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Statement of the Problems

Education cannot work out successfully without adequate plans, policies and proper implementations of laid down rules, in order to achieve stated goals. The administration of Nigeria educational programmes has been swimming in the biocratic situation due to politics, economic and social problems. The socio-economic factors have been multi-dimensional in features.  The homes of these pupils/students have been identified through this research as the basic or foundation of the problems.  Due to high level of divorcés, broken homes, single parenthood and the quest for material wealth, parents and guidance has left their primary status to maids, house boys, and teachers. The research work is concerned more to find out the socio-economic factors affecting the academic performance of students in Obingwa Local Government area of Abia State.

From all indications, in a situation like this, one can conclude that the academic performance of students who are the bye-products of our school system will be in jeopardy, and the future will be bleak.

However these socio-economic factors have affected students’ performance in external examinations and their attitude in higher institutions of learning, and have been a great challenge to the implementation of programme and policies of government.

Furthermore, due to non-challant attitude of our educational administrators in implementing the national policy on education, and inherent corruption in the sectors, teachers lack the basic tools and instructional materials required to impact knowledge on the children.  In addition, the teaching profession is looked down upon as the morale of the teachers are low, which also affect their productivity.  Teaching has been left in the hands of women due to poor remuneration and allowances, low morale of the profession and little or no motivational factors on the job.

The researcher has gone to finding a lasting solution that if properly implemented or adopted, it will go a long way to help alleviating the situation, which will have a positive effect on the student’s performance in schools.

However, the over bearing influence of the peer groups on these children has been enormous.  In addition, movies, televisions, internets, telephones and other social networks like the face book, 2go, twitter etc has played significant roles in shaping the morals and attitude of our students and their performance in schools.


Purpose of the Study

The purpose of the study was to find out the Factors Affecting the Socio-Economic of Academic Performance of Student in  Obingwa Local Government Area of Abia State.

Importance of the Study

            The factors affecting the socio-economic of  academic performance of students in Obingwa Local Government Area of Abia  State has become alarming, that through this research work certain salient factors which has not been addressed will be highlighted in order to help our school system and the pupil/students at large.

The duties of our parent/guidance will be highlighted, which has been neglected for some time now.  The study intends to expose the various socio-economic factors affecting student’s academic performance such as examination malpractices, broken homes, single parenthood, divorce, economic recessions, poverty in the economy, low moral and social values of our culture and norms in the recent past.

However, students’ attitude towards hard work and quest for academic excellence has not been encouraging.  The issue of special centres for examination malpractices, leakage of examination questions by relevant educational authorities for material gains, and the quest of parents to make sure that their wards successes at all cost have contributed a lot to these problems.

Literature Review

This section focuses on the Review of Related Literature on the socio-economic factors affecting the Academic Performance of Students, the concept of education and the prospect of finding a lasting solution to some of these problems.

Empirical Studies

Meaning of Instructional Strategy:

All instructional designers would then plan an approach to each of these steps after obtaining a set of objectives a description of assumed entry behaviours and the criterion referenced test.

  1. Does the plan provide for inquiry approach?
  2. What provisions are made to enable the learner to think, discover, make generalizations and give illustrations of his own?
  3. How far does the teaching procedure promote high levels of objectives?
  4. Are there provisions in the teaching styles of known principles of learning such as motivation, interest, reinforcement and transfer?
  5. How are the activities varied?

Ama-jirionwu (2005) has listed the following techniques and skills to be included in instructional strategy. Using different points of view; Reinforcement; Control of participation; Repetition; Recognizing pupil attention; Use of examples;  Asking questions; Silence and non—verbal cues communication; Varying the stimulus situation lecturing;  Lecturing; Variety and variation.  Each of these skills and techniques is used within any given lesson to bring about a desirable outcome.

According to Gaga and Brigge (2009) a major distinction needs to be made between a model of teaching and instructional system. They feel that it appears that the purpose of a model of teaching is to provide a conceptual link between desired outcomes and an appropriate teaching method or set of methods. Dick and Carey (2008) preferred to use system’ e approach and humanistic approach to instruction. Nevertheless, they share almost the same basic concepts from principles of learning. Any given model is designed to teach a particular type of lessons to a particular type of student. Thus some models are used for the science subjects and others for the arts subjects.

Some more lights have been thrown into the following concepts: Instruction; teaching strategies methods and procedure.

According to Rodgers (2005) when one discusses curriculum instruction and teaching strategies, method and procedures-some instance must be taken-unfortunately, the literature in education often uses these terms interchangeably or on term has been used as a replacement for the other owing to the ‘fact in vogue at the time of its use.


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