project work. The method of research to be adopted in this study is survey method in which data will be collected through the use of questionnaires. The method of statistical analysis will include the use of tables, percentage analysis while hypothesis that will be formulated will be tested using chi-square mathematical techniques.



  • Background of the Study
  • Statement of the Problem
  • Objectives of the Study
  • Significance of the Study
  • Research Questions
  • Research Hypothesis
  • Scope of the Study
  • Limitation of the Study
  • Definition of Terms



2.1 Sources of Literature

2.2. Review of Relevant Literature

2.2.1 Empirical Review

2.2.2 Origin of the Internet

2.2.3 Problem of internet usage by students of tertiary


2.3 Summary of Literature



  • Research Method
  • Research Design
  • Area of Study
  • Population of the Study
  • Research Sample
  • Sampling Technique
  • Validity of the Instrument
  • Method of Data Collection
  • Methods of Data Analysis
  • Expected Results



  • Data presentation and Analysis
  • Analysis of Research Questions /Hypothesis
  • Discussion of Result




  • Summary
  • Conclusion
  • Recommendation




TABLE 4.1.1 : Sex distribution of respondents

TABLE 4.1.2: Age distribution of respondents

TABLE 4.1.3 : Marital status of respondents

TABLE 4.1.4 : Educational level of respondents

TABLE 4.2.1: Analysis of research question one

TABLE 4.2.2 : Analysis of research question two

TABLE 4.2.3 : Analysis of research question three

TABLE 4.2.4 : Analysis research question four

TABLE 4.2.5 : Analysis of research question five

TABLE 4.2.6 : Analysis of research question six

TABLE 4.2.7 : Analysis of hypothesis one

TABLE 4.2.8 : Analysis of hypothesis two

TABLE 4.2.9 :Analysis of hypothesis three

TABLE 4.2.10 : Analysis of hypothesis four

TABLE 4.2.11 : Analysis of hypothesis five



1.1   Background of the Study

The internet stated in august 3rd 1962 by J.C.R Lichider of MIT USA as just an ordinary network design.The use of the Internet in the educational environment has enabled easy access to many resources, and information sharing has, therefore, significantly increased. Moreover, the prevalence of this sharing has brought additional benefits in that these resources can be used in any location and any time. Although the efficiency of this technology, it is evaluated with use of proportion of the desired results in students achievement.

According to Benson (2002), the internet is a loose of inter-connecting commercial and non-commercial computer networks. The constituent networks are tied together by telecommunications lines and by their shared reliance on standard communications controls. The internet with a capital “I” refers to a world-wide system of linked computer system. When used with a small “I” it is mean a group of inter-connected local networks. The net is the global association of thousands of networks and millions of computers across the world that carries data and makes the exchange of information possible. This network of computers is also referred to as global information system or information super high way. The internet is also known by some people as the web, this is the largest computer networks with thousands f network using a communication protocol known as TCP/IP which means Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol.

The internet sometimes called simple “This Net” is a worldwide system of computer networks (connections)actually, it is a networks of networks in which users or anyone who uses one computer can if they have permission to get information from any other computers (and sometimes talk directly to users at other computers) on-line chat.

Before going into the project, there is need to shed light into information and computer because as earlier stated that the internet is a global association of thousands of networks and millions of computers across the world that carries data and makes the exchange of information possible. Like we know that computer is a mediator between the users because is through the computer that the user browses through the different website in the internet to get proper information.

The world book dictionary volume one A.K. also defined internet as a global computer network which links smaller networks including the universities, government resources and also individuals.

According to Cambridge International Dictionary of English, internet is defined as the large system of many connected as the large system of many connected computers around the world, which people use to communicate with each other.

The internet is devoted solely for the purpose of connecting people from different areas in the world and also providing or making available information in a particular subject interest of the user. It also enhances users communicating via-e-mail with peers in other cities, or other culture or through contact with expert in the field of interest.

According to Madu (2004), the internet is a public cooperative and self sustaining facility accessible to hundreds of millions of people world-wide.

Physically, the internet utilizes a portion of the total resources of the currently existing public telecommunication network. Technically, what distinguishes the internet is its utility of set of protocol called TCP/IP.

Many internet users, electronic mail is most widely used application the net. One can also carry on-line conversations with other computer users, using internet chart and more recently internet telephone hardware and software now allow read time voice conversation.

  • Statement of the problems

The advent of the internet has revolutionized the life of the global community in all ways. Apart  from transacting businesses of different kinds through the internet, its  usefulness seems  to  manifest  greatly  in  the  academic  circles  too,   where  students  and  lecturers  use  the internet also  for  research and  relaxation.   Even though  most under graduate students  can  pride themselves  as  being  computer  literate,  the  fact  remains  that  some  are  yet  to   know  how  the internet  works.  Irrespective  of  their  status  the  need  for  them  to   exploit  the  internet  for  one purpose or the  other  cannot  be underemphasized. Though, it has some drawback as privacy problem, difficulty to search and to find relevant information. Yet, it is more informative, relatively fast and accessible 24 hours a day. Internet has a wide base that allows access to an enormous range of research information either as full publications, or reports, etc.

