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This research point out the place of local government in delivery of socio-economic goodies or development to Oru east local government area. It also examines how far these developmental activities have been able to reach the grassroots. The impact it has made on the rural dwellers has actually shown the roles of the local government authority to which they belong.

Development has been defined as the desirable socio-economic and in the political progress which involves improvement in the general living condition of people. Considering the above definition it could be said that it is one thing to embark on a programme to achieve the desired goal. Some people in Oru East have not felt the presence of local government administration in the area. Therefore has projected and made clear the role of Oru east council in the development of all the communities.

In view at the fact that local government plays a leading role in the development of community. This study is aimed at highlighting the various developmental programmes or projects embarked upon by Oru East local government area of Imo state. The study is also expected to make recommendation where necessary in order to bring about desired development in the rural area with particular reference to Oru east local government. The study shall also determine the extent to which local government affect the development of rural communities with reference to Oru East local government area of Imo state.
















Title page

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Table of contents


  • Introduction
    • Background of the research
    • Statement of the problem
    • Objectives of the study
    • Research questions
    • Significance of the study
    • Scope of the study
    • Limitation of the study
    • Definition of term



  • Literature review
    • Introduction
    • The concept of local government
    • Objectives of local government
    • Power and functions of local government
    • Chairman and deputy chairman of local government in Nigeria
    • Functions of supervisory councilor
    • Local government treasure
    • Committee of local government council
    • The concept of community development
    • Approaches to community development
      • The extension approach
      • Project approach

2.10.3     Self help approach



  • Research design and methodology
    • Introduction
    • Research design
    • Source/method of data collection
    • Population and sample size
    • Sample technique
    • Validity and reliability of measuring instrument
    • Method of data analysis



  • Presentation and analysis of data
    • Introduction
    • Presentation of data
    • Analysis of data
    • Interpretation of result



  • Summary
    • Introduction
    • Summary of finding
    • Conclusion
    • Recommendations








Local government is the government at grass root designed to serve as an instrument for rapid rural development. Hence the primary purpose of local government is to  bring government nearer to the local communities so that the local people could participate fully in the process of government.

According to Egwu (2000:1) there is no rapport or congruence on the most appropriate strategy to the administration of the rural areas. This is made manifest in the adoption of different approaches and strategies of governance and administration by different countries, states within a country and even among local communities in a country.

Still on the meaning and definition of local government, (Nworji 2004) defined it as “that aspect of public administration that takes place in a particular and unique sector of the community or rural areas. At all levels of administration in an organization the goals are achieved through planning, organizing, coordinating, directing and supervising the human, material and financial resources available to attend to the “felt” and “unfelt” needs of the people in that very  institution and the society at large.

Notwithstanding, local government is surrounded by available of definitions as rightly pointed out by Katagbor, however, the differences in perception and definitions of local government is one form of arrangements for administering public services at the grass root.



Local government all over the world has not only been seen as government at the grass root but also as a veritable instrument for the development of the rural areas.

Local government, otherwise known as third tier government is primarily set to provide basic social facilities and services of the local dwellers, thereby quickening the process of development at the grass root levels. Before the local government reform of 1976 in Nigeria, local government has always existed in the country, going back memory lane, it will be recalled that the Richard constitution of 1996 provided for regionalization of Nigeria namely, Northern, Western, eastern regions. This provision paved the way  for the practice of local government in different way inspite of the fact that Nigeria colonial masters adopted the indirect rule system of their administrative convenience, it can be argued that it gave the indigenous chief and people the opportunity to participate in the governance of their local areas. There  is no gain saying the fact that local government has played and still plays great role in the development of communities in Nigeria. The position of the local government cannot be over emphasized. It is a government that is closer to the people and properly located to address the development problems of communities. Nigeria communities no doubt are faced with a catalogue of development problems which includes lack of infrastructural facilities poverty etc. indeed the above mentioned problems are the most pressing needs that associated with the rural areas at  a closer look no doubt, we shall discover some others. Local government has been created to specifically address the above mentioned needs in recent times. It has been stated that local government has played leading roles in alleviating the suffering of the rural people.




