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Fish is highly nutritious with high protein content. However, it is a suitable medium for growth of microorganisms,if poorly processed (Oparaku and Mgbenka, 2012). The growth of microorganisms and othernon-microbial activities such as lipid oxidation contribute to the deterioration of fish products (Martin, 2010). An increase in the ambient temperature triggers favourable conditions for microorganisms to thrive,which reduces the quality of fish and its potential keeping time leading to food loss (Abolagba et al., 2011).

Preserving food and other perishable products like fish and meat generally involves processes that impedegrowth of microorganisms either by the addition of growth inhibiting ingredients or adjusting storageconditions by freezing or drying (Akise et al., 2013). Processing methods affect the microorganisms in fishin different ways, resulting in different types of micro-flora and different risks from spoilage organisms andpathogens.

In dried fish, the micro-flora are prevented from growing by the storage method used and the productmay have a long shelf life in the preserved state. However, the microbial load of fish rarely indicates thequality of the fish, but gives an indication of the risk of spoilage induced since each of the organisms has different ways of affecting the health conditions of consumers of such contaminated fish (Gram et al.,2015).  As result  there is a need to investigate microorganisms such fungi that are associated to fish spoilage. This necessitated this study into investigating fungi associated with smoked dried fish vended in Eke –Awka Market in Anambra state.

1.2 Aims/Objectives of the study.

The aim of the study is to investigate the fungi associated with spoilage of smoked dried fish. Specifically, the objective of the study is to;

  1. Isolated the fungi’s associated to smoked dried fish vended in Eke-Awka market.
  2. To identify the fungi associated to smoked dried fish.

1.3 Scope of the study

The scope of the study covers the fungi associated with smoked dried fish that are vended in Eke- Awka market. The scope will also cover the isolation and identification of fungi associated to smoked dried fish.

1.4     Justification

  • Smoked dried fish constitute a major source of animal protein for a vast majority of the population in Nigeria, particularly the rural areas.
  • It is therefore important from toxicological points of view to investigate the growth and effects of fungi on smoked —dried fish.




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