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Background to the study

Science had been of great importance internationally for sustainable and socio-economic development as well as for technological advancement of nations. Knowledge of science and technology is therefore a requirement in all countries and needed by all people globally due to numerous challenges that are facing them. These challenges include emergences of new drug resistant diseases, effects of genetic experimentation and engineering, ecological impact of modern technology, dangers of nuclear war and explosions and global warming among others (Alsop & Hicks, 2001; Omolo & Munyeke, 2014). This had resulted to rapid changes taking place in  the field of science such as in physics education, medicine, industry, communication, and agriculture.    Science as an agent of development plays an important role in bringing about these changes through technological advancement, national wealth enhancement, health improvement and industrialization (Validya, 2013), this is why scientific and technological

breakthrough is usually the goal of any developing nation like Nigeria. according to Weham, Dorlin, Snell & Taylor (2010) physics is and will remain the fundamental science. Hence, Physics as the bedrock of science and technology becomes many of the tools on which the scientific and technological advancement depends on.

Physics is equally a core subject in science and technology,  as it studies the essence of natural phenomena and helps people understand the rapidly technological changing society (Zhaoyao, 2012). The principles of Physics has been widely used for various economic, scientific and technological advancement and has led to sustainable development in the area of industrialisation for improvement of materials useful to the wellbeing of  human race. Furthermore, Physics education enables the learners to acquire problem-solving and decision-making skills that pave way for critical thinking and inquiry that could help them to respond to widespread and radical changes in all facets of life.

In Nigeria, the need for the use of  laboratory resources in the teaching of  physics has not be taken seriously by the Government and educationist. This warrant the need of studying the effectiveness of laboratory resources in teaching physics in our institutions.

Despite the importance of Physics to scientific and technological development of our nation, understanding of the subject had also dwindled over the years and performance of the enrolled students had not been encouraging.  According to Ho and Boo (2017) Nigeria as a  country have experienced  a decline in the number of students wishing to continue with physics due to lack of appropriate laboratory resources that aids the teaching of physics education.  Studies have also shown that most students hold negative stereotype images of physics education due to lack of appropriate teaching and learning resources (Nneji,2013; Ogunleye, 2011 and Umeh, 2012). It is against these setbacks that this study is aimed at investigating the effectiveness of laboratory material resources in teaching/learning of physics in Awka south Local Government area of Anambra state.

Statement Of The Problem

Over the years, the problem of under achievement of science students in physics has been a general problem.  Series of research have actually try to find out what could be responsible for the problem(Ogbonnaya,2011). Factors such as lack of adequate laboratory equipment and other teaching resource, ineffectiveness and lack of teaching proficiency of teachers, lack of qualified teachers and school factors have been identified as major causes of underachievement of science students in physics.  Effort by the governments and school administrators in the provision of some laboratory equipment has being put in place to cushion this effect and enhance proper teaching and learning of physics in secondary schools.           Despite all these efforts, the poor performances of students still exist. However, little emphasis has been laid on the effectiveness of laboratory and resources in teaching and/ learning of  physics  in secondary schools. It is against this backdrops that this study is aimed at investigating the effectiveness of laboratory and resources in the teaching /learning of physics in Awka south Local government area of Anambra state.

Purpose of the study

The main purpose of the study is to investigate the effectiveness of laboratory and resources in teaching/ learning of physics in Awka South Local Government area of Anambra State. Other specific purpose is to investigate.

  1. Laboratory resources for the effective teaching/learning of physics in Awka south Local government area of Anambra state.
  2. The ways to improve effective teaching and learning of physics with the use of laboratory resource material.
  3. The strategies for improving  effective performance in teaching and learning of physics.
  4. The factors that militate against effective laboratory resources in the teaching/ learning of  physic in Secondary school in Awka south L.G.A of Anambra state.

Significance of the study

The findings of the study will be of benefit to  teachers in secondary schools, students, School administrators/Government and to future researchers.

Teachers in secondary schools will benefit from the study as the study will enable them know the laboratory resource that is effective in the teaching/ learning of physics. It will help them to effectively utilize this resource in other to be effective in the teaching of physics.

School administrators/ Government will benefit from the study since the study will bring to their knowledge the need to equip schools with the needed teaching resource in other to enable teachers to be effective in teaching physics in secondary school and as well help students develop the interest of studying physics education.

Future researchers will benefit from the study as the findings of the study will serve as source of reference and material for related studies.

Scope of the Study

The  scope of the study covers the investigation of the effectiveness of laboratory and resources in teaching/learning of physics. Geographically, the scope covers only secondary schools in Awka south Local Government Area of Anambra State.

Research Questions

In other to achieve the purpose of this study, the following research questions are posed to guide the study:

  1. What are the resources effective for the teaching/learning of physics in Awka south Local government area of Anambra state?
  2. What are the ways to improve effective teaching and learning of physics with the use of laboratory resource material?
  3. What are the strategies for improving effective teaching and learning of physics utilized?

What factors are militating against effective use of resources in the teaching/learning of physics in Secondary School in Awka South L.G.A of Anambra state?


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