For the developing countries like Nigeria to grow and attain its economic and social status, such country must be fully ready in strengthen and empowering its academic institutions, both in science and technological capacity. Hence, the students in their respective field will need an easy, reliable and interactive means of accessing and retrieving information without wasting much time. While the use of this Internet is greatly depends on some associated factors such as purposes, students experience, locations, Internet facilities and services available, among others on academic pursue of the students in their institutions. It is Against this backdrop, the researchers wish to   establish  the  specific  purposes  students  of tertiary institution use  the  internet,  the  extent  to   which  they  use  the internet and how they overcome  the challenges or inhibitions they face in using the  internet.

1.3  Objectives of the Study

The study is aimed at surveying the importance of internet by student of tertiary institution in research project writing.

Other specific objectives are as follows:

  1. To find out if students use the internet for their research project writing
  2. To identify the reasons why students use the internet and how often they use the internet for academic studies.
  3. To ascertain the contributions of the internet services to the academic achievement of the student.
  4. To identify the factors affecting effective use of the internet by students during their research project writing.
  5. To proffer solutions to factors affecting effective use of internet by students of tertiary institution during their research project writing.

1.4  Significance of the Study

Considering the fact that internet is used in all facets of the economy and in all fields of endeavor, this study will be of great significance to the entire society particularly in academic institutions in Nigeria especially tertiary institution. This study will be of immense value to researchers conducting their studies in related subject as it will remain a useful and reference document. The study will also help in developing the knowledge of the researcher in the internet facilities in academic libraries in Nigeria.

1.5  Research Questions

The following questions were formulated in line with the objectives of the study. They are as follows:

  1. Is internet importance to student of tertiary institution in research project writing?
  2. Do students use the internet in your research project writing?
  3. Why do students use the internet and how often do you use the internet for academic purposes?
  4. How has the internet service contributed to your academics success?
  5. What are the factors affecting effective use of the internet during research project writing?
  6. What are the solutions to the problems militating against effective use of internet by student of tertiary institution?

1.5  Research Hypotheses

The following hypotheses were formulated in line with the research questions of the study. They are as follows:

Ho= null hypothesis

Hi= alternative hypothesis

Hypothesis One

Ho:  internet is not importance to student of tertiary institution in    research project writing.

Hi:   internet is importance to student of tertiary institution in research project    writing.

Hypothesis two

Ho:  That student of tertiary institution does not make use of the        internet in      their research project writing

Hi:   Student of tertiary institution makes use of the   internet in their research project writing

Hypothesis three

Ho: Student of tertiary institution does not make use the internet for        their       academic purposes.

Hi: Student of tertiary institution makes use the internet for their academic        purposes.

Hypothesis Four

Ho:  Internet service has not contributed to academics success of student of    tertiary institution

Hi:   Internet service has contributed to academics success of    student of tertiary   institution.

Hypothesis Five

Ho:  Computer illiterate is not the major factor affecting effective use of the internet during research project writing.

Hi:   Computer illiteracy is the major factor affecting effective use     of the internet   during research project writing.

1.7 Theoretical Framework

The theory that gives us an insight into this study is the uses and gratification theory. This theory was formed by Blumer and Katz and it states that media users play an active role in choosing and using the media. This theory postulates that people will purposefully select particular forms of media and media context to satisfy their needs and gratify their interest and motives. It recognizes the selection of channels and messages and utilizing the messages for their own good. Uses and gratification theory is an approach use to understand why people actively seek out specific media outlets and content for gratification purpose. The theory discusses how users proactively search for media that will not only meet a given need but enhance knowledge, social interaction and diversion. It assumes that members of the audience are not passive but they take an active role in interpreting and integrating media into their own lives. The theory also holds that audiences are responsible for choosing media to meet them their needs. It would then imply that the media compete against other information sources for viewers gratification.

The media users seek out a media source that testfufills the needs of the user. Uses and gratification theory can be seen  in the case of students selecting the internet to satisfy their information need especially during their research project writing. Their order means of gathering information, but students of higher institution selectively go close to the internet as the media than can give them information. They are crazy about the internet research work especially during their research project writing.

1.7  Scope of the Study

The emphasis on this project is the importance of internet to students of tertiary institutions in Nigeria, means that the researcher will concentrate on the assessment of the application of the internet by students of tertiary institution in research project writing.

Project is limited to the student of IMT Enugu and  because the students have similar objectives for making use of internet resources in their academic institutions.

1.8  Limitation of the Study

There are many factors that act as constraint to the effort of the researcher in the course of writing this project. Most prominent of the factors are:

  1. Time: The research work is a big task and as such

requires time and energy, which was not on the researcher’s side.

  1. Finance: This is another limiting factor. Due to

limited financial resources available, the researcher cannot procure all the needed material for this project. For instance, to get books from the library the researcher has to pay library, which the researcher does not have all the time.

  1. Cost: The cost of transportation to and from within

Enugu metropolis to gather relevant materials for this study is not an easy one due to the recent fuel subsidy removal  which has escalated high cost of living .

1.9  Definition Of Terms

Importance: The state of facts of being great significance. It can also be an exaggerated sense of one’s own value.

internet:       Internet is the largest computer network in the world. It is a network of thousands of networks using the communication known as transmission control protocol/internet protocol (TCP/IP) (Oduagwu, 2008).

Tertiary: this means higher level of learning.

Institution, here institution is an organization established for educational purposes.

Student: here, the students can be seen as a person who is studying at a university or any higher institution.

Important: the state of being of great significance. It can also be an exaggerated scene of one’s own value.











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