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This work examined impact of employee performance appraisal on workers’ productivity with reference to federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri. Due to the important role played by workers in the achievement of organizational objectives and also the inefficiency and lack of effectiveness in achieving goals, the researcher’s interest promoted the need to investigate into impact of workers’ performance appraisal on workers’ productivity in the Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri. The study covers management staff, supervisor, clerks, cashier and managers. The researcher also made use of various authors’ knowledge with those whose initiatives elated to the public under study, which includes textbooks and journals for the literature review question, which covers it. The research is divided into jive chapters with introduction, chapter one reviewed the works of authors with scholars on the topic under study, chapter presented the research methods adopted by the researcher in gathering analyzed the information gathered, while chapter jive included the work and made some recommendations on better workers’ performance appraisal and how it helps in workers’ development.



  1. Title page
  2. Approval page

iii.      Dedication

  1. Acknowledgement
  2. Abstract
  3. Table of content


  • Introduction
    • Background of the study
    • Statement of the study
    • Objective of the study
    • Research questions
    • Statement of hypothesis
    • Significance of the study
    • Scope of the study
    • Limitation of the study
    • Definitions of terms
    • History of organization of the study


2.0     Literature review 2.1 Introduction

2.1     Concept framework

2.2.1 The concept of performance Appraisal

2.2.2 Types of performance Appraisal

2.2.3 Importance of performance Appraisal

2.2.4 Problem associated with performance Appraisal in productivity

2.3     Theoretical framework

2.3.1 Vroom expectancy theory

2.4     Abraham Maslow theory


3.0     Research methodology

3.1     Introduction

3.2     Research design

3.3     Source/method of data collection

3.4     Population and sample size determination

3.5     Sampling techniques

3.6     Validity and reliability of measuring instrument

3.7     Method of data/ statistical analysis


4.0    Data presentation analysis and interpretation

4.1     Introduction

4.2     Presentation of data

4.3     Analysis of data

4.4     Test of hypothesis

4.5     Interpretation of result


5.0     Summary conclusion and recommendations

5.1     Summary of findings

5.2     Conclusions

5.3     Recommendations

5.4     Bibliography

Suggestion for further studies









In any business organization, effective use of human resources required a complete knowledge of workers’ capabilities and effective record system. To achieve these objectives, it has become necessary to regular take stock of the experience at order levels of employment. This could be done with the aid of performance appraisal.

Performance appraisal could be defined as the process of measuring necessary level of organization members. It is one of the most delicate issues in human resources management because a worker overall success in an organization depends largely on the outcomes of performance appraisal. It is of importance to state here that some bosses take advantages of this to undermine the prospect of employed they hire. This is a proven performance appraisal system linking organization and workers goal is of paramount importance because it can serve as a development tool to counsel and motivate workers, Furthermore, it could as well assist workers to understand what is expected of them in a job and where they fit into an organization.

The fact that there are scarcely few workers who would not like their manager to know exactly of their performance makes performance appraisal scheme a controversial subject.

In small organization with few workers the level of interaction between managers and their worker is as close that workers generally know what their bosses think of them.

However, in large organization such as federal polytechnic Nekede Owerri the degree of interaction is so remote that many workers find it difficult to precisely know what their manager think of them.

In contemporary atmosphere of worldwide recession especially in Nigeria of downright economic growth characterized by massive unemployment and increasing number of workers’ redundancy, these organization (industry of FPNO) which are holding their own are likely to be much more interested in maximizing the effective use of existing personate than hiring new staff. It therefore follows it could go a long way in assisting the management of the bank in its human resources planning. and development.


Most organizations are quiet in determination quality and level of performance of their workers in assessing the potential they demonstrate further development and in identifying areas of weakness that they requirement assistance and training. The process of appraising the performance of workers is made difficult for the fact that criteria of effective and ineffective performance are frequently difficult to define, the areas of performance are frequently difficult to defines the areas of performance which an individual is responsible is often unclear and evaluations tend to be based and not in measurement of actual performance but on the perception and judgment of immediate boss. Some judgmental characteristics of performance appraisal in an organization are unavoidable because of complicity of management job and the difficulties interest in clearly defining concrete of effective performance. At the same time vagueness and ambiguity associated with the appraisal process can be attributed to in adequate attention being paid by organization to design and functioning of performance appraisal system. In this content the research. is particularly doubtful to the extent of which the workers of federal polytechnic Nekede Owerri are usually satisfied after the appraisal exercise.

Instance abound where a staff has spent so many years on one post without promotion. One is tempted therefore to conclude that performance appraisal is no so effective in assisting management to select the right people for advancement.

Furthermore, it appears that general feeling among the FPNO is performance appraisal has not achieved been give its pride of place to achieve the desired objective. This simply implies that all is not well with the way performance appraisal is conducted in FPNO.

Bearing in mind the nature of human being and the fact that they constitute the most difficult research study will examine the performance appraisal system as it is practical in FPNO with the hope that exposition pros and cons wile assist the management to defined an effective and result orient performance appraisal.


  1. To find out what performance appraisal is all about.
  2. To examine the benefit/impacts of performance appraisal in an organization
  3. Evaluation the strength of performance in support with data that would help the FPNO management to make an effective use of its human resource.
  4. Find out how effective is the use of performance increasing and training.
  5. Find out whether the workers of the bank are usually satisfied with the way supervisors.


