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This project study is focused on the design and development of security package for the Access Point Communication Limited.

This research work came to existence the time when internet café business is becoming very popular and vast. The principal objective of this project is to stop or deny access to an unauthorized user and also to ensure proper accountability of cash received by the ticketers. Therefore the design and development of this internet security package for Access Point Limited is worthwhile.

This project covers all the general procedure involved in the design and development of a reliable in-house software application package that will provide automated Customer services for a cyber café. These procedures include the initial Design, Coding, Testing, Implementation, Maintenance and Enhancement of the new system. Thus this software will provide an accurate timing and billing information at any point in time for a cyber café operation. The New system was developed using Microsoft visual basic 6.0 programming language. This language was chosen because of its easy syntax and features for developing windows based application.






















Title page





Table of contents



1.1 Background of the study

1.2 Statement of Problem

1.3 Objective of the Project

1.4 Significance of the project

1.5 Scope of study

1.6 Limitations

1.7 Definition of term



2.0 Literature review

2.1 What is internet?

2.2 Origin of Internet

2.3 Services provided by Internet

2.4 Internet Security

2.4.1 Internet Security problems

2.4.2 Problems of Internet Security problem

2.5 Efforts to solve Security Problems.


3.0 Analysis of the Existing System

3.1 Introduction

3.2 Research Methodology

3.3 Detailed Analysis of the Existing System

3.3.1 Organizational / Companies Profile

3.3.2 The Organizational Structure of Different


3.3.3 Data Flow Diagram of the Existing System

3.4 Weakness of the Existing System

3.4.1 Analysis and Design of the New System

3.4.2 Objective of the New System

3.4.3 Program Design

3.4.4 Process Description of the New System

3.5 Control System Menu

3.6 File Attribute (Data Base Specification)

3.7 Administration Log in Data Base

3.8 Customers Log in Module Input and Screen Output

3.9 Add New Member Module Input and Screen


3.10 Admin Change Password Module Screen


3.11 Daily Report Input and Screen Output

3.12 Exit Program Module Input and Output Screen

3.13 Program Coding Platform

3.14 Choice of Programming Language

3.15 Output Design



4.0 System Implementation and Documentation

4.1 System Implementation

4.2 System Requirement

4.3 Hardware Requirement

4.4 Software Requirement

4.5 System Test-Run

4.6 System Changeover

4.7 Program Documentation

4.8 Running the Program

4.9 System Maintenance



5.0 Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1 Summary

5.2 conclusions

5.3 Recommendations



Appendix A: Program Listing

Appendix B: Sample Output.

Appendix c: System Flowcharts





This is an introduction to the many threats that computer system and users face on the internet. Methods that users can implement to protect themselves are also explored. The security measures are used to gather, store, and distribute information as it is implemented differently across the web. Many companies and corporations that collect sensitive data do not have proper security protocols put into place, which may compromise personal information. Common errors that online businesses make when processing transactions will include information security and the protocols that they should put into place both in terms of their computer infrastructure, data collection and the establishment of personnel protocols, such as the handling of sensitive information and password changes. The transaction between the client and server will be examined along with the protocols used in the sharing of information, such as secure socket layers and their different certificates, encryption and security measures that are utilized. E-commerce firms must ensure that they control access to their networks by designing and implementing controls that will diminish the dissemination of sensitive information.



The Internet has been described as the most revolutionary communication development of last century. It has changed everything about every type of business and there seems to be no end in sight to the advantages this phenomenon can bring to the enhancement of business communications. The Internet is a system for providing communication links between computers via local companies referred to as Internet of computer networks that is changing the way organizations and individuals communicates and do business.

However, the major drawback is the security risks associated with it. The Internet suffers from a significant and widespread security problems. Perhaps, most important of all reason adduced for the poor security facilities on the internet may be the fact that it was not designed to every secured open access for the purpose of research was the prime motivation for the internet at the time of its conception. Other factors responsible for the security lapse of the internet are based on the TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) suite of protocol. A number of TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol) suites of protocols and a number of TCP/IP services are not secured and compromised by knowledgeable hackers. A number of security problems can be remedied or reduced through the use of this software and control for host security.




Some of the problems associated with the internet security are as a result of inherent vulnerabilities in the services (and the protocols that the services implement), while others are as a result of host configuration and access controls that are poorly implemented or too complex to administer. Additionally, the role and importance of system management is often short-changed in job description resulting in many administrators begin at best, part-time and poorly prepared.

Furthermore, the unavailability of experts who will carry the jobs for the people. Also the cost at which people or individuals will undergo before acquiring one will also arise to be a problem.


The objective of this research work is to develop an Internet Security Package consisting of a client billing software program with modification of existing software and eliminating the entire obstacle in previous versions of the numerous existing clients billing software program. Apart from producing an enhancement,

It will also:

  1. Prepare daily account of all transactions with clients
  2. Produce analyzed report for decision making

iii. Provide security to enhance system lock when credit expires.

  1. Automatically generate numbers as ID’S and allocate time and payments by clients.
  2. Enable the system within the network to identify user with particular name and password.



Like any other application development the significance of this project is to make internet café business much more profitable and easier to the investors.

An internet café without effective security will gradually die because of pester and cashier stall time spent by clients.

This software is intended to stop the death of internet café’s with attendant unemployment in the space. This will be facilitated by the development of automated technique i.e. café billing to check time automatically.



This project work or study is aimed at designing and developing an Internet Security Package consisting of a time billing software for the Access Point Communication Limited.

Furthermore, it is also aimed at saving the management of the Access Point Communication Limited the troubles and difficulties in running an internet café manually.





The main problem encountered or the constraints in the course of this research were with the initial difficulty in grasping the knowledge of the field, which was quite alien to the researcher. Though this was overcame within a short period of time.

Also, the obtaining of accurate and complete information from the case study (Access Point Communication Limited) was somewhat inhibited. The researcher had to do some independent investigations and internet browsing to ensure that relevant information was used.

Finally, the issue of time cannot be forgotten. There was a very limited time to carry out the research for the project and also limited time to produce the project work.



DATABASE: A collection of interrelated data stored with controlled redundancy to serve one or more applications.

E-MAIL: The term electronic mail is used to describe various system of sending data or message electronically via the telephone Network or other data network, through a central computer without the need to post letters.

FLOWCHART: This is the diagrammatic representation of the program components using standard symbols.

HACKING:  A hacker is people who attempt to invade the privacy of a system. Hackers are normally skilled programmers.

HARDWARE: This is the physical part of a computer system.

INTERNET: The internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that use the standard internet protocol suite (often called TCP/IP) to serve billions of its users worldwide

METHODOLOGY: A methodology is a collection of procedure techniques, tools and documentation aids which will help the system developer in their effort to implement a new information system, Abdul J.I (2004).

MICROSOFT VISUAL BASIC: This is the software which allows you to develop your own software.

NETWORK SERVERS: These are devices used to manage how the various resources on the network are shared.

NEWS GROUP: These are meeting places for people discussing special topics.

OFFLINE: This is the process of the computer not connected to the internet.

ONLINE: This is the direct connection to the computers through the internet and under the influence of the computer C.P.U.

SECURITY: This is an act of safeguarding a file or a document in order to prevent unauthorized access.

SOFTWARE: This is the program that controls the computer operation.

WWW: – This stands for World Wide Web which consists of the different websites which you can visit.


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