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There has been a meaningful contribution by researchers on this subject; public Relations.  So this project developed after a series of consultation and research.  In order to put to rest the about is the mind of many as to whether public relation is necessary in an industry or organization, I strongly believe that the industry is the means through which public relation is mostly propagated.  More so, the industry as a corporate body has an image to protect thus the need for an effective public relation unit in an industry. I have my case study as Estisalat Plc, Enugu), The structure of the material is family simple. I have five chapters in this project.  Chapter one deals with the introductory aspect of the research work, chapter two deals with the review of literature, which explains the functions and importance of public relation unit in an corporate organization. Chapter three is all about the  research methodology, chapter four is the analysis and interpretation of data while chapter five deals with the conclusion and recommendations for further study.




Title Page                                                               ii

Approval page                                                         iii

Dedication                                                             iv

Acknowledgment                                                    v

Abstract                                                                vi

Table  of Content                                                    vii



  • Background of the study 1
  • Statement of the Research Problems 3
  • Objectives of the Study 3
  • Significance of the study                      4
  • Research Questions                      6
  • Formulation of Hypothesis 6
  • Theoretical Framework 8
  • Scope of the study 10
  • Limitation of Study 10
  • Definitions of Terms 11


  • Source of Literature 13
  • Review of Relevant Literature 14
  • Summary of Literature Review 35



  • Research Method               37
  • Research Design               37
  • Area of Study 37
  • Research Population 38
  • Research Sample 38
  • Sample Technique 39
  • Instrument for Data Collection 40
  • Method of Data Collection 40
  • Method of Data Analysis 41
  • Expected Results 42



4.1 Data Analysis and Interpretation                          44

4.2  Test of Hypothesis                                            54

4.3  Discussion                                                       57


  • Summary                      60
  • Recommendations               61
  • Conclusion 63










In any organization, the need to maintain the image of the organization is of great importance hence this study surveys the role of public relations in building corporate image.  It set out to find out whether Estisalat Enugu, has in any way established rapport and good will in the course of its dealings with the various publics.  It will also identify whether the customers   are satisfied with the services of the organization.  This study will also x-ray how far the public relations roles have helped or will help to co-ordinate the organization and its various publics. But if the publics perception of the Estisalat image when determined is bad, then the researcher would be in a position to advise and make necessary recommendations that will contribute to the knowledge of generality of Estisalats in their guest for enhancement of corporate image in government parastatals. It is the responsibility of every industry to have a cordial relationship with their employees and their external environment ie the general public.

According to British institute dictionary; “public relations is defined as a liberate, planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain understanding between an organization and it’s public”.

According to Philip Leshy, “Public Relations is a thing that helps an organization and its public accommodate each other.” Moreso, the American Association of Public Relation practitioners defined Public Relation as “Doing the right thing and letting people know about it, ie applying the golden rule in the everyday activities.

This research is aimed at working into the role of public relations department in an organization, the practice activities and objectives of public relations in an effort to maintain industrial harmony amongst the industries and the general public of the problems encountered by this department and the possible solution to those problems.


       In third world countries of which Nigeria is amongst, public relations have been mistaken for publicity, product promotion, advertising, marketing and even propaganda in both public and privately owned industries.  But it is quite clear that public relation is a combination of all of the above and even more.


       This research work is aimed examining and recommending suggested solutions to the problems encountered by the public relations depart.   In the light of this, the objectives of study are:

–      To find out the problems encountered by this unit in an  industry and proffer solutions to the problems where necessary.

  • To sensitize participants on many approaches for effective communication, capable of maintaining hormonal coordination in an industry.
  • To educate the chief executive officers on the importance of this department and how to treat the employees in this department to achieve the very best for themselves.
  • To ascertain whether public relation practitioners are on the right track towards achieving their set objectives.



