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This project entitled “EMPLOYEE TRAINING TRACKING SYSTEM” has been designed towards improving the Management of Employee Information in the field offices of First Bank. This project work expresses the issue of designing and implementing an EMPLOYEE TRAINING TRACKING SYSTEM acknowledges over the more tedious inefficient and true consuming manual system. This system encounters the following problems.  Late receipt of raw data each month, regular break down of the accounting machine presently used for data processing, irregular power supply, in any errors resulting from the manual methods of data processing and the office caused by bulky files and constant complaints for errors from the workers.  Consequently EMPLOYEE TRAINING TRACKING SYSTEM when designed will take care of the above problems.







Organogram:                                     Figure 1

Information flow diagram                 Figure 2

Process Design                                  Figure 3

System Design                                  Figure 4

Program Flowchart                           Figure 5

Sample Report                                  Figure 6

File Design                                        Table 1

Input Design                                     Table 2

Output Design                                  Table 3





Title page                                                                                i

Approval page                                                                        ii

Dedication                                                                               iii

Acknowledgement                                                                   iv

Organization of work                                                              v

Abstract                                                                                  vi

List of figures/ tables                                                               vii

Table of content                                                                      viii


1.1     Background/ Overview of the work                               1

1.1     Statement of problems                                                   2

1.2     Purpose of the study                                                      3

1.3     Significance of the study                                                4

1.4     Aims and objectives                                                       4

1.5     Scope or Delimitation of study                                                           5

1.6     Limitations or constraints                                                                 6


REVIEW OF RELEVANT LITERATURE                                                7



EXISTING SYSTEM                                                                        13

3.1     Background analysis of the system                               13

3.2     Organogram                                                                   15

3.3     Method of data collection                                              16

3.4     Information flow diagram                                              17

3.4     Input-Process-Output Analysis                                     18

3.6     Problems of the existing system                                    20

3.7     Justification for the new system                                    20


4.1     Design Standard used                                                    23

4.2     File specification and design (Input and output)            24

4.3     Process Design                                                               26

4.4     System Design                                                               29

4.5     System requirements                                                     30


IMPLEMENTATION                                                              32

5.1     Program Flowchart                                                        34

5.2     Pseudo code                                                                   39

5.3     Choice of programming language                                  42

5.4     Code specification                                                         42

5.5     Code testing                                                                  49

5.6     Cutover Process                                                             50

5.7     Full scale implementation                                              50

5.8     Maintenance plan                                                 51


6.1     Software documentation                                                56

6.2     User documentation                                                       58



  • SUMMARY                                                                 65

REFERENCES                                                                       67

BIBLIOGRAPHY                                                                   68

APPENDICES                                                                        69






           The role information technology has played in various fields of human Endeavour cannot be over emphasized. Most sections of humanity, like banking industries, auto mobile industries e.t.c have experience the influence of information technology.

From the word “Training”, it is expected that the workers should learn both practical and theoretical aspect of work, based on the industry and the department he belongs.

Employee training tracking experience is designed to prepare workers in an organization to be able to handle some of the equipment and machinery that may not be available in the various institutions of higher learning.

Computerized employee training tracking system is a powerful database program that records all the data of workers undergoing employee training. A computer database is a structured collection of records or data that is stored in a computer system. A database relies upon software to organize the storage of data. In other words, the software models the database structure in what are known as database model (or data models).



Every organization whether big or small does have some strength of employees. They play important role in determining the success level of a company. Therefore businesses that are serious about proper workforce management should use EMPLOYEE TRAINING TRACKING SYSTEM. Here employee management software is used that does the work of assembling, managing and organizing the valid information about the employees of a company. Every business do face some or the other employee management problems that needs to be solved.

EMPLOYEE TRAINING TRACKING SYSTEM can help you detect your organization’s future management needs and likewise alterations in the working can be made for extended productivity. At the time of performance appraisal the records kept of employee’s performance would give fair results. This software executes many different types of functions.

It gives the chance of encouraging good teamwork among the workforce. Many companies can be found on internet that offers state-of-the-art employee management software that can be easily installed in the computer system.

It also reduces management costs thus increasing profit percentage and lessened burdens on the company’s funds. EMS is very flexible and can adjust in any company’s frame of working.






