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Laundering services system is a system that manages services for consumers, especially customers who have signed up as members. With this system a goodcleaning service, it will ensure the availability of needed services to consumers.Due to the many cleaning services system as manual that affects waste orinefficiency of time, data inaccuracies, errors repeated so the writer tries tocomputerized valet service process in the hope of providing data or informationfast, precise, accurate and efficient.

Today’s modernization flow of the world has witnessed tremendous change in lifestyle of the society. Computerized system in managing laundry has been well accepted especially in developing countries. This service is well accepted because it gives flexibility in terms of time for laundry management team to use it and this really helps them with their time management. Laundry firms currently use a manual system for the management and maintenance of critical information. The current system requires numerous paper forms, with data stores spread throughout the laundry management infrastructure. Often information (on forms) is incomplete or does not follow management standards. Records are often lost in transit during computation requiring a comprehensive auditing process to ensure that no vital information is lost. Multiple copies of the same information exist in the laundry firm data and may lead to inconsistencies in data in various data stores.

A significant part of the operation of any laundry firm involves the acquisition, management and timely retrieval of great volumes of information. This information typically involves; customer personal information and clothing records history, user information, price of delivery and retrieval period, users scheduling as regards customers details and dealings in service rendered, also our products package waiting list. All of this information must be managed in an efficient and cost wise fashion so that the organization resources may be effectively utilized.

The goal of laundry management system is to automate the management of the laundry firm making it more efficient and error free. It aims at standardizing data, consolidating data ensuring data integrity and reducing inconsistencies, through the use of highly computerized process that is stress free, reliable and quick through the use of computer programming language and SQL database application to both the users and the staff in charge of the registration and laundry management processes. HTML would be at the front-end and provide the graphical user interface that relates with the user, while the SQL database will be at the back-end to handle the data storage process.


Currently, [case study] uses manual system to record their customer and other business information. Therefore, the data is impropriate managed. Every time, customer send their clothes, staffs need to record their information such as name, address, phone number using traditional filling system.

Another problem occurs using traditional manner is difficult to store and track the required record especially for reporting purpose. The use of manual system also creates an additional workload for the staff to keep and obtain the customer and staff information because this information is kept in a different file


This study is aimed at developing a laundry management system for [case study].

The objective of the system include:

  1. Implementing a computerized system which can perform a better managing process for laundry
  2. Implementing a system that increases time performance
  • Implementing a system that has automated backup and recovery


In order to realize the objectives of this research, it is important to apply adequate strategy in achieving the set goals. The methodology employed in the course of this study is to first outline the set of requirements to be met by the proposed system, where information related to the research work will be derive from the area of study; then envisage and implement the design of the system, using PHP scripting language, along the lines of an object-oriented approach.


To fully implement the system, the scope used include placingof order in different categories, where the staffs of the vsticks laundry will come to pick up the clothes themselves.

The system targets the user, staff and the admin.


Laundry: Laundry refers to the washing of clothing and other textiles.

Laundry Management System: The laundry management system is a system providing management functions which allows laundry to remove or minimize the risks associated with it


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