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1.1Background of the study                                                                                                          

As most nations of the world are becoming information technology inclined, Nigeria is not left behind. Even as most organizations and companies in the foreign countries have implemented information technology in their films, likewise most of Nigeria’s organizations and companies have also enjoyed the benefits of information technology.

Even as most foreign countries like America, China and India are experiencing information technology boom, Nigeria is yet to come to such level. With the communication satellite launched recently in our country will explore the hidden treasure of information technology.

As I consider the design and implementation of computerized Registration application for school enrollment, it is necessary to mention here that information technology have a lot to play in achieving this. Implementing computerized student registration system entails having access to internet, having a website and the place of strong and reliable database can not be over emphasized.

All these must be put into consideration and they are well treated in the subsequent section of this seminar


Owing to (i) the difficulties student encounter in manual filling and submission of IMT forms (ii) time wasted in getting information from ABSU officers on how to fill the form. (iii) Loss of some submitted forms due to mismanagement of ABSU officers and (iv) Long queue the students face in collecting their ABSU Receipts, the need arises for the development of computerized Registration application for school enrollment to alleviate these problems.

        1.3   PURPOSE OF STUDY

The sole purpose of this study is to put to an end the difficulties students face or encounter during registration. This is achieved by software computerized Registration application for school enrollment system which is user friendly and easy to implement, students will no longer be in danger of losing their submitted forms or information.




        With the growth of information technology, the study offers numerous values not only to students but also to the ABSU board. The board doesn’t have to spend any is other resources by sending admission letter to students rather they make their money when students buy scratch cards to check either their results or information.

The students can easily get information by visiting ABSU website without consulting any ABSU officer. Student no longer suffer the consequences of the wrong information sent by some ABSU officer due to mismanagement. Above all, the knowledge of students and ABSU officers towards information technology is enhanced.        

1.5             AIMS AND OBJECTIVES

The aims and objectives of this seminar is listed below:

i                 To develop a software that replaces manual filling and submission of ABSU form.

ii                 To stop or solve the problems students face during payment of various fee.

iii                To help the management in the effective distribution of ABSU information.

iv                 To help the management to ensure the effective collection of students data.

v                 To help the management effectively manage students data

All these contribute to make sure that students’ data are well processed at right time.


        This seminar is narrowed to Abia State University Board and her students. It deals with the designing of computerized Registration application for school enrollment system. The program will help students get information concerning (i) ABSU registration (ii) ABSU history (iii)ABSU Admission requirement (iii) ABSU courses requirement.

Students can still get history information about the Abia State University Board. The program will be self-explanatory and interactive.




Owing to the scope of this seminar as mentioned above, this project work is limited to students who want to attend ABIA STATE UNIVERSITY only. It is important to mention that time was a major constraint in the course of fact finding.

It is also wise to mention here that some information we need to work with was not collected because of unwillingness of the board to reveal such information.


One of the major assumption made in this seminar the work is that manual filling and submission of ABSU forms are ineffective, time wasting and prone to either misplacement or mismanagement of students data by ABSU officers.

It is also assumed that with the level of development in information technology, there is a serious demand to join this trend of information technology.

It is also assumed that computerized student registration system is more economical to the board when compared to the manual method.


  1. Registration
  2. Client: This any process that request specific services from server processes.

3.     Computer: This is an electrons machine that can accept; handle and manipulate data by performing arithmetic and logic operations without human intervention usually under the control of programmes.

  1. Date: This is fore runner of information. It is unprocessed fact.
  2. Database is a collection of information that is related to a particular subject or purpose.
  3. Hardware: This is the electromechanical part of computer system.
  4. Information: This is data that have been processed, interpreted and understood by the recipient of the message or report.
  5. Internet is a collection of computer networks that operate to common standards and enable the computes and the prog re-ram they run to communicate directly.
  6. Server: This is a process that provides requested services for clients.
  7. Software: This is a logically written program that hardware uses to perform it’s operation.
  8. System is the collection of hardware, software, data information, procedures and people.
  9. Website is a space or location customized by a company, organization or an individual which is locatable within an address on the internet.



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