Over the years, manual method of processing civil service has been used.  This method has its problems.  It has been proven to be very ineffective and inefficient. The need arises for the development of employee training tracking program owing to the problems listed below:

  • The difficulties people face in keeping information/data using large files.
  • Unwillingness attitude of some staff when dealing with data/information.
  • The job of preparing salary payment in annually is tedious causes delay.
  • Fragile nature of information/data.
  • Difficulties people encountered when searching for given information.
  • Time wasted in searching for information on packed files.
  • Time wasted in sorting files.
  • Difficulties in recording the actual punctuality of some staff.


1.3              PURPOSE OF STUDY

The main purpose of this study is to put to an end the difficulties people encountered during storage of data/information. This is actualized by designing an EMPLOYEE TRAINING TRACKING SYSTEM which is user friendly and interactive. By the time this software is designed and implemented, the difficulties encountered with manual method of keeping information will be eliminated.


1.4              SIGNIFICANCE OF STUDY

With the growth in information technology, the study offers numerous values both to the religious group and to any organization that deals with data/information.

Huge files kept in the offices will no longer be there because information will be stored on the computer with the help of the EMPLOYEE TRAINING TRACKING SYSTEM. It will help to keep a comprehensive record of employee training.

Because of the easy to use nature of the EMPLOYEE TRAINING TRACKING SYSTEM, any organization can easily buy it to make use of them.


1.5              AIMS AND OBJECTIVES

The study aims at designing EMPLOYEE TRAINING TRACKING SYSTEM that will help to eliminate instances, delay and frauds associated with manual calculation of workers’ salaries and entitlements. Other objectives are:

  • To stop or eliminate the difficulties people face with manual method of storage.
  • To eliminated unwillingness and nonchalant attitude of some staff that deal with information in an organization.
  • To easy the work associated with manual method.
  • To eliminate the error involved with the manual storage of data/information.
  • To save the time wasted when searching or sorting through employee training tracking record.





This project work is narrowed to first bank and her workers. It deals with the designing of a computerized employee training tracking system. The program will help workers get information concerning their employee training tracking.




In the process of carrying out this research work, some factors tried to hinder the free flow of work.  These factors include

  • Time: Time factors in the sense that the semester was short and as a result combining this work with studies was tedious.
  • Finance: Finances were rather on the lean side and as a result it affected the carrying out the research in that monetary commitment was needed for going to the case study, photocopying document, browsing e.t.c.
  • Lukewarm attitude of the staff: The staff of the payroll department was rather hostile and aggressive owing to the fact that the felt of this activity is computerized they might lose their jobs to the computer.
  • Flowchart: It is a pictorial representation of information in data processing by means of symbols and interconnecting linking the generations.
  • Transport Allowance: This is the allowance given to a staff for his transportation to work.



One of the major assumptions made in this project work is that manual methods of processing and storing worker’s information are ineffective, time wasting, prone to with the level of development of information technology, there is a serious demand to join this trend of information technology.

It is also assumed that employee training tracking system motivate the staffs to work more with easy.



  • COMPUTER: A computer is a programmable machine designed to sequentially and automatically carry out a sequence of arithmetic or logical operations.
  • CLIENT: A client is an application or system that accesses a remote service on another computer, known as a SERVER, by way of a network.
  • DATA: Data is information in a form suitable for use with a computer. It is also expressed as unprocessed fact.
  • DATABASE: A database is an organized collection of data for one or more uses, typically in digital form. The data is typically organized to model a certain aspect of reality, an application, in a way that the views reflected by such a collection can help to follow and manage these aspect/application.
  • HARDWARE: Hardware can be defined as the physical artifacts of a technology. It can also mean the physical components of a computer system.
  • INFORMATION: This is data that have been processed, interpreted and understood by the recipient of the message or report.
  • INTERNET: This is a collection of computer networks that operate to common standards and enable the computes and the program they run to communicate directly.
  • SOFTWARE: This is a logically written program that hardware uses to perform its operation.
  • SYSTEM: This is the collection of hardware, software, data, information, procedure and people.
  • COMMUNICATION: This is used to inform your employee the importance of flexibility.
  • EDUCATE: This educate employees by putting your guidelines request forms and instructions.
  • TRAIN: This involves training employee to be able to review request and make business-based decision.
  • TRACK: This involves keeping track of users in flexible work arrangement with unique feedback and tracking tools.
  • REPORT: This is the results and use case studies to shine the spotlight on success.


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