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The project consists of five chapters among the important content of chapter one include the introduction, background of the study, definition of some key words used, purpose of the study, statement of problem and limitation of the study, all these are some of the important issues discussed in the chapter, chapter two was devoted to the preview of some related past literature here attempts was made to define performance and motivation a review of some theories such as Maslow, Herzberg and Pavlov. Tables were also used for illustration purpose. The chapter three, focus on the method used to collect or gather information predominantly the questionnaire method was used. Chapter four borders on the on the analysis of the data retrieved from respondents. Data collection tool used for collecting information was questionnaire. The data thus retrieved were analyzed through the use of tables, were analyzed through the use of tables, percentages. The chapter was closed with the findings. Chapter five deals with the conclusion, summary, recommendation and area of further studies.         


CHAPTER ONE         


Background to the study

Statement of the problem

Purpose of the study

Significance of the study

Limitation of the study

Scope of the study

Definition of terms


Literature review


Research methodology

Research design

Sample techniques ‘

Validity of instrument

Reliability of instrument

Administration of questionnaires

Data analysis


Data analysis and discussion


Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation









The teaching profession previously was accorded with respect, honour and dignity. This enviable profession was a sort of motivation to many teachers. But recently, the government and all its organs neglect teachers and the educational sector, while motivation can be brought about by adequate remuneration fringe benefits and recognition. They can also be made to occupy high social status in the society. However, inspite of the facts that this motivation was not really there, teachers still did their work conscientiously producing desired results. There is no doubt before 1980, teachers started to recognize their own worth and demand for their right when these which not forthcoming their attitude to their work began to change and this was the beginning of the downward side in education in the country it was also the beginning of industrial actions by teachers nationwide.

From 1980 till date, the country had witnessed countries number of strikes and counter strikes as common in the educational system as well as the many other establishment strikes is a common action embark upon by workers than over the years. There have been widespread concern on what teachers can do work effectively and how this conditions of service the resultant effect was a further determination of students performance. This has been the major concern of the researchers who has decided to find out. According to Nwanchukwe (1990) it is a fact that from both the layman and expert point of view the level of performance in any organization are remuneration and other momentary incentives. There is no other saying that the primary motive of incentive is to meet the organization goals therefore, there are certain factors which need to be considered in order to attain the stated goals there are level of performance. Thus, the resultant effect of the above is the realization of objectives. Moreover, it is important to note that motivation is important is the desired level performance would be attained. Thus the employers of labour lack the foresight of the impart of motivation on the performance of employers they should be aware that old methods of persuading society to produce the desired result. Therefore, it is necessary for employers of labour to be fully equipped with all the motivational tools land and their applications if the stated organizational objectives would be activated.

It is hope and the belief of the research that, if emp0loyers want their employee to perform effectively, they should reciprocate by providing the necessary incentive for example newspaper, daily time in expressing the light of teachers work that it is totally unjustifiable and well reasonable to notice bond treatment towards teachers. Teachers are the producers of the following bank managers, oil miners, judge chief accountant, lawyers, senators, governors even the president. He wrote it is the salary of teachers that is always delayed and it is the arrears of salaries to teachers that are usually dumped inside dustbins untouched at the school boards is in heaven. This they succeeded in maintaining and improving education standard as by Ubjuku effective performance on the part of the employers is essential for the success of the organization. An understanding of what motivate individual is necessary to reveal and potential to assist measure and explain the performance of teachers, in some selected secondary schools I Egor Local Government Area of Edo State. This study is interested in teachers as they occupy a significant role in the development of any country if focuses on secondary schools teachers who will be called upon the shoulder the secondary schools. The teacher therefore needs to be highly motivated for successful take off this performance.


This researcher aimed at finding out the causes and proposing solution of the problem of motivation of teachers. The problem will investigate into the salary of teaches and how often their salaries are paid in companies with other workers in the public sectors. Whether there are adequate facilities including laboratory equipment, textbooks, adequate finance and conducive environment for teachers to carry out their job. Whether the nature and structure of job can act as a motivating factor and also what are the attitudes of teachers as regard remaining in the profession.


Having stated the problem to be investigated in the study, it becomes imperative to state the purpose of this study. The purpose of the study as follows;

  1. To find out the impact of the motivation n teaching performance.
  2. To find out whether the proper use of motivation techniques have a positive or negative effects on the performance of teachers
  3. To find out whether teachers in Edo State are presently satisfied with their condition of service.
  4. To find out whether financial incentives improve workers performance more than non-financial incentives.
  5. To find out the extent to which motivational determinants are in teaching profession whether the teacher in Edo state will quit teaching profession.
  6. To make recommendation to the government and appropriate authority concerned based on the finding of the study.


This research will enable those in concerned know how to develop teaching profession in Nigeria and how to ensure greater satisfaction in them.

  1. It will provide for opportunity for enhancing job performance by understanding motivation, determinant and actions involved in hem so as to improve extensive performance.
  2. As a useful lesson to all that extensive controls is not the best means of obtaining effects and cooperation at work.
  3. It will help to ascertain what really motivate teachers apart from monetary rewards such information will go a long way to suggest how best to improve the performance and productivity of teachers in Oredo Local government Area in Edo State and Nigeria at large.


This study is limited to some secondary schools in Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State. in view of the fact that a sizeable number cannot be taken due to time the study is limited only to ten secondary schools which will be randomly selected.



This study includes teachers from three girls secondary schools two boys secondary schools and five mixed secondary schools. The facts obtained will enable the researcher to see it some teachers are more motivated than others and the effect on the school concerned.

  1. University Staff School, Uniben
  2. University demonstration Secondary School, Uniben
  3. Federal Girls College
  4. Garden of Hope Secondary School
  5. Evidence Group of School
  6. Technical College, Benin
  7. Idia college
  8. Anointed Secondary School
  9. Eghosa Secondary School
  10. Wisdom Secondary School


Motivation: The processes of indicating or causing someone to behave in the most desired way in the aid of certain incentives.

Performance: Is the way in which some things react under certain condition or fulfills the purpose for which it was intended.

Remuneration: This is the monetary compensation on employee receives of work done. Condition of service this is both the monetary and non-monetary compensation given to an employee.

Satisfaction: This is a feeling of happiness of pleasure because you have achieved something or get what you wanted.

Productivity: Is the rate at which goods are produced and the amount produce compared with the work. Time and money needed to produce them.

Efficiency: This is the quality of doing things well and effectively without wasting money or energy.

Demoralized: This is to reduce or destroy someone’s courage or confidence.

Inherent: This is natural part of something that cannot be separated from it.

Fatigue: This is to make someone very tired.


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