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This project has been design and fabricated with special economical needs for small scale baking industries, wholesalers and distributors who import this type of baking oven from outside the country to supply the customers. And in view of the scarcity and high cost of gas and electricity in the country and also smoke release when using firewood for drying and preserving fresh fish by some mothers at home, restaurant, fast food shop etc, the pressurized kerosene oven have been fabricated to reduce the cost and amount of smoke emitted and the quality of bake food in the society. It is helpfully used where there are no source of electricity and scarcity of gas.  The project write up made up of six different chapters, chapter one contain the introduction of the oven, chapter two to six, discusses the literature review, material selection, sequence of operation, testing evaluation, cost analysis and conclusion and recommendation respectively.







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1.0 Introduction                                                     1

1.1 Aim and objective                                              3

1.2 Specification of problem                                     4

1.3 Scopes and limitation of problem                          4

CHAPTER TWO                                                        6

2.0 Literature review                                               6

2.1 Condition for using the kerosene oven                   7

2.2 Characteristic                                                    8

2.3 Performance                                                     9

2.4 Appearance                                                      9

2.5 Reliability and life                                              9

2.6 Types of oven                                                   10

2.7 Mode of heat transfer on the oven                         14 CHAPTER THREE                                                    19

3.0 Material selection                                                 19

3.1 Factors influencing the material selected                20

3.2 Materials used reason for choosing                        22

3.3 Fabrication analysis                                            24

3.4 Major parts of the oven                                       24

CHAPTER FOUR                                                 

4.0 Sequence of operation                                 27

4.1 Method of assemble and procedures                     37

4.2 Operation of the burning chamber                         30

4.3 Procedure to light up the oven                            40

4.4 Maintenance of the oven                                     40


CHAPTER FIVE                                               

5.0 Testing and evaluation                                        42

5.1 Efficiency                                                          42

5.2 Capacity of the cylinder                                       42

5.3 Size of the oven                                                 43

5.4 Detection of the kerosene/ air shortage                 43

5.5 Quenching of the oven                                        43

5.6 Design/sample calculation                                     44

5.7 Size of the oven                                                   46

5.8 Diagram of the oven                                             47

5.9 Cost estimation                                                    48

5.10 Material cost analysis                                          40

5.11 Machine cost analysis                                          51

5.12 Labour cost analysis                                            51

5.13 Write up typing and binding cost analysis             53

5.14 Miscellaneous expenses                                       53

5.15 Total cost of the project analysis                          54

CHAPTER SIX                                                   

6.0 Conclusion                                                           55

6.1 Recommendation                                                  57

6.2 References                                                            58





                            CHAPTER ONE


An oven is a thermally insulated chamber use for the heating, baking or dry of a substance.

The earliest oven were found in Central Europe and dated to 29,000 BC, it was used as roasting and boiling pits located within yurt structures, they were used to cook mammoth.

In Ukraine from 20,000 BC they used pit with hot covered in ashes, the food was wrapped in leave and set on top then covered with earth.

Ovens have been used since prehistoric time by cultures that lived in the Indus valley and predynastic Egypt, settlements across the Indus valley had on oven within each mud-brick house.

Hence, before the intervention of modern baking oven, people have alternative means of cooking and baking but the alternative they have chosen led to loss of live and properties. The difference types of baking oven are Earth oven, ceramics oven, Gas oven, masonry oven and kerosene pressurized oven.

In science and Engineering laboratories, it is inform of a small finance which is used in the renewal of moisture from some Engineering material in order to improve their physical properties such as ductility and hardness. It can also be used for the purpose of heat treatment of engineering materials such as steel and its alloy.

The design & fabrication of pressurized kerosene oven is conceptualized from heater, stove and kerosene lamp which was modified to improve the system/

It operates using the principle of fluid dynamics, which is capable to supply heat energy at high and low temperature. It is operated using a double or single point burner.

The introduction of tis kerosene pressurized oven in the 18th central was able to establish the power of the oven to 199922kw which has undergone series of modification till date.


A kerosene pressurized oven has several advantages over other baking oven.

  • It is easy to install, more so relatively damp, portable and has a very easy mode of operation.
  • The kerosene pressurized oven can also be used under–elevated temperature and also low temperature.
  • It burns with a pure blue flame thereby reducing formation of carbon.
  • It is safer to operate and use, thereby reducing the risk of fire outburst/outbreak unlike gas oven or burners.
  • The source of energy to the oven which is kerosene and air are comparatively low in cost.
  • The production of this baking appliance is cost effective this has improved the local industries/factories and has reduced the importation of foreign types of baking appliances.
  • The local kerosene pressurized oven is operational                           effective this it attain a very high temperature for the convenience of baking.

The need for heat energy which can be utilized, effectively for drying, boiling, cooking and baking or even roasting a substance with less side effect on the user and the material/substances involved, and at a reduced cost.

Also the high cost of gas, electrical energy and the risk associated in using them.

And a quest for cleaner, cheaper and easier means of baking, drying substance has led to the design and fabrication of the kerosene pressurized oven.



The fabrication of the kerosene pressurized oven is aimed to provide the special economical needs for the small scale baking industries, wholesalers and distributors who import this type of oven from outside the country to supply to their customer.

It is helpfully used where there are no electricity or scarcity gas and to those that cannot afford gas oven.

It can be used in baking all choices of baking’s, it burns with a pure blue flame and thereby reduces the formation of carbon.

It is cleaner in operation, affordable, easier and safer to use and also operate efficiently.




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