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Computers are known for their wide range of uses especially in scientific and mathematical fields. However little or no thought has been given to designing a complete and thorough intelligence entrance examination on a computer system in our immediate environment. This entrance examination system is designed to assist university administration examination in attaining a standardized sample, and as such the psychological implication of such a design is very important.
The design of the system is quite simple and easily understood. Its flexibility makes it amenable for future changes and amendment to either incorporate other aspects of intelligence or to be designed for any other school age or class.
The question of the online entrance examination system are programmed and visually displayed on the system‘s screen in an interactive form. The student answers the question on the computer system, immediately the question is marked and notified. The result of the examination is also displayed at the end of the examination which goes a long way to lessen the fears of students that they were marked down in the examination. Since the entrance examination is examined by the computer, time cost of manual examination is saved. Based on the virtues of internet amendment which have been made to the examination system concept by constructing a website with online entrance examination, online question setting and answer and online management by the administrator.
Title page – – – – – – – – i
Certification – – – – – – – – ii
Approval page – – – – – – – – iii
Dedication – – – – – – – – iv
Acknowledgement – – – – – – – v
Abstract – – – – – – – – – vi
Introduction – – – – – – – – 1
Background Of The Study – – – – – -2
Objective of The Study – – – – – – -5
Justification for the System – – – – – -6
Statement of Problem – – – – – – -7
Scope Of The Study – – – – – – – -8
Significance Of Study – – – – – – -9
Literature Review – – – – – – – 11
Computer Versus Paper – – – – – – 27
Technical difficulties Include — – – – – 30
Other General Comments Included The Following – -30
Other Related Works – – – – – – -31
Computer Assisted Learning – – – – – -31
A Brief Historic Review – – – – – – -32
Approaches To e-learning Services – – – – -34
Computer Based Learning – – – – – -35
Computer – Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) -37
Technology – Enhanced Learning (TEL) – – – -38
Computer Aided Learning Versus Traditional Education -40
Faculty and Student Feedback – – – – – -42
Methodology and Analysis Of The Present System – 48
The Research Methodology – – – – – 48
Software Process Model – – – – – – 49
Method Of Data Collection – – – – – 50
Online Entrance Examination use-case
Model Main Diagram — – – – — – – 51
User Requirement Definition – – – – – 64
The Products And Process Features – – – 65
System Requirement Specification – – – – 66
The features That Are Available
To be Administrator Are: – – – – – – 67
The features That Are Available To The Examiner Are: 68
Non-Functional System requirement – – – 68
Safety Requirements- – – – – – — 68
Security Requirements – – – – – – 69
Software Quality Attributes – – – – – 69
System Interfaces – – – – – – – 69
User Interface – – – – – – – – 70
Hardware Interfaces – – – – – – – -70
Software Interfaces – – – – – – – -70
Communications Interfaces – – – – – – -70
System Models – – – – – – – – -71
System Evolution – – – – – – – – -71
Context Diagram – – – – – – – – -72
Interaction Model – – – – – – – -73
System Design, Testing, And Implementation – 80
System Design – – – – – – – – 80
System implementation – – – – – – 80
Summary Conclusion And Recommendation – – 92
Summary – – – – – – – – – 92
Conclusion- – – – – – – – – 92
Recommendation – – – – – – – – 93
Reference – – – – – – – – 94
An entrance examination is an examination that many educational institutions use to select students for admission. These exams may be administered at any level of education, from primary to higher education, although they are more common at higher levels. Online entrance examination systems are very convenient and fast. Online entrance examination system has three purposes.
1. To allow entrance examination takers at different places to take the examination at the same time through the online entrance examination website.
2. Through careful planning and proper coding, enable entrance examination, result checking and admission status on the websites.
3. To integrate database with the program allowing administrator easily addition of question and creation of entrance examination.
