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CHAPTER ONE                 

1.0    INTRODUCTION –              –                  –                  –        1

1.1    SCOPE OF STUDY –           –                  –                  –        2

1.2    LIMITATION OF STUDY           –                  –                  –        3

1.3    DEFINITION OF TERMS –                  –                  –        4



2.1    LITERATURE REVIEW               –                  –                  –        5



3.1    CONCLUSION –                  –                  –                  –        8

3.2    RECOMMENDATION                 –                  –                  –        8


REFERENCE     –                           –                  –                  –        10



Computerized Industrial Training Supervision system is a database information system used by the institution to record and supervise all the students record undergoing their industrial training experience. It is a powerful tool in the career department of the institution.

Database is a collection of information data, or citation stored in electronic format that can be searched for specific information or record by techniques specific to each database. Students industrial training system is a program used to electronically collect data, process it and also store it for future use.

Computerized industrial supervision system implements that techniques of database permutation normalization is the process of efficiently organizing data in a database.

The use of this programeis  to eliminate redundancy and dependencies as they reduce the amount of space a database consumes and ensures that data logically stored. The program deal on students Industrial training system. The sole purpose of this program is to enhance and facilitate the management approach information collected and storage for future use.





The role of that information technology has played in various fields of human endeavour cannot over emphasized. As most section of humanity live, banking, industry, automobile industry all have experience the influence of information technology likewise the religious setting.

Students work experience scheme (SIWES) was designed to prepare students in institute of higher learning to be able to handle some of these equipments and machineries that may not be available in their various institutions of higher learning. Moreover, industrial training has contributed a lot to the students various areas of study.

Industrial attachment however is the opportunity given to students by the university commission to fix their selves to an industry to acquire a practical knowledge of their profession to understand very well the nature of their provision and help them to access their understanding and able to adjust the areas they are lacking behind.


In 1974, the Federal Government introduced the National policy on industrial training called Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES). The program is designed by the federal Government under the ministry of Education and supervised by the National Board for Technical Education. It is designed to help students acquire practical education and experience in their field of study. This program has provided a lot benefit to students as it expose them to real life and practical experience of things they might have learnt thus, they are in a better  position to face life successfully.

Computerized students industrial training system is a powerful database program that record all the data of students undergoing industrial training. A computer database is a structured collection of records or data that is stored in a computer system. A database relies upon software to organize the storage of data. In other words, the software models the database structure in what are known as database models (or data models).



The project work is narrowed to institutes of management and technology board and her students. It deals with designing of computerized industrial system. The program will help students get information concerning their industrial training.

This program has provided a lot benefit to students as it expose them to real life and practical experience of things they might have learnt thus, they are in a better  position to face life successfully.

From the work training, it is expected that the student who on his attachment should learn both practical and theoretical aspect of work based on the industry and the department he is attached to.



Owing to the scope of this project as mentioned above, this project work is limited to students who are due for industrial training attachment in their various institutions mostly polytechnics and some other higher citadel of learning. It is important to mention that time was a major constraints in the course of the fact finding.

It is also wise to mention here that some information we need to work was not collected because of unwillingness of the board to reveal such information.






CLIENT          – This is any person that request specific service from a server process.

COMPUTER  – This is an electronic machine that can accept, handle and manipulate data by performing arithmetic and logic operations without human intervention usually under the control of a program.

DATA              – This is the fore runner of information. It is an unprocessed fact.

DATABASE   – Is a collection of information that is related to a particular subject or purpose.

INFORMATION        –        It is the data that have been processed interpreted and understood by the recipient of the message or report.

SOFTWARE  – This is a logically written program that hardware uses to perform its operations.

SYSTEM        – This is the collection of hardware, software, data, information, procedure and people.


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