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Conflict is an everyday occurrence in human life. This seminar paper look at an organizational conflict from a broader sense and perspective owing to the fact that organizations are made up of human beings therefore this creates way for conflicts, which is classified according to the followings, intra-individual conflict or internal conflicts within individuals, interpersonal conflicts.  This has been given reasonable and assonate attention in the subsequent chapters of this research work. However, there are several causes of organizational conflicts.  They include existence of incompatible goals, problems of status in congruities in perception and incompatible resource allocation some group of researchers believed that these structural causes are summed up and enshrined in hierarchical conflict that tends to exist between various levels of the organization.



Conflict have sent many organizations to their untimely doom.  Like social interaction, interactive behaviour can occur at the individual, personal, group or organizational levels.  In addition, it frequently results in conflict at each of these level in banking sector of Nigerian economy, these conflicts have left much to be desired in the activities of these banks.

Therefore with particular reference to the United Bank for African (UBA Plc), this conflict is not absence.  This is because conflict is an energy day occurrence in life.  Through but it is not entirely bad.  This is because an organization can exploit opportunities and increase its efficiency through conflict.

Conflict can lead to innovation and change, it can energies people to activity, develop protection for something else in the organisation and be an important element in systems analysis of the organisation.  Such factors indicate that conflict can be managed to work for rather than against, goal attainment in the modern organisation.

More conceptually, it has been suggested that there are four causes of organizational conflict, viz:

  1. An incompatible goals situation
  2. The existence of incompatible means or incompatible resource allocation.
  3. A problem of status incongruities, and
  4. A difference in perceptions




Social interaction occurs on three levels of social organization.  Like social interaction, interactive behaviour can occur at the individual, personal, group or organizational level and it frequently results in conflict at each of these levels.


Intra Individual Conflict

With every individual there are usually

  1. A number of competing need and roles.
  2. A variety of different ways that dries and roles can be expressed.
  3. Both positive and negative aspects attached to desired goals.

These complicate the human adaptation process and offer result in conflict.  Intra individual forms of conflict can be analysed in terms of the frustration from work, goals and roles.

Frustration occurs when a motivated drive is blocked before reaching a desired goal.  Reaction to frustration includes aggression against the barrier, withdrawal, fixation and compromise.  In some cases, frustration may bring forth a positive response in which the individual tries to overcome the barriers or over compensate.

Goal conflict is another source of conflict for an individual.  Goal conflict exists when a given goal has both positive and negative features, or there are two or more competing goals.  Where as in frustration a single motive is blocked before the goal is reached, in goal conflict two or more motive block are another.

There are three separate types of goal conflicts:

  1. Approach – Approach Conflict:- This type of goal conflict probably has the least impact on organizational behaviour because the competing goals are all positive.
  2. Approach – Avoidance Conflict:- This type of goal conflict is most relevant to the analysis of organizational behaviour.  Normally, organizational goals have both positive and negative aspect for employees

According, the organizational goal may avenue a great deal of conflict within a person and may actually cause the person to vacillate anxiously at the point where approach equals avoidance.

  1. Avoidance – Avoidance Conflict:-  This type of conflict does have a great deal of impact on organizational efficiency and behaviour.  Avoidance – avoidance conflict is usually easily resolved.  An employee failed with two negative goals may choose either of them and simply leave the situation in some situations, however, the person is unable to leave.  To a lesser extent, most personnel in modern organsations are also restricted from leaving, for example recently UBA threw most of the personnel out of job.  Such workers as their job are very scarce.  Role conflict involve an incompatibility between job tasks, roles, polices or resources, and other people.  Role conflict create ambiguity which results from inadequate information or knowledge to do a job due to any of poor training, low communication or the deliberate withholding or distortion of information by a co-worker or boss.  In any event the result of the role conflict and role ambiguity is stress for the individual.


Interpersonal Conflict

This concerns the conflict that can arise when two or more persons are interacting with one another.  Johari window is effective approach to the analysis of interpersonal behaviour (conflict).  Developed by Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham (hence the name Johari) the model helps to identify several interpersonal studies, shows the characteristics and result of these styles, and suggests ways of interpreting the conflict that may develop between the employee and others.



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