This document will propose all features and procedures to develop the system. This document specially containing details about objectives, scope limitation, process model, primary requirements, team development, possible project risks, project schedule, and finally monitoring and reporting mechanisms. Online entrance examination system is very useful for Educational Institute to prepare an exam, safe the time that will take to check the paper and prepare mark sheets. It will help the Institute to entrance examinationing of students and develop their skills. But the disadvantages for this system, it takes a lot of times when you prepare the exam at the first time for usage. And we are needs number of computers with the same number of students. The effective use of “Online entrance examination system”, any Educational Institute or training centers can be use it to develop their strategy for putting the exams, and for getting better results in less time.
However the formulation of question for entrance examination is often treated with consciousness. With the developing of computer application technology, more and more computer application software is coming up. This application software‘s associated to every part of people‘s daily life, and so does the examinations. Just like other application system, examination systems develop very fast, from simple stand-alone system to C/S based system, and now some WEB based system. Although there are a lot of examination systems, but there also have blanks in some special fields. Examination Evaluation System integrated into the Multimedia Emulation Training System of certain type equipment is designed and will be introduced. This system can be used to help people familiar with the equipment usage quickly which can save money and time. Now the following will analysis and contrast the existing examination systems, and shoveling out the improvement of our examination system. Then we will introduce some characteristics of our system in chapter 3. And in chapter 4 we will introduce the key technology that applied in our system. At last we make a summary on our system and make a brief prospect on the future of the examination system.
Caritas University is a catholic private institution established by Very Rev. FATHER EMMANUEL EDEH. This institution was established in the year 2005 and located in Amorji-Nike Enugu state.
Caritas University have two venue for their examinations, Charity Square and Auditorium. Auditorium is under roof amendment. Caritas University with over four thousand students has four faculties presently and they include natural
science, engineering, environmental and social science. Caritas University uses the manual method of paper and pen for entrance examinations.
Automation of the entrance exams involves the experts reasoning process to solve the problems involve in the manual entrance exams by using certain program validation in the program properties to check for some criteria. Automation of entrance examination involves a set of program that manipulate encoded knowledge to solve problems in a specialized domain that normally requires human expert.[1] Edward A. Feigenbaum was one of the people in software based pc consultancy‘s research who decided in the mid 1960‘s the reason why pc consultancy should be produced, the reason was that he thought on how important it is to know how much a computer program can know and the best way to find out would be to try constructing an artificial expert.
In the process of looking for an appropriate field of expertise Feigenbaum encountered Joshua Lederberg, the noble laureate biochemist, who suggested that software for entrance examination in various fields is to be produced together they began work on DENDRAL, the first software Based Examination system in 1965 at Stamford university.
‗‘when you think you have you have created a program structure capable of manipulating expert knowledge, you have to get some knowledge into the system‖. {2} {Joshua Lederberg}
The characteristics of this expert system include the ability to encode knowledge in a program. It also has the capability to draw it`s reasoning from meta-knowledge (inference) which is very important feature of expert system. It has a high performance of helping to solve problem of marking answers without favoritism.
Engineering with the following department: Computer, Mechanical, Chemical and Electronics Engineering.
Environmental with the following departments: Architecture, urban& regional planning and estate management.
Management and social science with the following department accountancy, economics, business administration, public administration, political science, industrial relation and personal management mass communication marketing banking and finance.
Natural Science with the following department biochemistry computer science &information industrial chemistry mathematics & statistics and microbiology &biotechnology.
In universities like caritas they have not been able to implement an online entrance examination system which can allow student login and write their exams from any location around the globe once they have purchase their entrance examination card., though they have been several anticipated work but no reliable software to back it up .i have analyzed the situation and discover that though much effort is required to develop and maintain this online entrance examination system. I hope all necessary tools within my reach would be reliable enough to make this software development.
1.3 OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY Corporate between the data stored in the server of the Institution and our on line entrance examination system. To deal with On-line System in an easy way and an efficient mannered. (Connection process) Create strong and secrete data base that allow for any connection in a secret way, to prevent any outside or inside attacks or question leakage.
Dean Faculty of Humanities
Dean Faculty of social sciences
Dean Faculty of Education
Dean Faculty of Engineering
Dean Faculty of management science.
