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Automated questioning system is a stand-alone system which enables parents, instructors, lecturers as well as recruiting agents to generate their own questions on their personal computer as an option to the manual way of testing for knowledge through interview unlike the traditional pen-to-paper test.

It could be adopted both in the academic and non academic environment. It is designed to serve as an alternative to the manual way of administering quiz, aptitude test or even computer based assessment in the academic environment.




  • Today, implementation of automated questioning system has brought development in the functioning of different sectors for example educational sectors, banking sectors and government parastatals. The implementation of automated questioning system has helped different government parastatals to eradicate manual ways of conducting test in which the result can only be known at a later time.

Automated questioning system also allows the applicants, students, educators to be able to know the result at the scene unlike manual method which you can not know the score immediately.

This project is a computer assisted learning software that allow lecturers, instructors and educators to be able to generate their own interactive quiz questions on their personal computer easily. It test understanding based on a particular discipline.



This research project is aimed at carrying out automated questioning system which allows students applicant to be assessed in a real time. Its aims and objectives is stipulated as follows:

  1. To provide the participant with an instant result for the question taken without further delay.
  2. To eliminate some human-related errors involved in the manual interview or question system.
  3. To provide flexible ways of generating question by providing and associating options for the question as well as the correct options.
  4. It provides accurate result which is more reliable than the manual system of computation.
  5. It aims at exposing education to the latest information technology advancement.

This write-up aims at presenting a simple and clear method of testing students or applicants’ knowledge on a particular discipline. It serves to administer such test in plain and simple language with quick computation and delivery of result for further action to be taken.



The system deals with automated questioning system in which three courses where put into consideration i.e. English, Mathematics and General Paper to test the intelligence of applicant with each courses having a time schedule accruing of marks to each question  for each if the course.

Each of the applicants must have been pre-registered by the administrator before each applicant can be able to answer the question by login in with the name and examination number given at point of registration. The system also provides an ability of the administrator to be able to remove the details of an applicant if the need arise. Trial to log into the system with wrong data is only allowed for three times after which you will not be able to log in anymore.


The method of data collection used in this write up is observation method.

A quiz competition was witnessed to gather information on how quiz is taken manually. The information gathered was used in the design of the automated questioning system.

Some notes on the problems associated with the manual system of administering the quiz which brought about the idea of automated questioning system. Library materials were also consulted as a form of research.




The research report is divided into five (5) chapters to logically examine and analyses the proposed system which was designed.

Chapter one sets out the general introduction of the proposed system. It focuses on the aims and objectives of the project, significance of the study, scope and limitation as well as the organization of the report.

The second chapter presents the literature review i.e. published and unpublished works of other researcher, historical background, the research methodology and the current state of the art.

The third chapter consists of the project body a step-by-step analysis of the existing system, how it was carried out so as to detect its shortcomings. A survey was also made into the description of the proposed system.

The fourth chapter deals with the design, implementation and documentation of the proposed system. This includes the critical analysis of the input and output specifications. Purpose of various main programs in the system as well as the interrelationship with the program was spelt out. Emphasis was also laid on the security provided for the system and also merits offered, implementation techniques, programming language, software and hardware supports by the new system which makes it laudable as an alternative to the current system.

The last chapter evaluates the designed system by giving a summary experienced gained and makes recommendation to not only the students, educators but also to anyone who is interested in carrying out similar task. This chapter was squalled by the references, system flowchart, program flowchart, source program listing and sample outputs.



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