      As earlier stated, public relations has been defined by experts as a “deliberate, planned and sustained efforts to establish and maintain mutual understanding between an organization and it’s public.  It is based on this that public relations can be viewed from the following perspectives and terms;

  • The enhancement of the idea of dispute settlement through non-violent means if it is in a welfare industry.
  • The advancement at the grass roots of the aim to change a particular product if in a product industry.
  • The goal of rural agricultural and infrastructural development, if it is an agricultural sector.

The work of a public relation practitioner in this context is the totality of concerted efforts by the industries to establish appropriate and effective communication system that will enable it’s various public to develop a common definition of the meaning and goal of these programmes.  Moreso, it is expected of each functionary to successfully execute the programmes and most importantly the acceptance of these programmes by the public which are the ultimate beneficiaries of the programmes.



–      Do you think that public relations are really an important tool for industrial harmony?

  • Do you feel that the establishment of public relations department in an organization will help the organization in achieving their set objectives?
  • Do you agree with this statement; efficiency of an industry depends.



HO> Represent null hypothesis

H1– H4 > Represent alternative hypothesis.



Hypothesis (1)

H1 > public relations is a tool  for industrial harmony.

Ho > public relation is not a tool for industrial harmony.

H2 > public relations has positive effect on the overall

performance of an industry.

Ho > public relations does not have positive effect on the

overall performance an industry.

H3 > public relation is a tool for modifying  the publics’

attitude and executing programmes to earn public acceptance.

Ho > Public relation is not a tool for modifying the publics’

attitude and executing programmes to earn public acceptance.

H4  > public relations practitioners are on the right track

towards achieving the aims.

Ho >Public relations practitioners are not on the right track

towards achieving their aims.


The theory that reflects this work trace its root from The Selective Attention perspective.  In this aspect, theorists tell us that although the eye can handle about five million bits of data per second, the brain is able to compute the information at a much lower rate.  Obviously, at any given time, a person must select the information, which he or she will give active attention, or else nothing will make sense.

When one doe draw fro it, the person may either respond to the data immediately or transfer the information to a more permanent memory bank (Egeth 1967).

One of the problems associated with their global challenges is based on the audience selective perception, perhaps the most workable definition of perception is that it is the process of making sense out of experience (Haney 1967).

However, the process of perception is not as simple as this definition may at first seem.  To begin with different people do not experience the same stimuli in exactly the same way.  Differences in environment, differences in sense on reception or receptors etc. contribute to difference in the way a person perceives reality.

No two people invest a particular work with exactly the same meaning to one person; the word happy may mean not being depressed to another person.  This brings to mind again of the individual differences theory, which stipulates that no two persons are alike, even twin brothers.  The level of our perception on media exposure differ from one another and the global challenges facing the Nigeria media establishment depend on the way the people of Nigeria were exposed to the media both internationally.




The scope of this study is to gather information required on the role of Public Relation in a corporate organization.


In the course of this research, the researcher encountered so many difficulties among which are financial constraint time constraint and lack of enough reference  material to fall back on  for  literature review.

The topic is a one, which attracts public attention and interest on a national scale.  Unfortunately, it would not be handled on the required scale.  As a result of this, the researcher limited the research work at Estisalat Enugu because of the limited time available.






Definition of Terms Conceptual

  1. Public – A particular section of the community
  2. Public Relations – The procedure of programmes of activities of ensuring a link between an organization and its publics.
  3. Building – This is the construction of houses that gives shelter to people.
  4. Image – This is a mental picture, idea of concept of somebody or something. It could also be seen as a sensual thing perceived as an entity or a coherent which does not necessarily have something to do with reality of a situation.
  5. Organization – This is a group with special purpose of coming together as one to operate a business ventures. It could be government or private owned.

Operational Definition

  1. Pubic the number of people who receive the services of Estisalat Enugu.
  2. Public Relations: Mutual understanding between Estisalat Enugu and its public, carried out by the public relations department
  3. Building – This is the creation of establishment of good will and acceptance between the Estisalat Enugu and its publics.
  4. Image – The mental pictures that the publics of Estisalat have on the effect of efficiency of services varied by the number.
  5. Organization – Government owned paratatal known as the Estisalat.


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