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This project was centered on automated motor vehicle driving licensing system. The current process of motor vehicle licensing is being operated manually and due to this procedure numerous problem are been encountered. A design was taken to computerized the manual process in order to check this problem. The problems were identified after series of interviews and examination of documents after which analysis was made and a computerized procedure recommended. This project will also suggest how to successfully implement the computerized procedure and to overcome the obstacle that would hinder the successful implementation of the system. The new system was designed using Microsoft visual basic 6.0 programming language. This language was chosen because of its easy syntax and features for developing windows based applications.








Title page                                                       i

Approval Page                                                 ii

Table of content                                              iii

Dedication                                                      iv

Acknowledgment                                                 v

Abstract                                                              vi


1.0 Introduction

1.1  Imo state licensing authority

1.2  Statement of problem

1.3  Objective of the study

1.4  Scope of the study

1.5  Definition of terms




2.1 Introduction

2.2 What is motor licensing

2.3 Computer application motor licensing

2.4 Database administrator

2.5 Database management system (dbms)

2.6 Advantages of database processing




3.1  Introduction

3.2  Method of data collection

3.2.1 Manual operation

3.3  Analysis of case study

3.3.1 Issuance of driving license

3.3.2 Report generation for manual operation

3.3.3 File organization and processing




4.1  Database files created

4.2  List/description of developed programs in the project

4.3  Program execution

4.4  Computerized operation of imo state motor licensing authority




5.1 Introduction

5.2 Problems encountered

5.3 Conclusion

5.4 Recommendations















Computer data processing is of great importance in the modern world and increasingly computers are being applied to the solution of industrial, commercial mathematical and scientific problems.

In recent times, there have been need growing need to computerize the operations of big establishments both public and private to increase their overall efficiency. This is achieved by using computer to store, process, and retrieve information as well as generates report. These computers make use of application packages that is a computer program and manuals designed to cover all aspects of particular task in realizing the objective. It is now widely accepted that the coordination of all complex functions of an organization is greatly assisted by en efficient data processing system.

In lieu of the size and volume of work of the Imo State Motor Licensing Authority, there is need to computerize their operations. Apart from other advantages, this will now replace the manual process of registering vehicles, issue driving licenses, renew expired licenses as well as change ownership of vehicles. Since the computerized mode of operation is flexible and accurate, record keeping ensured, it will give the management of the Motor Licensing Authority enough time for planning and decision- making rather than being immersed in the detail of routine functions. This is necessary since the control of any establishment ultimately lies in the hands of management. Also the computerized operations of the licensing will ensure a very fast retrieval of the necessary information about a vehicle to the police timer of urgent need like during car theft or road accident.

in presenting the report of this project, the researchers have arranged the report in five different chapters. Chapter one covers on the introduction, Imo state Motor Licensing Authority in brief, problems that led to the study, the objective of the project. Chapter two deals on the Literature Review, general overview, computer application software and the system software. Chapter three takes a look on the method of data collection. data preparation and analysis, manual operations, report generation for manual operations, file organization and processing database management system, the database administrator, history of the database management and its advantages in processing.

Chapter four highlights the database file created, list/ description of developed programs in the project, how to execute the software packages, the password routine, the hardware requirement and system flow chart.

Chapter five is on problems encountered in the course of carrying out the project, conclusion and recommendation.



The Imo State Licensing Authority is an arm of the Imo Board of Internal Revenue, charged with the responsibility of ascertaining the genuine of vehicles either bought locally or imported into the country and registering the vehicles after inspection for easy identification, issuing of driving licenses to qualified citizens after conducting a test, renewal of expired driving license and the change of ownership of vehicle. Through these operations, the licensing authority raises money for the state government in the form of fees for their services to the customers for the maintenance of the roads on which these vehicles ply.

The origin of the Imo State Motor Licensing Authority dates back to the creation of the State in 1976. AS stated earlier, it is an arm of the board of internal revenue under the state Ministry of Finance.

  1. Due to the ever increasing number of customers coming for one service or the other, the licensing authority can no longer cope with the demands of their customers without much delay with their present manual mode of operation since application forms have to pass from one table to another before being for issuance or renewal of driving license for instance have to wait for months before their demands are met.
  2. The present method of manual operation is slow in storage. retrieval and maintenance of customers’ files, enquiry on any customer’s record especially by law enforcement agents such as the Police and the road Safety Commission is not met with dispatch- (an a by act of send away) by commander Officer.
  3. The manual method of writing reports of customers in books affects the life span of records since the continued use and re- use of the booklets everyday might lead to loss of important information.
  4. With the manual method of operation, records for different customers are stored in different files and this makes it difficult to respond to requests for data for multiple areas and flexible way.

The research project, which is a computerized operation of the Imo state Motor Licensing Authority, is being designed to meet the following objectives.

  • Replace the existing manual method of processing large volumes of customer’s form for registration of vehicles.
  • Issuing driving License
  • Renewing expired licenses as well as changing ownership of vehicles.
  • To provide an efficient data processing system which assists greatly in the coordination of the complex functions of authority.
  • To provide different analysis and report of customer records without delay to the law enforcement agents such as the Police and Road Safety Commission in time of need.
  • It has a security permanent like password level which prevents unauthorized persons from tampering with customer records.
  • Since the licensing authority is intended to generate fund for the government through fees charged to the customers for services rendered to them, the comprised operations of the authority will ensure accuracy in calculation and recording of daily transactions collected from customers. Also since computers do not make mistake once records are correctly entered, it will ensure that processing and subsequent processing of records of customers is fault free as well as record adjustment and automatically readjustment of subsequent processing with precision.



The scope of this project covers the entire operation of the Imo state Motor Licensing Authority Owerri, which includes registering of vehicles either imported into the country or bought locally after proper inspection, issuing driving license of qualified customers after conducting a driving test and renewing expired driving license as well changing the ownership of vehicle from the previous owner to the present owner after the condition for the changes are met.


While digging a software package for the computerized operations of the Imo state Motor Licensing Authority, certain technical terms are used from time to time. I wish therefore to give the interpretation/ definition of terms.





Data is information in coded form, acceptable for input and processing by a computer system. In other words, data is a representation of information.


A computer is an electronic machine, which under the control of a stored program, automatically accepts and processes data and supplies the results of that processing.


A file is an organized collection of data; files are generally large, contain related items of information and strictly arranged according to some structure.


A Record is a unit of data, which makes up files. It contains a number of data items and each record in a file is determined by the way, in which the records are arranged within the file.


This is a file name extension for a program file


This is the smallest addressable element in a database file.


This gives the user a list of program choices


A data base is a structure that can house information about multiple types of entities as well as relationships among the entities.


Database management system and it is a software product through which users interact with a database. The actual manipulation of the underlying database is handled by the DBMS


A collection of related records pertaining to a particular subject


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