       Having known the historical background of local government and its even objective to bring rapid development to the local level through out the country (community development), these are the problems encountered in the process of seeking for success in community development in Oru east local government area of Imo state.

Improper funding is a problem to community development in this community. The government grand which is supposed to eliminate the problems is very easy to secure. Bank credit facilities and capital are very difficult to come by because of collateral security, which is often demanded by financial house. The lack of fund has been responsible for the non-completion of most community development programmes all over the community.

Improper coordination is also a  problem to community development because the community is not well co-ordinated, it lack administrative sense of operation with the acronym “POSDCORB” which entails planning, organizing, staffing, directing, co-ordinating report and budgeting. Due to lack of co-ordinating, a lot of porgrammes and resources committed into the community for the purpose of development has been wasted. The resources of any programme is dependent on proper co-ordination of effort involved in the programme implementation.

Lack of trained and professional workers also affects the successful execution of community development programme the presense of community development experts will help to ensure success because the training which they acquired will enable them stimulate the community members to be involved in the process of community development.

Finally, political and religious differences has been responsible for the non-completion of an on-going community programmes or projects in Imo state, we have many political parties like PDP, APC etc, usually the communities that voted mostly during election are the people that will benefit from the administration while other communities that didn’t vote for the party or the person in power will not benefit from the administration due to political difference.



       In view of the fact that local government plays a role in the development of community, this study aimed at highlighting the various development programmes or projects embarked upon by Oru East local government area of Imo state.

  1. To find out why staff welfare packages are poor in Oru East local government area.
  2. To investigate if local government administration in Oru East local government area serves as a machinery for community development.
  3. To determine if poor community system in Oru East local government area has any effect on staff overall performance
  4. To examine if there are some infrastructural development in Oru East local government area.
  5. To assess whether the local government in Oru East local government authority created any impact in the lives of rural dwellers.



       The following questions will guide the study

  1. Why are staff welfare packages poor in Oru East local government area?
  2. Is local government administration in Oru East local government area a machinery for community development?
  3. Has poor community system in Oru East local government area has any effect on staff overall performance?
  4. Are there some infrastructural development in Oru East local government area
  5. Has the local government area in Oru east local government authority created any impact in the lives of rural dwellers.



       No doubt lots have been written on the role of local government in community development in Nigeria. This study serves as a stepping stone in realization of the place of local government in community development.

Development of the communities is a brain child of both the federal and state government in view of the above. This study is aimed at contributing to knowledge as well as assisting government to take informed decisions.

This work is expected to assist our policy makers who ahs taken it upon themselves to sensitize the rural dwellers in Oru East local government. This is because through the finding of this work, they would then appreciate the importance of identifying the needs of the communities before embarking on any project in a community.

This work  will serve as an additional knowledge to the researcher, in order to learn more about the roles of local government in community development. It is significant not only as a guide to improvement but also as a source for enhancing progress in community development.

The research work will also be beneficial to students of public administration for more knowledge about the roles of local government in community development.



       This study is expected to finding out the roles of local government in community development in Oru East local government area of Imo state.

Oru East local government in which its headquarters is in the town of Omuma has an area of 136km2 and a population of about 111,822.

The study also focuses on the social, political and economical roles of local government in Oru East local government area. In doing this, particular attention is to be paid on the impact of developmental programmes in the different communities of Oru East local government.



       In an attempt to make this work an interesting and comprehensive one, I encountered some hindrances.

The following were the hindrance that I encountered in the process of making this quality research work.

  1. Low co-operation from respondents and reluctance of staff and management of Oru East local government and Imo state local government service commission to release relevant data required for the study.
  2. Most of the respondent interviewed and administered with the questionnaires where illiterates and semi-illustrate and they saw the exercise as a means of collecting information for tax assessment.
  3. Lack of material and relevant literature also limited the quality of this research work.



LOCAL GOVERNMENT:    This involves the various aspect of administration or administering of a services on a local basis by local bodies for the betterment of the local people.

DEVELOPMENT: This can be defined as the  desirable socio-economic and political progress which involves improvement in the general living conditions of the people.

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: Community development is a movement designed to promote better living for the whole community with active participation of people.



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