Dean Faculty of science
Exams record
Database administrator
Specify a privilege to administrators to be able to change their question at will before the online entrance examination. Prevention of exam malpractices by applying strict timing possibility for each question and marking of questions immediately, The student fear of been marked down is eradicated and sorting practice is reduced.
Due to the inconsistency which have persisted in entrance examination system through the university administration system and neighboring institutions
The justification for this work is as follows: To do away with manual method of paper and pen for entrance examination which have posed serious threat to the standard of student ability during exams. The manual method could not handle the problem of sorting,and exam malpractice during exams as result an efficient method has to be put in place to eradicate the possibility of occurrence. An ―on-line entrance examination system‖. To reduce the fears of student thinking they where mark down during the entrance exams. To save cost of constant purchase of answer booklets and also save time and human labor of strolling round the exams to checking for student irregular act in the exam hall, malpractices etc. Entrance examination student can easily write their exam anywhere around the globe once they purchase the school scratch card for the entrance examination.
Design and implementation of an online entrance examination system. This system allows candidates to register and take an examination in the system. The teachers of this system are allowed to login for contributing questions and viewing profile of candidates. Administrators will be able to access the system to sign up to a new entrance examination, manage questions, accounts and view profile of the candidates.
I will borrow a host for implementation our system. Our group will keep the existing entrance examination catalog database by using Microsoft access to access database.
At the first entrance examination, guest must register an account to become a candidate by fill all required information such as name, birthday…. Once the registration process is completed for a guest, the registration system sends information to the billing system so the guest can be logged in the system.
After that, the system will allow candidate to login and select a department for examining.
Every time, the candidates will be able to view their profile.
The teacher must be able to access the online system to contribute questions. They also can view the profile of candidates.
The administrator manages operation of the system such as managing accounts and questions, viewing profile of candidates.
FEATURES Type of Questions-multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blanks and essay.
Exams can be timed or untimed set the date and time when the specific entrance examination has to be available. Can include pictures, graphics and flash (.swf) files in the questions of the online examinations. The Student and Faculty details are stored in the database. The Online entrance examination system has a password based authentication system for students as well as System Administrator. Trends Graphs Included for analysis-system is capable of generating statistical data for examiner.
This Supplementary Specification applies to the Online entrance Examination, which will be developed by me under close supervision of Mrs. Chizoba Emeze using all the necessary material within my reach to ensure a successful project result.
This specification defines the non-functional requirements of the system; such as reliability, usability, performance, and supportability, as well as functional requirements that are common across a number of use cases. (The functional requirements are defined in the Use Case Specifications.)
Multiple users must be able to perform their work concurrently. If student is running out of time, it should be notified.
Protect student from cheating.
In the modern world with all the complexities involve in managing a university management requires well structured and scientifically derivable information as a basis for online entrance examination for student.
The survival and continuous growth relies on the management of the automated system. In some places like Europe they make use of the online for entrance examination for student this method has proven to be very efficient and met so many standardization eliminating the manual method of pen and paper.
The study will contribute positively to show student their answer and admission status after the exams if they have met the necessary school perquisite.
In this era of dwindling resources the management of public and private institution, will need an effective system (online entrance examination system).with online entrance examination system human labor is saved, time and cost is maximized effectively.
This document is used to define terminology specific to the problem domain, explaining terms, which may be unfamiliar to the reader of the use-case descriptions or other project documents. Often, this document can be used as an informal data dictionary, capturing data definitions so that use-case descriptions and other project documents can focus on what the system must do with the information.
The glossary contains the working definitions for the key concepts in the Online Examination System.
A entrance examination offered the system, have some question and multiple choices answer.
A person contributes questions and views profile of candidates.
A person has an account on the online entrance examination.
A person manages the operation of the system.
A person registers an account in the online entrance examination.
All the information of candidate such name, birthday, grades of all examined entrance examinations.
A problem has 4 choices and only correct answer.


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