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The analysis was carried out to determine the microbial load on spoilt egusi.  The Total heterophilic bacteria  recorded ranges from 1.2 X 1010 – 2.8 X 1010 Cfu/g  and the Total coliform count ranges from 7.8 X 109 – 9.8 X 109Cfu/g  and the Total fungi obtained ranges from 1.6 X 1010 – 1.7 X 1010 Cfu/g. Five genera of bacteria were isolated which are salmonella, Staphylococcus, Escherichia coli, Bacillus, and Klebisiella. Fungal isolates are Rhizopus spp., Aspergillus spp., mucor spp., and Penicillium spp.












Citrullus colocynthis l. “Egusi” is specie of melon, native to tropical Africa (west of the east Africa rift) where it is grown for food and as a source of oil.

Biochemical changes in food when observed as undesirable is considered as spoilage because food is an important source of nutrients, microorganism inhibit and grow in them which gradually changes their quality and their natural properties. Deterioration of food generally is attributed, two main causes which are natural degradation due to activities of enzymes and growth of microorganisms (bacteria, mould and yeast). The negative effects of these microbial activities results in decay, rotting of food and food poisoning. Food spoilage occurs when microorganisms release their enzyme and absorbs the nutrients of the food. The detection and control of pathogens responsible for food spoilage is a part of food microbiology. The population of microorganisms and their types present in food are determined by the environment the food is originally obtained.


Microorganisms are known to be harmful and destroy foods such as fruit and vegetable, thereby reducing the quality, quality for man’s consumption and also desirable profits from sales of producers of food.

Bacterial and fungal are very harmful microorganisms which are associated in many plant diseases and spoilage. The adverse effect of bacteria and fungal has resulted in the shortage of Egusi for consumption and also reduced its nutitional valve.


The aims and objective of this topic; Microbial profile of spoilt Egusi “Citrullus colocynthis l.” are as follow:

To determine the microbial load of spoilt Egusi

To isolate the microorganism associated in the spoilage of Egusi.

To identify and characterize the isolated organisms.


This study will be useful to farmers, melon industries and consumers of Citrullus colocynthis l. The outcome of this research will guide user of Egusi, on the best methods of preserving it, to avoid spoilage.

The research work Citrullus colocynthis l. for student project work, to farmers seeking to know more about Colocynthis citrullus l. and to companies that uses it as raw materials for production of oil and food condiment.



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