For the fact that in workers’ performance the manager is ever inclined to make comment, the research is curious to ask some question which is hoped moved to bring clarity to some doubt on the validity of performance appraisal as a tool for measuring workers performance.


  1. Does performance appraisal have any impact on employee’s performance?
  2. Is performance appraisal an ongoing process in the company?
  3. Ascertain if employees are appraised at work place
  4. Is feedback information received after performance appraisal?
  5. There is no useful performance appraisal in identifying strengths and weakness.



Ho: performance appraisal has no impact on workers’ performance

Hi: performance appraisal has an impact on workers’ performance

Ho: There are no challenges facing performance appraisal in an organization

Hi: There are no challenges facing performance appraisal in an organization

Ho: Performance appraisal has no effect in employee’s behavior at work place

Hi: Performance appraisal has effect in employee’s behavior at work place

Ho: There is no significant relationship between feedback and performance appraisal

Hi: There is significant relationship between feedback and performance appraisal

Ho: Performance appraisal does not help in identifying strength and weakness in an organization

Hi: Performance appraisal help in identifying strength and weakness in an organization


The whole process of performance appraisal exercise involves reviewing the past to enable proper prosecution to be made of the future.

The study therefore is as important as the objective and growth of any business organization. Business organization cannot generally thrive profitability without workers and in order for an organization to operate profitably both employers and workers must work in an understanding and satisfying atmosphere so that one will not be seen as an obstacle to the other.

The study therefore will expose ways of reducing friction that may occur in the union between managers and subordinates as well as ushering in a peaceful industrial harmony in the organization by way of performance appraisal training and development.

The FPNO plc will find the study particularly useful in human resources planning the company. The study will also serve as an insight for management on the proper use of performance evaluation on their subordinates. Finally, the study can motivate other” interested researchers in this subject thereby giving them the impetus to venture into a fresh field of study.


The study will be restricted to FPNO pie. it will derive into such sensitive areas like review of performance, promotion, salary increase, training and reward for hard work, to make researcher work more reliable and valid the sample study will cut across all categories of junior staff, officers, manager and few management staff of the bank.


The major limitation is the short period within to complete this project furthermore, to cover nearly 200 branches of the bank all over the country will be up will task for the researcher. Also the find needed to conduct and implement the research study is inadequate to secure the research material needed for the study


In order to achieve clarity and avoid misconception an attempt will be made here to define some terminologies in this study.


This refers to the process of initiating and directing behavior. An individual produces and sustains to do, that is when the behavior accomplices an objective which satisfies a need


Is used to denote the person doing the appraising and the term subordinate is used to refer to the worker whose performance is being appraised.

VALIDITY: This refers to the degree to which the measuring instrument measures what is intended to be measured.

A valid performance appraisal system must specify performance critical that are job related and important as well as being easily determined through job analysis so that workers contributed to the organization can be evaluated attain those result specified In the job analysis.

MANAGEMENT: It is the controlling of organization and control of human activities directed toward specific ends or objectives

SALARY: payment for regular employment expressed as so much per month or per year.

MANAGERS: Those who undertake the activities of planning, organizing, directing, and controlling of men, material machine and money in such a manner that will lead to effective and efficient achievement of organizational goals.

OBJECTIVES: The end toward which activity is aimed to the end point of planning.

ORGANIZATION BY OBJECTIVE: Management by objective are programs that are based on managerial planning, and appraisal which enables each manager to set objective in variable terms and also helps in assessing higher work performance against the achievement of these objective.

HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT: This s used to influence individual workers and job they perform. The intention is to match the abilities and motivational of workers with the requirement and reward for job.


Kang, kim and Chang (2008) examined the impact of knowledge sharing on individual work performance. They also indicate that four exogenous variables namely, work training reward system, support from the top management, and openness in communication are perceived to have a pa;itive influence on workers knowledge sharing, which in turn improved individual work performance. Perceived trustworthiness between individuals involved in knowledge sharing has also positively influenced both knowledge sharing and individual work performance. Gangue (2009) presented of knowledge sharing motivating. based on a combination of the theory of planned behavior (TPB) and self-determination theory (SOT) along with a review of research supporting the model and suggestions for future research and methodologies to study knowledge sharing behavior. He also suggested inclusion of five important human resources management (HRM) practices including staffing, job design, performance and compensation systems, managerial styles, and training for design. Bock et al (2005) developed an integrative understanding of the factors supporting or inhibiting individual’s knowledge sharing intentions. They developed a theoretical framework in which the theory of reasoned action (TRA) was augmented with extrinsic motivators, social psychological forces and organizational climate factors that were believed to influence individual knowledge sharing intentions.

Flexible organizations’ structure advances knowledge sharing by encouraging horizontal communication (chkravarthy zaher and zaheer ,1999 Hansen 1999 Bhatt, 2001) organizations can develop proper structure to leverage his knowledge sharing between department. (Teece, 1998) The problem of designing an organization that several studies have shed light on the issues and reveal insight into the relevant influencing factors (Easterly-smith and Lyles, 2003) one important facilitator. of knowledge sharing between department (Grant, 1996).

Worker training helps members of organizations realize the importance of sharing their knowledge in learning process through which workers are involved in a multi-faceted at of learning activities ( o’i)ell and Grayson, 1998 Liedtka and Hask_ins,1997) environment quickly and facilitates the creation and dissemination of new knowledge for maintaining a continuous learning cycle for better performance (Kang Kim, and Chang, 2008).


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